Karen Daly recalled jokingly asking Kevin Kyle whether he was monitoring her or not. At that time, his answer was.. yes! He even asked her if she wanted to catch him. Her answer was-yes. At that time, she thought that he was only joking with her. She even felt blissful, but now she only felt scared. Karen Daly closed her eyes, clenched her fists, and tried to calm herself down. After a while, she put back the amulet and put it back on her neck. This was the first gift that her daughter Little Karen had given her. Even if the person who sent Little Karen to do this had ulterior motives, she still wanted to keep the amulet with her. After putting on the amulet, Karen Daly said, “Please continue to send me to the Daly Reed Designs studio on Starluck Street.” If Kevin Kyle wanted to monitor her, then let him be. She wanted to see what possibly could he get from a woman who lost her memory? Soon after, the car stopped in front of Faye Reed’s studio. The car stopped steadily. Karen Daly did not get off the car. She looked up from the rearview mirror and quietly observed the driver’s face. She wanted to ask who the driver was. She wanted to know why he knew that Kevin Kyle had put a bug in the amulet? Why did he tell her? As if he knew Karen Daly had these questions, the driver handed her a note and said, “Take care, get off the car and be careful.” Karen Daly got out of the car, opened the note, and read the two sentences written on it – It doesn’t matter who I am or why I told you. The most important thing is that you must be wary of the people around you. The two simple sentences were just a waste of time. They did not tell Karen Daly what she wanted to know. When Karen Daly turned back, there was no sign of the car at all. It was almost as if it was just her hallucination. Karen Daly changed her facial expression and tried to make herself look better. Then she stepped towards Faye Reed’s studio. Faye Reed was discussing about some problems with a designer, so Karen Daly simply listened and did not disturb her. Only after Faye Reed was done with her work, that she turned around and saw her. “Karen, how long have you been here? Why didn’t you call me?” “I just arrived.” Karen Daly said with a simple smile. Faye Reed gave Karen Daly a warm hug and said, “It’s dinner time now. I’ll treat you to dinner.” Karen Daly nodded. “Sure.” Faye Reed invited Karen Daly to a nearby restaurant that they used to visit often. In the three years, the restaurant had been renewed. The staff members kept changing too, After asking for Karen Daly’s opinion, Faye Reed ordered some dishes that Karen Daly liked to eat before, and they chatted away. “Karen, how have you been with Mr. Kyle?” Karen Daly nodded. “Very good.” If she hadn’t found out something by accident today, things were indeed very good. They slept in the same bed with Little Karen every night. Every morning when she opened her eyes, she would see Kevin Kyle sitting by the window and reading newspapers. They looked like an ordinary couple. Faye Reed said with relief, “Karen, I’m also happy that you can get along well with each other.” Karen Daly smiled, “I don’t remember anything about the past. We can’t get along with each other like before. It’s a pity for me.” Karen Daly came to Faye Reed today because she wanted to know what had happened in the past, so as they talked, she slowly guided the topic to her memory. Faye Reed added, “Karen, I can understand how you feel. Even between the two of us now, although we are sitting together and chatting, I can feel that you haven’t truly opened up, and I am also careful around you.” Faye Reed had always been straightforward and said whatever she thought. Especially in front of Karen Daly, she didn’t need to hide what she thought. She was careful around Karen Daly because she was afraid that she would trigger Karen Daly by saying something wrong, and she was afraid that Karen Daly would be scared away Karen Daly pursed her lips and chuckled. “Didn’t you say that I’m your best friend? You can just say what you want to say, You don’t have to be careful. Maybe it’ |l help with my memory.” “You’re right.” Faye Reed nodded, “If you want to know anything, just ask me. I promise you that I will tell you everything.” “I don’t know what is there to know about.” Karen Daly smiled apologetically. If you don’t despise me, please tell me what happened in the past. Tell me as much as you can.” “How would I ever despise you?” Faye Reed rolled her eyes at Karen Daly with dissatisfaction, “Even if I despise my Sebastian Spencer, I wouldn’t despise you.” Every time Faye Reed said something, Karen Daly was observing her eyes. Every time she spoke, she would make eye contact with Karen Daly, and she didn’t seem to be lying. Faye Reed talked about the past intently. She knew exactly where her home was, where she lived, where she was in primary school, middle school, and college. All of them were clearly explained, and Karen Daly kept them in mind. At the same time, she also took note of Kristine Daly, who Faye Reed described as both hateful yet pitiful. If good memories were unable to make her regain her memories, would Kristine Daly be the key to the breakthrough? Karen Daly had the thought but didn’t say anything about it. She finished the meal with Faye Reed “happily”. Halfway through the meal, Kevin Kyle called to ask her where she was. He knew where she was, but still pretended to ask her, and Karen Daly simply cooperated with him without exposing him. When she went downstairs, Karen Daly saw Kevin Kyle waiting for her. He was leaning against his Bentley and stared straight ahead. Everyone passing by would get attracted, and some even went up to talk to him. But when he ignored them, they left defeated. “Mr. Kyle, Karen Daly is here. What are you looking at?” Faye Reed waved to Kevin Kyle and shouted loudly. Kevin Kyle looked over and cleared off the emotions in his head. He nodded politely to Faye Reed and looked towards Karen Daly. “Are you full?” Karen Daly nodded. “Yes, I’m full.” Faye Reed realized the situation, “It’s getting late. The idiot Sebastian Spencer must be waiting for me at home for dinner, so I shall not disturb you anymore.” “Faye, be careful on the way.” Karen Daly said. Faye Reed had just turned around and was about to run off when she heard Karen Daly’s caring words. She gave her a tight hug. “Karen, All the best! I believe you can do it!” “Okay.” Karen Daly smiled at her. Seeing Faye Reed walking away, Kevin Kyle reached out to hold Karen Daly’s hand. As soon as he touched her finger, Karen Daly swat his hands away. Karen Daly walked towards the car without saying a word to Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle only thought that she believed the accusations Samuel Daly made about his family. He did not know that Karen Daly was already aware of the tracking device.

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