Along the journey, Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle remained silent. Karen Daly had her gaze set straight ahead, and put on a calm front. Deep inside, she had mixed emotions she couldn’ t express. If it weren’t for Little Karen, and if it weren’t for the fact that she wanted to hand over the gift to Little Karen, she probably would not have followed Kevin Kyle back to his home. Kevin Kyle didn’t say a word, but he hadn’t thought of how to explain the accusations Samuel Daly made about his family. To be precise, he couldn’t explain it to Karen Daly. Karen Daly had to be the one to bring it up. If he brought it up, it would be admitting that he was eavesdropping on her. “Karen, is there something on your mind? You can tell me anything.” She used to be the one who carried the conversation forward, but he didn’t mind doing so now. Karen Daly still stared ahead, as if she didn’t hear Kevin Kyle. Kevin Kyle was a little helpless and did not ask any more questions. When they arrived, he heard Karen Daly asking faintly, “Kevin, did we get along fine… in the past?” Karen Daly did not know what she was doing. With Samuel Daly, she was always able to maintain her composure and think properly. However with Kevin Kyle, her mind was in shambles and she could not bring herself to blame him. She was even trying to convince herself that Kevin Kyle was only tracking her to understand her and help her regain her memory But if that was what he was trying to do, why couldn’t he just tell her? The true reason why she ignored Kevin Kyle was because he invaded her privacy without her permission. “Karen- ” Kevin Kyle pulled Karen Daly into his arms and held her tightly. He grabbed her hand and put it against his heart. “I don’t if you felt that I was good enough, in your heart. But I do know that my heart feels empty when you’re not around.” His heart was empty, so was hers. However, she still couldn’t let go of the grudge in her heart, and she hadn’t thought about how to bring up the topic of the tracking device. Karen Daly caressed Kevin Kyle’s chest lightly, looked up at him and said, “Let’s go in. It’s so late, Little Karen must be waiting for us. “Okay.” If Karen Daly didn’t want to continue the topic, Kevin Kyle didn’t want to dwell on it. He took her hand again and Karen Daly didn’t dodge away, so he held her tightly and didn’t intend to let go. When they got home, Lionel was playing with Little Karen. It was a game of hide-and-seek. Lionel was very patient with Little Karen. Seeing a big boy playing hide-and-seek with Little Karen patiently, Karen Daly couldn’t stop staring at him. She had been staying in Secret Garden for a long time, and she had never heard Lionel speak a word. If she hadn’t heard from Little Karen that “Brother Lionel talks a lot”, Karen Daly would have thought that he was mute. The boy put on a cold face with everyone, but when he was with Little Karen, his gentleness showed, and occasionally he smiled. Little Karen didn’t have siblings. Karen Daly felt at ease that she had a big brother taking care of her. “Dad, Big Karen… Little Karen, who hid behind the sofa, forgot about Brother Lionel who was ‘seeking her and just got up and ran to them. Kevin Kyle stretched out his hands to hug Little Karen but she ran into Karen Daly’s arms, leaving him hanging. Karen Daly caught Little Karen and kissed her forehead. She said softly, “Little Karen, have you had your dinner?” “Of course, I’m full.” Little Karen rubbed her belly and pointed to Lionel who was standing next to her. “Brother Lionel accompanied me to eat together.” “Well, our Little Karen is a really good girl.” Karen Daly smiled politely at Lionel. “Thank you for accompanying Little Karen.” Lionel did not respond. Little Karen looked at him and smiled sweetly. She said in a soft voice, “Brother Lionel is going to sleep, and I’m going to sleep too.” Hearing Little Karen’s instructions, Lionel nodded. Then he went upstairs and went back to his room Karen Daly rubbed Little Karen’s head, “Little Karen, Brother Lionel is very good, isn’t he?” “Mhmm..” The little girl nodded repeatedly and said innocently, “Brother Lionel plays with me and eats with me. I like Brother Lionel a lot.” Karen Daly smiled with satisfaction, “If you like Brother Lionel, then you should treat him better, as if he was your biological brother.” “Okay.” Little Karen didn’t quite understand what biological brother’ meant, but she just nodded obediently. As the mother and daughter talked, they completely neglected Kevin Kyle. Although he was completely ignored, Kevin Kyle had no complaints at all. What else could make him happier than seeing the two of them staying by his side him at the same time? Karen Daly helped Little Karen with her shower, put her in bed, and said gently, “Little Karen, Daddy will play with you for a while. I have something to do.” Kevin Kyle grabbed Karen Daly, who was about to leave, “Karen Karen Daly smiled at him, “I’m going to iron Little Karen’s clothes. I’ll be back in a while.” He knew that she was angry with him, so he was so worried that she would leave and not come back. But actually she couldn’t bring herself to get mad at him, though she didn’t understand why Karen Daly picked up the clothes and went back to the room after getting an iron. In the room, Little Karen was happily rolling on Kevin Kyle, laughing all over the place. She looked really happy. When she saw the father and daughter interact, Karen Daly couldn’t look away, and her heart softened. When she saw them, Karen Daly thought of many things. She remembered how Kevin Kyle accompanied her during her drug rehabilitation and took good care of her. He really cared for her, how could she not notice? No matter how busy he was, he would always make time for his daughter How could such a good man be the kind of person who only cares about his daughter and not care about her, as what Samuel Daly said? Karen Daly took a deep breath and said, “Little Karen, I made some new clothes for you. Would you like to try them?” “Okay.” Little Karen rolled down from Kevin Kyle and answered happily Kevin Kyle took the clothes from Karen Daly, “You’ve worked hard. I’ll take care of changing her clothes. I can’t let you do everything. It would make me seem useless as a father.” As he spoke, Kevin Kyle had skillfully taken off Little Karen’s pajamas and then helped her put on the skirt. The pink princess- dress did not look exceptionally outstanding, but when Karen Daly put a lace with a big bow around Little Karen’s waist, the dress looked remarkable on her. “Little Karen, do you like it?” Karen Daly asked cautiously She noticed her lips had dried up from nervousness. She was afraid her daughter wouldn’t like the first present she was giving her.

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  1. It’s amazing.. I’ve read Fault in our Stars like two or three times..I never get bore of it. Truely fantabulous book. A must read.

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