Kevin Kyle quickly cooperated with Karen Daly and said with some exaggeration, “Wow, it’s so beautiful. This is the most beautiful little princess dress I’ve ever seen you wearing.” Little Karen turned around on the bed and said in a sweet voice, “I want to take a look at the mirror.” She was a witty little girl. She wouldn’t trust daddy’s judgement. She must look at it herself. Daddy liked Big Karen so much, who knows if he was just lying to help Big Karen look good. Looking at her beautiful reflection in the mirror, Little Karen was very happy. She turned around and placed a few kisses on Karen Daly’s face. “Thank you, Big Karen. I like it very much.” “Well, thank you so much for liking it.” Karen Daly also kissed Little Karen back. Receiving Little Karen’s recognition, Karen Daly felt more excited than when she was receiving an international designer’s award. It was not just the dress. Little Karen also liked the other two clothes a lot. She started to believe what daddy said, that the clothes Big Karen made were the prettiest. She wore them and did not want to take them off even when she went to sleep. Karen Daly had to change her into her pyjamas after she had fallen asleep. Looking at the cute Little Karen, Karen Daly kissed her again. Every time she thought about how Little Karen was her own child, she felt an indescribable satisfaction. With the little ball of joy asleep, the atmosphere turned quiet immediately. Both people lying by Little Karen’s two sides were staring at the ceiling in unison. They both had so much to say to each other, but did not know where to start. After a long time, Kevin Kyle turned over and moved Little Karen to the side. He lay down beside Karen Daly and pulled her into his arms. “Kevin Kyle, what are you doing?” Karen Daly tried to struggle, but she couldn’t. She angrily pounded on his chest. “I just want to hug you.” He did want to hug her, to feel her warmth filling up the hole in his heart. Hearing his low voice, Karen Daly’s heart softened. She silently put down her fist and snuggled in his arms, quietly listening to his strong heartbeat. “Kevin, are you..” Are you hiding anything from me? As long as you tell me frankly, I will forgive you. Karen Daly really wanted to tell Kevin Kyle this, but she couldn’t bring herself to say it. “Karen, trust me!” No matter what happens, you must trust me. Trust that I can handle everything. Trust that I can protect you and our daughter. Kevin Kyle really wanted to tell Karen Daly this, but he couldn’ t bring himself to say it. He didn’t want to add on to the matters at hand. He would confess everything to Karen Daly when he’s done handling the situation. She should be able to accept it by then. “Mmm.” Karen Daly breathed deeply. She shall trust him again. She shall trust that he was doing everything for her own good, and not to cause her harm like Samuel Daly. He had told her earlier on that he was on a business trip when everything happened three years ago. When he came back everything had already passed. The child was given birth through surgery, and he had lost his wife. He did not know what happened. All these years, he had been looking for her. So she was willing to trust him. Although she had decided to trust Kevin Kyle, Karen Daly couldn’t just sit there and do nothing. She didn’t want to rely on Kevin Kyle for everything. She wanted to be brave and search for her memory on her own. So on the second day, Karen Daly quietly took out the tracking device from the amulet, left it at home, and flew to Beaford City by herself. She was hoping that if she saw the places and sceneries from her past, it would trigger something in her mind that could make her regain her memories When Kevin Kyle received the news that Karen Daly had flown to Beaford City alone, he was holding a large conference. The moment he heard it, Karen Daly had already boarded the flight long ago, Kevin Kyle blew up on the spot. Many people in the meeting room were Kevin Kyle’s old subordinates. In the business circle, Kevin Kyle had always been the stable one. No matter how alarming the situation was, he could deal with it calmly and issue orders accurately It was the first time for everyone to see Kevin Kyle get so angry. In fact, he didn’t do anything, but everyone could feel his anger, which could have burned down the whole building. Kevin Kyle glanced coldly at the messenger, “Nick Black, your men are incompetent. You’ll take care of that yourself Amelia Gray, arrange a private plane to fly to Beaford City immediately. I want to take off as soon as arrive at the airport. Also, contact the Beaford City airport personnel. I don’t care what methods they have to use, I want them to make sure she doesn’t leave the airport.” He had arranged so many people to keep an eye on Karen Daly, and yet this group… only informed the news to him after she had already boarded the plane. He really wanted to tear these people into pieces. What if… He didn’t have the courage to think about what might happen. At this moment, he had to catch up with Karen Daly as fast as he could and put her under his protection, so that she wouldn’t be hurt at all. The weather in Beaford City was not as good as the weather in Chatterton Town. That was Karen Daly’s first impression after getting off the plane. Chatterton Town was hot, but there was the sea breeze, so it was bearable. On the other hand, Beaford City made her feel like she was going to evaporate from the heat any moment. From Karen Daly’s limited memory, it was her first time coming to the Beaford City Airport. The airport was on par with many international airports, and there were a lot of travellers She followed everyone who got off the plane and quickly moved forward toward the airport exit. But before long, she was stopped by the airport security staff. She wasn’t sure whether the staff thought that she was stupid, because they gave her the most ridiculous excuse for stopping her. They said that her luggage contained prohibited items, and asked her to cooperate with a spot check. Gosh! She was only carrying a small backpack, which only contained a set of clothes and some toiletries. How was it possible that she had prohibited items? Before coming to the Beaford City, she had thought that there might be obstacles. There were probably some people trying to prevent her from regaining her memory, so she came prepared. She asked to be excused to the bathroom. This simple reason had to be accepted by the airport staff. Moreover, there were no windows in the bathroom. As long as they waited outside, she would not be able to escape no matter what, so the security personnel let her go. When she came to the bathroom, Karen Daly quickly changed into a new set of clothes, put down her high ponytail, and put on some make up. She only came out when she thought the security personnel would not be able to recognise her. As she expected, she walked out of the bathroom and passed the two security personnels with ease. They only gave her a glance and did not suspect her at all After walking for some distance, Karen Daly walked swiftly. She had to escape before the two security guards found out. As long as she left the airport, searching for her would be as hard as searching for a needle in a haystack.

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