Beaford City, was the capital of a country, so you could imagine the lifestyle here. If you look up, there are skyscrapers everywhere, buried in the clouds. Karen Daly could not figure out where she was when she got out of the taxi. That’s hard to imagine, since she grew up in this city. The streets, the buildings, the pedestrians, everything was unfamiliar to her, as if she’d never lived here before. Karen Daly took a deep breath, as she put on a smile and told herself, “Karen Daly, it’s okay.” Just because she could not remember anything today, it did not mean that she would not make any progress tomorrow. If she tried hard enough, she’d definitely be able to remember her past. Karen Daly had only one purpose in mind for her trip to Beaford City. She needed to find the whereabouts of her pitiful, yet hateful sister, Kristine Daly, as mentioned by Faye Reed. Before coming to Beaford City, Karen Daly had already contacted Kristine Daly ahead of time and told her that she would like to meet up with her, and Kristine Daly immediately agreed. “Kristine Daly..” Silently, Karen Daly recited the name over and over again, trying to bring back any sort of memory that was buried deep in her mind. Something was definitely there, but she couldn’t remember any little detail about Kristine Daly. Karen Daly had learned some information from Faye Reed, and from the additional information that she found on the Internet, she knew that Kristine Daly was disfigured once, and she was also mentally unwell once. But Kristine Daly’s doing better now, having done plastic surgery and she’s starting life anew. She’s currently employed at a startup company in Beaford City, as well as owning some of the company’s shares. If it weren’t for the fact that she had heard too much negative stories about Kristine Daly, Karen Daly would’ve thought that Kristine Daly was a very inspirational person Karen Daly shook her head, not wanting to hear about the things that Kristine Daly had done in the past. She’s only hoping to get other insights from Kristine Daly The buildings around her looked almost identical to each other, hence Karen Daly had troubles finding the company that Kristine Daly was working at, which was Wilis Corporation, even with the help of the navigation application on her phone. As a last resort, Karen Daly texted Kristine Daly. “I’m here. But I can’t find your office.” Not long after the text was sent, Karen Daly got a call from Kristine Daly. She sounded almost similar to what Karen Daly imagined she would sound like, soothing and very pleasant She said, “Where are you? I’ll go look for you.” Karen Daly took a quick look around and gave the name of a shop on her left, then she hung up the phone and waited for Kristine Daly. Kristine Daly didn’t leave immediately after she’d hung up the phone, though. Instead, she made her way to the window, and she looked at the convenience store across the street downstairs. There stood a tall woman wearing a cap, white shirt and jeans on the right side of the convenience store. She was looking around, probably trying to get familiar with her surroundings. She still looked beautiful even though a few years had passed. She was tall and slender, and she looked like she had good skin, like a young schoolgirl. It would have been impossible to tell that she was already a mother of a young child. The woman who should have passed away three years ago, the woman who had outdone her over and over again… Kristine Daly thought that they would never meet again in this life, but she came back alive, and even took the initiative to contact her. Kristine Daly had started a new life, and achieved some results at work. Kristine was trying to forget all the painful memories that had happened to her. As long as no one reminded her, she was starting to put her past behind her. But just as she was about to move on, Samuel Daly, who had been on the run, came back with Karen Daly, who should have died. Karen Daly was the last person that Kristine Daly would want to see, because seeing Karen Daly now would force her to recall how badly defeated she was by Karen Daly in the past. So why did she agree to meet up with Karen Daly if she didn’t want to see her? She wanted to see how Karen Daly had turned out, now that she’s lost all of her memories. Lost all of her memories? Kristine Daly narrowed her eyes, doubtful. Karen Daly was smart. Maybe it’s all just an act, and she never lost any of her memories. But she couldn’t quite figure out why, and who could possibly be her audience? Karen Daly was involved in a car accident three years ago and she died, but the child in her womb didn’t. Kristine Daly was still in the hospital recovering from her psychotic episode when she heard the news, and no words could describe the thrill that she felt in her heart. The woman who was indefinitely blessed by the God of Fortune, the woman who was a lot luckier than her, had also been blessed by the God of Death. Back then, she laughed at the sky for a solid 30 minutes. Though, happiness aside, she felt indescribably sad. Once her tensed nerves had relaxed, she could only feel the emptiness in her heart. There used to be Charlie Gook, Karen Daly, and her. The three of them grew up together, and now they’re all gone. She was the only one left. It was only then that she finally realized that life is truly short, so you need to make the best out of it. You only get to live a few good years in a lifetime. No matter how hard you try to fight for more, you’ll still end up with nothing eventually. When she finally got her head around it, Kristine Daly felt that God was actually not that bad towards her after all. He may have disfigured her, but He didn’t perish her. Charlie Gook and Karen Daly died when they were young and turned to ashes. She was the only one left alive, and only those who remain alive could change their fate, and live the lives that they want to live. Why must Samuel Daly bring Karen Daly back just when she was starting to see that life is finally turning for the better? Why must they come and destroy this peaceful life of hers? Samuel Daly, who had destroyed her life, was shameless enough to have contacted her, calling her his good daughter, so that they could flaunt the Daly Family’s reputation as a father-daughter duo. Hehe How ridiculous. Only a bastard like him would have such a shameless personality. He might have forgotten all the ugly things that he had done in the past, but she hasn’t, and she never will. She didn’t reject Samuel Daly either. Instead, she agreed to his request. She wanted to see how far Samuel Daly could leap before he falls to the ground. She wanted to see it with her own eyes – Samuel Daly giving all that he could, only to lose everything in the end. Karen Daly had waited for quite a while before she finally got to meet Kristine Daly. Karen Daly wasn’t able to find any photos of Kristine Daly after her facial reconstruction surgery, but Karen Daly could still recognize Kristine Daly at first sight. Based on what Karen Daly had heard from Faye Reed, she grew up with Kristine Daly together. They lived together for so long, and they knew each other like the back of their hands. She thought that her telepathic sense may helped her recognize Kristine Daly. “Karen, it’s been so long that we’ve seen each other, but nothing’s changed at all, and you’re still as beautiful as ever.” Kristine Daly greeted Karen Daly like she would to a sister whom she hadn’t seen for many years. She had her true feelings so well hidden that no one could see through it. Karen Daly nodded. “Nice to meet you!” She wasn’t sure if her relationship with Kristine Daly in the past was just as what Faye Reed had described, so she was keeping herself at a distance, at least until she regains her memory.

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