Kristine Daly smiled at Karen Daly and said, “Karen, we’re sisters. You don’t have to be so courteous to me.” Kristine Daly’s facial expression appeared to be rather stiff after surgery, and her smile looked very unnatural. She wasn’t as beautiful as she looked in the photos that Karen Daly had found on the Internet. Sisters? Were they really close sisters? Karen Daly trusted what Faye Reed had said, but Kristine Daly’s expression looked sincere, so Karen Daly did not believe that she could be faking it. At this point, she was starting to get really confused of who she should trust Kristine Daly said again, “Let’s go. I’ll treat you to dinner.” To which Karen Daly replied, “I should be the one treating you, since I was the one who’d asked to meet up with you.” Kristine Daly gave it a thought and said, “That’s fine too.” Kristine Daly drove Karen Daly and they went to a restaurant that was a little further away. She said, “We used to go to this restaurant a lot when we went to school. See, the other restaurants have changed a lot, but this one is still standing strong with a lot of customers.” “Maybe.” Perhaps they used to come here a lot when they were young, but Karen Daly’s mind was all blank. She couldn’t relate at all. Kristine Daly went on and described more about the restaurant. Though she wasn’t really interested, Karen Daly listened attentively anyway. Any clue she could get was better than none Kristine Daly spent the entire meal talking, and Karen Daly was responding to her courteously, mostly providing some non-verbal cues such as nodding and smiling. After Karen Daly had paid for the meal, Kristine Daly said again, “I heard from Samuel Daly that you’d lost your memories. I also know what you came here for, so if you ever need anything, just let me know.” Kristine Daly’s offer was so straightforward, that it made Karen Daly hesitate a little. If Faye Reed’s words were true, Kristine Daly should be resenting her instead of welcoming her. Karen Daly had prepared for herself to be turned down when she requested to meet with Kristine Daly. But never would she have expected that Kristine Daly was so affectionate towards her. Was it because Kristine Daly had changed? Could she just be acting? Or did Faye Reed deceive her? If Karen Daly could not remember the past, she would not have the answers to her questions or to prove the authenticity of their information. Now the only thing left for her to do was to try and find out about the past. Karen Daly gave it a thought and said, “I want to go back to look at the old place that we used to live. Will you take me there?” Once again, Kristine Daly replied generously, “Of course, it’s no problem at all.” They came out of the restaurant together, and Karen Daly stood at the crowded intersection to wait for Kristine Daly as she drove the car over. Just as Karen Daly was looking around, a familiar, tall and slender figure appeared out of the corner of her eye. Kevin Kyle? Flustered, Karen Daly held onto the cap on her head, turned around and hid behind a huge tree by the road. She had a chance to take a closer look at the man from her hiding spot and found that the man was indeed Kevin Kyle. He still wore the same clothes like he always did, a white shirt paired with black slacks. Plain and ordinary. Maybe because he stood out too much, Karen Daly was able to recognize him at first glance, despite the distance and the crowd Kevin Kyle looked calm, though Karen Daly could tell that he displayed a different kind of “calm” emotion. He looked a little anxious, but he was managing it well to the extent no one would know if they did not take a closer look Why on earth did Kevin Kyle come here? Is he here because she was here? Is he trying to help her remember? Or did he come because he was worried of her safety? Would he be concerned if he could not find her? But she could not depend on him for everything. If she wanted to regain her memories, she must do it on her own. Kevin Kyle would not be of much help. Just as Karen Daly was getting lost in her thoughts looking at Kevin Kyle, Kristine Daly stopped the car beside her and said, “Karen, get in the car.” Karen Daly stole another glance at Kevin Kyle again. She bit her lip and got into Kristine Daly’s car without looking back. Kevin Kyle treated her well, but she could not rely on him forever. She needed to grow and be mature, so that he would have a shoulder to lean on when he was tired. The ride took about half an hour to arrive at their destination Two people had died over the course of a few months in the Daly residence. One died of suicide, while the other was murdered. Both died a gruesome death. Karen Daly’s mother’s death was only investigated when the police was investigating the death of Charlie Gook. News spread quick as the servants of the Daly residence started to speak out too. The house was deemed to be haunted. The stories got stretched out even further as time went by. According to some people, they could see a woman jumping off the roof every night. The house became a sensation when the rumors went viral, and pedestrians and cars would take a detour just to observe the house. The house was left vacant, and it couldn’t be resold or rented out due to the speculations of it being a haunted house. No one even bothered to clean up the house. No one had been there for the past three years. The yard was overgrown with weeds. The house was starting to look like a haunted house as depicted in horror movies. They stood outside the courtyard, looking at the gate. Karen Daly’s legs were suddenly heavy out of the blue for no reason. Kristine Daly spoke, “This is the place where we used to live. Do you still remember it?” Karen Daly shook her head and then nodded again hesitantly She couldn’t recall, but it all felt so familiar. She felt a discomfort in her heart all of a sudden, as if her subconscious remembered this place. In a trance, Karen Daly saw a middle-aged woman standing in front of her, looking at her with a smile. “Karen, you’re finally home. Do you know how long have I been waiting for you?” “Mom?” Karen asked. “Karen, I’ve missed you so much.” The woman said. “Mom, I miss you too.” Karen Daly walked over as she wanted to catch the woman but she couldn’t. Everything disappeared into thin air. Kristine Daly asked, “Did you see mom? Did you just have a hallucination of her? Or did she die resentfully and her ghost was left here waiting all these time?” Karen Daly did not answer her, but she could vaguely remember images in her mind. At times the woman will be smiling at her, at times she would be hiding in the room crying, she even saw the ice, cold coffin… These scenes were very much different from the ones that she’d seen before. They were clear in her mind, but when she tried to focus to remember more, everything seemed to have perished. Taking a deep breath in, Karen Daly clenched her fists. She pretended to be calm and said, “Can I have a look inside?” Kristine Daly hesitated before she said, “You can go in on your own if you want to, I won’t accompany you.” Kristine Daly saw the tragedy happen before her own eyes when Karen Daly’s mother had committed suicide. Furthermore, she murdered Charlie Gook here. This place was miserable to her. Usually, she would not return here. Today, she came here with Karen Daly. Kristine Daly was secretly analysing Karen, and she would be able to know soon enough, if Karen Daly had in fact, lost all of her memories.

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