Karen Daly pushed the rusty gate open, as she walked in with extreme caution. “Karen, you’re back!” In a daze, a familiar, gentle and kind voice rang again in Karen Daly’s ears. But when Karen Daly stopped in her tracks to look around, there was nothing there, even the voice in her ears were gone. Karen Daly continued making her way in until she came to the main door. She opened the door and a pungent smell arose. Spider-webs were visible in all corners of the house. Karen Daly stood at the door. What she saw in front of her was no longer the house covered in spider-webs, but of a young woman playing with a little girl in her arms. A chubby little girl with a face full of mud like a kitten was there. The woman didn’t look at all displeased, and instead she took a towel and gently wiped the little girl’s face. “Karen, someone had just mopped the floor. Where did you go that you could bring so much mud back into the house?” “Karen, I’m going to carry you to the mirror for you to look at yourself. Look how dirty you are.” “Karen girls must be well-mannered. Don’t be naughty.” “Karen…” The gentle voice of the woman kept sounding in Karen Daly’s ears, warming her heart. Mother loved to clean. She used to help the servants clean up the house. She would polish the floor over and over again, so bright that it could be used as a mirror. “Mom?” Unknowingly, these were the only things that crossed Karen Daly’s mind when she thought about her mother. She knew how much her mother loved keeping the house spotless. Her mind brought her back to the scene when her mother would hold her, and she was smiling as she told her, “Girls must be gentle, girls must be pretty, girls must take care of hygiene… Karen Daly could hear her mother’s voice clear as day and slowly, she was able to get a clearer look of her mother’s face. So many familiar scenes flood themselves in Karen Daly’s mind. She finally remembered that her name was Karen Daly, and her mother used to gently call her name, Karen. But the scenes that came to mind were merely memories of her mother when she was young She still couldn’t recall how her mother had passed away “Mom…” Karen Daly closed her eyes and took a deep breath, then she said, “I’m home. I’ve come back to see you.” Karen Daly continued her way in, and made her way upstairs to her mother’s room by instinct. Corners of the room were covered by cobwebs, no longer the way it was when her mother was still living here. The image of her mother crying in the room was also present, obviously a memory that Karen Daly kept buried in her mind. And now her mother was no longer here. Yet how did her mother leave? Did it have anything to do with Samuel Daly like what Faye Reed had said? Though Karen Daly was facing a little trouble with remembering everything else, she was in no hurry. She had already remembered some details, and that’s a good start. She had faith that as long as she tried even harder, she would be able to regain all her memories of the past. Karen Daly continued treading in the house full of cobwebs and dust, to continue looking for her memories, but nothing seemed to work anymore. At the end of the corridor of the second floor was a storage room. The door was tightly shut. Karen Daly knew it was a storage room as there was a sign. She stood in front of the door and took her time. After some deliberate consideration, she lifted her hand and turned the door knob. She pushed the door open and walked into the room. There weren’t any windows in the room. The room was very dark, with all kinds of things cluttering on the floor. The moldy smell was getting stronger than ever. Karen Daly pressed on the switch on the wall. Since the place had been vacant for too long, there’s no water and electricity supply in the place. Karen Daly took a tour of the room, relying on the minimal external sunlight. A while later, the door closed itself shut and Karen Daly could hear the sound of the door being locked. The room was dark again, now that the light was gone. Ever since her experience of being stranded in the hospital elevator, dark and enclosed spaces had become Karen Daly’s worst fears. She rushed to the door as fast as she could, wanting to open the door to escape. But the door was locked from the outside and she couldn’t open it. The door was a dead end, and the room was terrifyingly dark. Not only was Karen Daly stuck, the traumatizing experience from Karen Daly’s past was triggering her even more. She slammed the door, yelling for help at the top of her lungs, “Is anyone there? Let me out.. Her cry for help went on until she lost her voice. Still, no one came for her. She was brought back to her past, to the night when she got stuck in a hospital elevator. No matter how hard she’d cried for help, no one came to her rescue either. She was left within the dark and enclosed space of the elevator for nearly the whole night. If the people had found her just a little later, she might have suffocated due to a lack of oxygen in the elevator. And now she was experiencing the same trauma with no one beside her. One could only imagine the fear that Karen Daly was feeling. She had herself curled up in a corner holding her legs with her arms. Her body was shivering and her teeth were chattering. She gradually lost the ability to think She didn’t know how much time has passed when the door was suddenly opened up and it fell onto the ground. Dust was flying everywhere, and light was restored in the room. “Karen-” Karen Daly could hear someone calling her name. It was a warm and familiar voice, both low and deep at the same time. It was the most amazing voice that she’s ever heard in her life. She opened her mouth and wanted to call out to him only to find that her body was filled with fear and anxiety, and she couldn’t say anything. Kevin Kyle did a quick scan of the room as he entered, pacing quickly towards her and engulfed her shaking body into his embrace, “Karen Daly, don’t be scared. It’s okay now. Being held in Kevin Kyle’s arms, Karen Daly found that she had long turned into a puddle. She was no longer scared though, because she had him right by her side. She couldn’t recall much about their relationship, but she would no longer feel doubtful of his actions towards her and neither would she doubt her feelings for him anymore. If he had other intentions, he wouldn’t be able to give her such a great sense of security Even though she couldn’t remember that she used to be his wife, her heart was undoubtedly and unknowingly drawn towards him. How could you not fall for such a kind gentle and considerate man? It took a while before Karen Daly lifted her head and she was met with the concerned and loving eyes of Kevin Kyle, which made her heart ache. She said, “Kevin Kyle, I’m so sorry! I won’t let you worry about me ever again.” Regardless of her memory, Karen Daly wanted him. She wanted to be his wife, wanted him to hold her hand and to never let go. “It’s okay now, let’s go.” Kevin Kyle kissed her forehead, grabbed her by the waist and walked her out of the room. Sitting in the car, Karen Daly turned around to look back at the place where she used to live. The sky was starting to get dark. Since the house had been left vacant for a long time, the yard was overgrown with weeds, it gave off an eerie vibe of desolation. Kevin Kyle ordered the chauffeur to drive off. He went silent after that His gaze was dark, as if he was angry about something.

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