Kristine Daly, who was standing in the dark, saw Karen Daly being taken away by Kevin Kyle. Tears began welling up in her eyes as she watched their car drive off. After so many years, Kevin Kyle’s love for Karen Daly remained, maybe even more than before. You could tell that from the way he got nervous about her. Kevin Kyle showed up not long after Karen Daly came to the house. Maybe he couldn’t stand to be apart from her. In the absence of Karen Daly, Kevin Kyle could be seen appearing everywhere in the news, the TV and even the Internet For a man who had never been on TV, never been in front of the camera, and was mysterious to the public, he would change at such great measures for Karen Daly. Did she know how lucky she was to have met a man like him? Kristine Daly had thought about it countless of times before. If only she’d worked harder last time, if only she hadn’t returned to Beaford City to fight over Charlie Gook, the scumbag, then maybe all the love and care that Karen Daly was receiving would have belonged to her instead. “That man will never belong to you. Why don’t you look at me more instead of dreaming about him.” There was a snicker, and Kristine Daly was pulled into a pair of strong arms by force. She met his devilish eyes when she lifted her head up to see who it was. Kristine Daly raised her feeble arms and patted twice on his chest, smiling gently as she said, “Mr. Wilis, you’re a phoenix and I’m just a little sparrow. How dare I fantasize about you?” “You know it’s not that, but it’s because you never know when to stop. Back then when Karen Daly was in a relationship with Charlie Gook, you fought with your sister over him. Then Karen Daly married Kevin Kyle, and you wanted Kevin Kyle too. You don’t really love those men, you just got used to snatching things that belongs to Karen Daly.” Mr. Wilis looked at Kristine Daly as he pointed out her thoughts mercilessly. They had been working together for a few years now, and he thought that he could read this woman like the back of his hand. “Haha.” Kristine Daly replied Mr. Wilis with a sneer. There was never a need to explain your circumstances to the ones who believe in you. As for those who don’t believe you, they would never believe you, no matter how much you try to explain to them. “You don’t think so?” Mr. Wilis smiled, as he lifted Kristine Daly’s chin and said, “Then what was that just now?” Kristine Daly patted on his chest again and said, “I was just happy.” To Kristine Daly, Mr. Wilis was merely a business partner and she never felt the obligation to share her thoughts with him. Karen Daly had grown up with a stubborn temperament ever since she was a little girl. Once she has made up her mind, nothing could stop her. It was also because of this stubbornness of hers, that she was punished a lot. After every screw up, Karen Daly would most of the time locked up in the storage room by Samuel Daly and she’d only be able to come out of it if she admitted to being wrong. Stubbornness did not get her very far. Karen Daly never learned how to butter people up, especially Samuel Daly. So she was locked up a lot, usually for the whole night and no one could get to her. The storage room would have been a nightmare to Karen Daly’s childhood, so Kristine Daly just wanted to test out and see if Karen Daly had in fact lost her memories. Just that, and nothing else. Kristine Daly used to think that everything that belonged to Karen Daly should belong to her. She had a mentality of jealousy and hatred. But now she was just envious of Kevin Kyle’s care towards her. Mr. Wilis grabbed Kristine Daly by the hand and said with a faint smile on his face, “Kristine Daly, was I too permissive with you that you’re starting to become more and more unruly in front of me?” “Not at all.” Kristine Daly shrugged his hand off and turned to leave as she said, “Mr. Wilis, we’re merely business partners. Please keep that in mind, and I will not forget what kind of a woman I am.” You tend to see through things after going through a lot, and the same goes for fame and reputation. The most important thing was to live a good life, and that was the kind of person that Kristine Daly was mow. She had crossed paths with death before, and a lot a lot people. She had finally figured it all out. Life was really short. So you should enjoy it while you’re still alive, and be the best person that you can be instead of scheming against other people and fighting for things that don’t belong to you in the first place. Mr. Wilis glanced at Kristine Daly who was walking further and further away and the smile in his eyes perished, only darkness remained. He didn’t know when it started, that he’d begun craving for this woman. The feeling was so strong that he couldn’t control it. The desire of wanting her was like a wild horse being let loose of its reins, running wild in the fields. What’s even more hateful was that the woman who had been trampled on by men, who was locked up in a psychiatric hospital, and was disfigured, told him that he was not her type. A woman who was had her self-worth trampled on by so many people before, pretending to be better than him in front of him. Ever since he overthrew the Gook family, and achieved a gradual development in his family business, he had received numerous invitations and insinuations from the ladies in Beaford City He was a businessman, and a shrewd one at that. The society had gotten more open-minded nowadays, no one would care about your background as long as you could make money. But that was not entirely true either. They mostly just pretended that status and family did not matter, but they would definitely judge you behind your back. So when a particular lady from a noble family in Beaford City courted him, he had accepted it. As for Kristine Daly, he wanted her too. Judging by Kristine Daly’s personality, she was not really turning his advances down. Maybe she’s just trying to play hard-to-get Since he was very interested in her, he’d play the game that she wanted to play The car had been on the road for quite some time, and Kevin Kyle still had his moody face on. Neither did he utter a single word, nor did he even steal a glance at Karen Daly. Karen Daly noticed Kevin Kyle’s gloominess. She saw how the veins showed on his forehead, his clenched fists and how he was trying very hard to hold it in. Her heart ached. She scooted over to Kevin Kyle’s side, and reached her hand out cautiously to hold Kevin Kyle’s fist in her hand, “Kevin…” Karen Daly wished for Kevin Kyle to express the anger in his heart, even if that meant for him to yell at her. She just didn’t want him to be too harsh on himself. She’d feel bad if he had to hold everything in. Kevin Kyle was still ignoring her. He remained silent as his face looked even gloomier, like he was holding so much in that he was about to burst. Karen Daly was beginning to lose her mind seeing Kevin Kyle continue to ignore her. Just as she was about to pull her hand away, Kevin Kyle grabbed it. Karen Daly looked up at him, but he still continued to ignore her. So she just sat quietly beside him. Once they got back to the hotel and the doors closed behind them, Kevin Kyle turned around and pressed Karen Daly’s body to the door. He then began kissing her passionately. Kevin Kyle stood at more than six feet tall, while Karen Daly was nearly a head shorter than he was. Naturally, Karen Daly could not resist Kevin Kyle’s strength.

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