Karen Daly couldn’t resist Kevin Kyle at all, having been overpowered by him. Her lips were also sealed by his kisses, and she couldn’t even get more than a syllable out of her mouth. His kiss was domineering and strong, with a sense of fierceness that appeared to have been suppressed for a long time. Out of instinct, Karen Daly wanted to fight back to get out of Kevin Kyle’s shackles. But he was so strong, and his kisses were so passionate that Karen Daly couldn’t escape at all. All she could do was let out a series of whines. Kevin Kyle swallowed her cry for help. It seemed like he was letting all his years of yearning and sadness out with his action. Why couldn’t she remember him? Why did she leave him wandering back and forth, and alone in the past, when she’d just forgotten about their past? Kevin Kyle poured all of his emotions in the kiss. The deeper it got, the more ruthless he became. Gradually, his hands became restless as they sneaked their way under Karen Daly’s shirt. His hands were warm, grazing against Karen Daly’s ice cold skin. She was still whining, her tone was weak yet sharp as a knife. She had been trying to struggle free as well. Her frail grip barely helped her, but every time she tried to fight back, Kevin Kyle got angrier. “Enough!” Then out of the blue, Kevin Kyle let out a loud cry his voice resonating off the walls. Karen Daly had never heard Kevin Kyle this loud before, ever since she had known him. It was loud indeed, but with a hint of lingering sadness… Karen Daly’s struggling halted. She just watched him with fear, doubt and grief… Kevin Kyle was looking at her as well, as if he had a million things he wanted to say but he didn’t. Yearning, desire, blame, adoration… So many emotions in his eyes, yet not a single sound could be heard. Karen Daly felt like she was out of breath and only wished to hold onto him as tight as she could. Regardless of his pasts, regardless of his fears. It was at this moment that Kevin Kyle lowered his head and gave her a light peck on the forehead, as gentle as a breeze blowing on her face. Karen Daly didn’t fight him off, but let herself indulge in Kevin Kyle’s delicate kiss on her forehead. Then it went to the tip of her nose, her lips until finally he landed on her ear. “Look at me, Karen Daly!” His voice was as beautiful as the summer’s breeze, For a while there, her heart was beating so fast in her chest. Karen Daly couldn’t help but to let out a hum. “Oh..” Kevin Kyle sounded satisfied, and he smiled softly beside her ear. It was so seductive it could make one blush. Then came the next wave of Kevin Kyle’s kisses! No longer fierce and deranged, but with endless affection, coupled with his usual dominance. Karen Daly stopped resisting at once. Her clear and bright gaze followed Kevin Kyle’s eyes closely. Look at me. Yes, I will keep my gaze on you, always, following you around until the day that you die. Karen thought. Karen Daly’s shirt was ripped open, her fair complexion was exposed to the cold air. But she wasn’t cold, because his warm hands were grazing against her skin. She’d thought about a lot of things prior to coming to Beaford City, including her past, and her future. But in hindsight, it seemed ridiculous now. She liked him, whether it was in the past or in the future, and whether her memories were back or not… Even if she were to do it all over again, she still would’ve fallen for him The fact was obvious. This was the truth. But was that enough? Karen Daly stretched her hands out and wrapped them tightly around Kevin Kyle’s neck. They were breathing in sync, but it still didn’t seem enough for her. It wasn’t close enough, and she wanted to get even closer. She wanted to take a walk into his heart, to look at his past, and to be with him til the end of the world. It was so hot in the summer, that they were both about to melt. Karen Daly held onto Kevin Kyle as tight as she could while they continued being passionate. When she had reached her climax, she finally spoke in her soft voice, “Kevin Kyle, 1 like you.” I like you so much! So much! She couldn’t begin to imagine how she’d survived in the days she didn’t have him. In turn, Kevin Kyle responded to her words, by going at it more passionately. The night was descending, but the heat in the room was just getting started. It was unclear how much time has passed, but to them, it felt like an instant It wasn’t until Karen Daly felt weak on her knees that the atmosphere turned peaceful again. She was very tired and sleepy. She was so sleepy that she could fall asleep just by shutting her eyelids but she didn’t want to let it happen. She wanted to hear more of Kevin Kyle’s accelerating heartbeat, or just have a conversation with him as she wanted to listen to his voice. Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly in his embrace, his hands patting her lightly on the back and he lowered his head to kiss her forehead. Then he asked, “Tired?” Of course she was! She was exhausted, so exhausted she could just pass out. She’d never felt like this before. But how could he expect her to answer such an embarrassing question? The man was evil. His usual noble and elegant look disappeared with his clothes, and he turned into a hungry werewolf, gnawing on her to the point where she couldn’t fend him off. Kevin Kyle lowered his head until he was making eye contact with her and asked, “Karen Daly, since you’re not talking, can I take it that you’re tired?” Karen Daly lay on his bare chest and shook her head. She responded softly, “No.” “So you’re not tired?” “Bastard!” Karen Daly gave him a pinch. What did he want? Doesn’t he know that she gets easily embarrassed by these questions? “Karen “Hmm?” “No, it’s fine. Go to sleep.” He patted her on the back, like cooing a child to sleep. Karen Daly was indeed tired, having tortured by him, and she fell asleep in his arms a while later. Kevin Kyle watched her sleep, and there was an unspeakable sense of content in his heart. He was melting It felt good to be able to have her back, and to be able to hold her to sleep! He’d waited day and night for three years for Karen Daly’s return. And now he could finally hold her in his embrace, and to adore her like never before. Everything was so surreal, and she was really there right by his side It was at this moment, that he was sure that his Karen Daly had returned to him. He’d heard her just now, when she said that she liked him. But he didn’t say anything back. Because her words ignited his passion towards her. He didn’t know how to respond, so he responded through his movements “Karen, you said that you like me, and I do too.” He did not know how much she adored him, but he knew that he could never live without her. “Kevin, I’ll try harder, I will work harder..” Karen Daly was muttering in her sleep, and Kevin Kyle held her even closer as he gently reprimanded her, “Silly girl!” She could have just relied on him, but she didn’t say anything to him and wanted to do things her way instead..

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