“Baby, tomorrow is Children’s Day. Is it really good for your father and mother to abandon you at home and run off like this?” Mia Kyle had repeated this to Little Karen Kyle uncountable times. She heaved a long sigh as she spoke. Mia Kyle, who was thinking about getting closer to Neil Brown, suddenly received a phone call from her cold brother who asked her to go home and help take care of Little Karen. Although she liked Little Karen very much, Mia Kyle still felt annoyed as he was disturbing her from wooing Neil Brown. Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly had a child, and they would have tons of time together in the future. Why did they have to trouble Mia Kyle, who was single? “Little Aunt, I don’t want to listen to that.” Little Aunt had already nagged for many times, and Little Karen felt that her ears were going to be plagued soon. She decided to go play with Brother Lionel and requested that he sleep with her at night She didn’t want her Little Aunt to sleep with her anymore. Little Karen slid down from the sofa, and walked away with her dainty hands on her hips, just like an adult. She wanted to look for Brother Lionel. “Little Karen, are you also going to despise me now?” Mia Kyle chased after Little Karen and brought her back, “Little Karen, just accompany me. If you don’t accompany me, I will be so bored.” “Alright Little Aunt, I’ll forgive you.” Little Karen decided to be generous. Little Aunt was not being sensible, so she had to be. Mia Kyle hugged Little Karen and kissed her over and over, “Thank you, dear. You treat me the best. If no one likes you when you grow up in the future, I will be with you.” “Little Aunt, I don’t want that.” Little Karen did not want to accompany Little Aunt, so how could she say that no one would like her in the future? She was so cute. It was impossible that no one liked her. Little Aunt’s comment wasn’t nice to hear at all. Little Karen didn’t want Little Aunt around anymore. Mia Kyle pinched Little Karen’s face and said with a smile, “I was only joking. You’re so cute and beautiful. After growing up, there must be countless people wooing you. How could there be no one?” “Little Aunt, ten thousand dollars please.” Little Karen stretched out her hand and smiled sweetly, “Little Aunt, please give me the money.” “How much is ten thousand dollars?” Mia Kyle teased her. She poked Little Karen’s forehead and said, “Money-Minded Baby, remember how much I owe you. When you grow up, ‘l give the money to you.” “Miss, Grandpa Kyle is here.” Sarabelle, the housekeeper came to inform in a hurry. Upon hearing the arrival of her grandfather, Mia Kyle was delighted and asked, “Where is Grandpa?” “Mia.” Grandpa Kyle’s loud voice came from the door. “Grandpa, you are here.” Mia Kyle jumped up and rushed over to give her grandfather a big hug. “Grandpa, I missed you so much.” Grandpa Kyle rubbed Mia Kyle’s head and said, “I haven’t seen you for months. You are really getting more and more beautiful Mia Kyle smiled and said, “Grandpa, I already know that I look good, you don’t have to praise me like this. If you continue to praise me, I will get too proud.” Grandpa Kyle laughed out loud and said, “You’re our treasure, so what if you get too proud?” Mia Kyle was a vain person, and even then she was getting embarrassed by her grandfather’s praises. She quickly changed the topic and said, “Grandpa, don’t just look at me, Little Karen is also here.” Mia Kyle picked Little Karen up. “Grandpa, look at Little Karen. Do you think she looks more like Kevin Kyle or sister- in-law?” Grandpa Kyle looked at Little Karen and reached out his hand, but before he could touch her, Little Karen burst into tears. “Little Karen, what’s wrong with you? This is your great grandpa, not a bad guy. Don’t be scared.” Mia Kyle quickly comforted Little Karen. Little Karen had seen a lot of strangers, and she had never been afraid of them. Mia Kyle never thought that she would cry so badly when she saw her grandfather. “I want daddy and Big Karen, I don’t want great-grandpa…” Little Karen cried so loudly. She wanted her father. She didn’t want her great-grandfather. “Grandpa, please don’t be upset.” Mia Kyle said while coaxing Little Karen, “It’s easy for children to forget things. She saw you during the New Year holidays. She must have forgotten after these few months.” Grandpa Kyle smiled, “Mia, do you think I’m short-tempered? I’m already in my eighties. How could I be angry with my little great-granddaughter? “I want daddy…” Little Karen was still crying, and she had almost used up all her strength to cry. Mia Kyle gave Little Karen a kiss and comforted her, “Karen dear, your father is working outside. He’ll come back to accompany you after he’s done with work.” Grandpa Kyle said, “Mia, bring her upstairs first and coax her to sleep. I need to talk to you later.” Mia Kyle was flustered, “Grandpa, you haven’t had dinner yet, have you? I’ll ask Sarabelle to prepare dinner for you.” “I have already eaten. Just take her upstairs.” Mia Kyle carried Little Karen upstairs first. When she couldn’t see Grandpa Kyle anymore, Little Karen stopped crying abruptly. She wiped her tears with her small hands and curled her lips. She said sadly, “I don’t want great grandpa.” “Karen, your great-grandpa is the grandfather of your father and me. He is a very kind old man and he likes you very much. Why don’t you like him?” Mia Kyle really couldn’t understand what Little Karen was thinking about. Why didn’t she like her kind and loving grandfather? However, she was still young, and Mia Kyle did not know how to explain further. It’s already late, she should probably put her to sleep first. In the living room on the first floor, the servants poured some tea for Grandpa Kyle. Grandpa Kyle waved his hand, signalling for them to leave. When they left, the assistant who had been following him took a step forward and bent over to whisper, “Old Master, this is the easiest way to do it if you don’t want the Young Master to continue investigating.” Grandpa Kyle took a sharp look at his assistant and said coldly, “Hart, it does not matter whether the child is close to me or not, she is still a child of the Kyle Family. You dare touch a child of the Kyle family?” “Sorry, I was mistaken, Old Master.” Hart clenched his fists and lowered his head, taking a few steps back. For a moment, he couldn’t figure out what Grandpa Kyle was thinking. Why couldn’t they just use his way to settle the problem?.

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