Although Karen was a small girl, she was quite smart. Mia Kyle had to use a lot of effort to put her to sleep. Looking at Little Karen’s pink face, Mia Kyle pinched it gently, “Dear, your parents are so good at creating human beings. How could they create such a miracle like you?” “In the future, when your uncle and I have kids, I must learn from your parents and strive to create a baby that is even more attractive than you.” Imagining that she was giving birth to Neil Brown’s child, who was just as cute as Little Karen, Mia Kyle was excited and couldn’t help whistling to herself. She covered Little Karen with her blanket, “Dear, I’m going to chat with Grandpa for a while. You can sleep on your own.” After planting a gentle kiss, Mia Kyle turned around and left. As she opened the door, she bumped into Lionel, who was standing by the door. Mia Kyle clutched onto her chest, “Hey, “Brother Lionel”, why are you standing here instead of sleeping at this hour? Are you trying to scare me to death?” She was so shocked that her heart was racing. She wondered where Little Karen found such a weird boy. He acted suspiciously every day and only talks to Little Karen. He really was a weird person. Lionel stood upright, as if he didn’t hear what Mia Kyle said. He had no expression on his face. Mia Kyle glanced at him and said, “Please speak up or at least make a sound. Don’t scare others to death.” Knowing that he would not reply, Mia Kyle did not wait for him to answer. She tried to close the door, but Lionel blocked it. Mia Kyle asked discontentedly, “What are you trying to do?” “… am here to guard her.” Lionel struggled to say these words, and his voice was so rough that it sounded like he was sick Mia Kyle had never heard Lionel speak before. She felt so uncomfortable hearing his voice. She cleared her throat, and said, “Little Karen is asleep. You don’t have to accompany her. You can go back to your room and sleep.” Lionel stopped talking and stood in between Mia Kyle and the door, blocking her from closing the door with his slender figure. Although he was thin, he was tall, and Mia Kyle was only as tall as his shoulder, so it was not difficult to stop her from closing the door Mia Kyle looked at Lionel in confusion. Usually when Little Karen went to sleep, he would also go to sleep. What’s up with him tonight? After observing him for a while, Mia Kyle thought that perhaps he was being thoughtful. He had been with Little Karen for such a long period of time. He wouldn’t do anything to her. Besides, they were in the residence of Kyle Family. Lionel would not be brave enough to create any trouble. “Then I’ll leave Little Karen to you for a while, and I’ll come up to accompany her soon.” After saying that, Mia Kyle walked away. Occasionally, she turned back to look at him. She thought that Lionel was acting differently tonight, though she could not tell why. Lionel stood at the door, staring at Little Karen while she was lying in bed. When he looked at Little Karen, his eyes were very gentle, like a warm elder brother. After staring at Little Karen for a while, he looked at the window. His gentle gaze suddenly became extremely sharp Too sharp for a boy of his age. Little Karen was lying in the room. She was an innocent and lovely little girl. She was also his life saviour. As long as he was alive, he would not let anyone hurt her. Downstairs, Grandpa Kyle was chatting happily with Mia Kyle. He rubbed Mia Kyle’s head and sighed, “Mia, I’m getting older and older. I don’t know how many years I have left with you.” Mia Kyle snuggled up against her grandfather’s arms and said like a little child, “Grandpa, you’re a great man with a good mindset and a strong body. I’m sure you’ll live a long life.” “Ha, ha, ha..” Old Master Kyle laughed heartily, “You are the most sensible in the family and knows how to comfort grandpa.” Mia Kyle said, “I’m not comforting you. I always simply speak the truth. Grandpa Kyle looked at Mia Kyle and suddenly said, “Mia, you should come to the United States with me and accompany me for a period of time. Don’t continue your acting career. Or maybe I can help turn you into a Hollywood star.” “Grandpa, I like Chatterton Town and I want to stay here. don’t want to go anywhere else.” Mia Kyle wanted to stay here forever because Neil Brown was here. She has to think of a way to win Neil Brown over quickly. In a few years, he would become old. By then, she may even despise the old Neil Brown. Grandpa Kyle understood why Mia Kyle wanted to pursue her career in Chatterton Town, but since no one mentioned it, he pretended as if he didn’t know anything. He added, “Mia, what’s so good about Chatterton Town?” What’s so good about Chatterton Town? Mia Kyle didn’t even need to think about it. Neil Brown was here. That was enough for her to want to stay here for the rest of her life. She said, “Grandpa, Chatterton Town is just as good as other places. We have all sorts of scenes here. Whatever you can find in America, you could find here too. Why don’t you stay in Chatterton Town? Then I can always see you when I’m done filming next time.” Grandpa Kyle wanted to continue the conversation, but the assistant who left earlier returned and said in a gentle voice, “Old Master, there are some things that have not been completed yet. I am waiting for your instructions.” Hearing that the matter had not been completed, Grandpa Kyle put on a mixed expression, but brushed it off in a second “Mia, it’s getting late. You should go get some rest. I’ll have to go first. Mia Kyle tugged onto Grandpa Kyle, “Grandpa, why are you so busy at this hour? Where are you going? Why don’t you stay here?” Grandpa Kyle patted her hand and sighed, “Mia, I’m old. If I don’t do something now, I’m afraid I won’t have time to do it in the future.” “Grandpa-” “Go to bed, child. I’ll have to leave first.” Grandpa Kyle’s visit was sudden, and his departure was even more so. Mia Kyle had a lot of things to say to him, but before she could say everything, her grandfather was already leaving. She sent her grandfather to the gate and got him into the car. Mia Kyle looked reluctant as she watched her grandfather leave. Her grandfather’s words made her feel sad for no reason. Her grandfather had already passed over the company matters to her brother. He had also been enjoying his retired life for many years. What on earth was so important that he had to go in the middle of the night? Mia Kyle tried thinking but couldn’t think of anything. She felt useless sometimes, not knowing anything other than acting. When there was something going on with her grandfather, she couldn’t be of much help.

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