When Mia Kyle returned to Little Karen’s room, Lionel was still standing upright in front of the door, just as how she had left him. It was like he hadn’t moved at all. Mia Kyle began to be more and more curious about this teenage boy. She kept staring at him. Seeing that she had come back, Lionel took another look at Little Karen, turned and left without saying a word. Mia Kyle pouted her lips and stared at Lionel’s back. She said discontentedly, “Hmph! You’re still so young and you’re already acting cool. What’s gonna happen to you when you grow up.” Suddenly, an idea came into Mia Kyle’s mind. “Has that guy fallen for our Little Karen?” Mia Kyle returned to the room and looked at Little Karen, who was sleeping soundly. She muttered to herself, “Little Karen is so cute. Of course she wouldn’t fall in love with that strange person.” She lay down next to Little Karen and said, “Baby dear, I’m going to be sleeping with you here. What are your parents doing? Those two bad people are probably having fun Unlike your pitiful Little Aunt, who hasn’t even gotten anyone yet.” Mia Kyle was a chatterbox, and she could even chat with Little Karen who was sleeping soundly for a long time. However, this was all because of Neil Brown. If Neil Brown had accepted her requests, she would already be busy building a life with him, instead of thinking about other things. At the same time, Lionel, who had just left, did not return to his room. Instead, he went to the roof alone and sat down just above Little Karen’s room, quietly observing the surroundings There was no cool breeze tonight, and the heat from the day did not clear off. It made the night feel very hot and stuffy. However, compared to the heat of the night, those evil people who were waiting for their chance to strike made people feel more uncomfortable. In the pitch- dark night, Lionel was scanning around the surrounding like a cat. Even though it was extremely dark outside the villa, he could see clearly. As long as he was still around, he would do his best to protect Little Karen Joy Kyle, and not let the evil people achieve their objectives. This hot night was particularly long for Lionel. After waiting for a long time, dawn finally came and all threats had been cleared The same night however, was very short for Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly. They held each other in their arms, skin-to-skin, breath-to breath. Before they could thoroughly enjoy this feeling, the night had already passed. Kevin Kyle was lying beside Karen Daly, observing her delicate face, her fan-like eyelashes, and the countless forever. traces he left on her body, Kevin Kyle felt that his heart was filled with happiness. He really wanted to be with her forever. He wanted to forget the secret that affected Karen Daly. He wanted to forget that Karen Daly had lost her memory. He wanted to forget everything, and just hold each other tightly. and grow old together. When Karen Daly woke up, it was already late in the morning. She felt so tired that she didn’t even have the strength to turn over. It took her a lot of effort to open her eyes. And when she did, she saw Kevin Kyle’s handsome face. She had to admit, Kevin Kyle was really good-looking. Even though she was already familiar with his looks, she would still be amazed. He was the one who worked hard last night and used more energy, but yet he looked like he was in good spirits. She wondered how this man had so much energy. “You’re awake.” His deep and husky voice sounded really attractive in the morning, making her heart race. “Mhmm.” Karen Daly nodded. Before she could even utter a word, Kevin Kyle climbed on top of her and gave her a deep kiss. “Mmm..” Karen Daly instinctively pushed him away, but his strong body was like a mountain, and she could not push it at all. Kevin Kyle enjoyed her beauty ravishingly, like a hungry beast – fierce and dominant, yet with a sense of gentleness. He slowly devoured Karen Daly’s breath, making her mind blank. She didn’t want to do anything else. She just wanted to follow him everywhere, to reach the ecstasies of life. Karen Daly had never expected that Kevin Kyle, a man who looked aloof and noble, could be so fierce and dominant. He instantly turned into an evil wolf, eating her alive until nothing was left. Later, Karen Daly simply couldn’t resist him. After they made love again, she fell asleep instantly. Karen Daly slept for a whole day. When she woke up again, it was the next morning. Though she already woken up, but she was afraid to open her eyes. She was afraid that if she met Kevin Kyle’s gaze, he would pounce on her again. If she had to endure another session, she would break down. Just as she was hesitating, Kevin Kyle’s low and deep laughter sounded. The laughter was like an old wine that had been buried for many years, mellow yet intoxicating. Karen Daly pulled up the blanket to wrap herself up. She decided to ignore the bad boy Kevin Kyle. He could laugh at her as he wished. “Karen – Kevin Kyle leaned over, kissed her forehead, and said softly, “Well, you have been sleeping for a whole day and night. It’s not healthy if you sleep too long. Get up and let’s have a meal. Let’s go somewhere together.” Karen Daly said angrily, “I’m not hungry.” Kevin Kyle touched her head and said in a spoiled tone, “Are you sure you’re not hungry? Or do you still want..” Karen Daly covered his mouth with her hand and said with a red face, “Kevin Kyle, if you come at me again, I..” Kevin Kyle grabbed her hand and gently kissed her, “What I did yesterday was a compensation for these three years. I won’t make you so tired next time.” “Er..” Karen Daly really didn’t know what to say about this man. He was really a man whose face did not reflect his intentions. Why must he embarass her? “You must not sleep in anymore.” He gently pecked on her lips. “Take a shower and let’s have breakfast. I want to take you somewhere later.” “Where are we going?” “You’ll know when we get there.” Alright then, she would not ask anymore. She would just go wherever he brought her. As long as he was around, she would be willing to go anywhere. For their first destination, Kevin Kyle brought Karen Daly to visit her mother. Standing in front of the tombstone, Karen Daly felt like she could feel the grief when she buried her mother. However, she couldn’t remember anything specific. As for the second destination, Kevin Kyle took Karen Daly to the snowy mountain in the West Side in Chatterton Town, which was also a place where they had been to before. It was summer now. There was no snow in the scenic area nor any winter sport activity, but it still presented a beautiful scenery. The blooming begonia flowers had painted the snowy mountain into a sea of colorful flowers,

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