Snow in the winter, flowers in the summer. There were many tourists who came to the West Side for the scenery. Maybe it was because Kevin Kyle had a very good memory or maybe it was because Karen Daly brought him here before, so he remembered this place vividly. Although he had only been here once all those years ago, he could still remember each and every turn. He held Karen Daly’s hand and brought her to the small path where she had led him before, towards the ‘Sea of Love’. In the summer, the snow melted, and there was rain. The small lake that was frozen in the winter has already been melted. The lake was filled with sparkling water, like a pearl in the mountain. Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly in his arms, kissed her forehead, and said softly, “Karen, do you like this place?” “I like it.” Karen Daly nodded vigorously, gave him a bright smile, and said gently, “I really like it! Thank you for bringing me to such a beautiful place.” Hearing her words, Kevin Kyle smiled bitterly and rubbed her head. She was the one who brought him to this beautiful place, and not the other way around. She just didn’t remember. “You brought me here that winter.” Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly’s hand and walked towards the old tree. He said as he walked, “You also told me that this small lake was called the Sea of Love.” He knew that she didn’t remember it anymore, so he would patiently recount everything to her. It did not matter if she couldn’t regain her memory. It didn’t matter if she didn’t remember their past. He would tell her everything, one by one. It turned out that this place was called the “Sea of Love”! The lake was not big, and the water was sparkling clear, just like how love should be. Real love could only accommodate two people, and it would be as clear and sweet as spring water. While they were talking, Kevin Kyle had already led Karen Daly to the old tree. They sat down together, “At that time, you dug out a ring here and gave it to me.” After that, Kevin Kyle looked at Karen Daly quietly, hoping that she could respond to him and tell him that she remembered something. It was here, when the lake was still frozen, that she dug out the “treasure” she buried with her mother and gave it to him. Karen Daly was also trying hard to think about it. After some thinking, she could only picture a few images, one of which was her burying the ring with her mother. She looked at Kevin Kyle’s left hand. He had an old fashioned ring on his middle finger. That was the ring she buried with her mother in her memory. She still remembered that her mother said that if she met someone she really loved and wanted to be with him for the rest of her life, she should give him this ring. Karen Daly couldn’t remember giving the ring to Kevin Kyle. However, since the ring was on Kevin Kyle’s hand, it could be confirmed that she must have been in love with him when she gave him the ring. She used to have some suspicions, anxiety, and panic around him. After what had happened within these two days, all those feelings had disappeared. At this moment, Karen Daly only knew that Kevin Kyle was her husband and her child’s father, the man she had loved before, and the man she fell in love with again in her new life. Love was really a wonderful thing. It did not disappear with the passage of time. Instead, there would be an invisible force pulling the two of them together, Karen Daly snuggled into Kevin Kyle’s arms, wrapped her arms around his thin waist, and muttered, “Mr. Kyle, I will hold you tight in future and never leave you again.” No matter who made her lose her memory, no matter how terrible the forces behind the scenes were, she would fight them until the end. This time, she wanted to hold on tightly to Kevin Kyle and never leave him again. “Then I will also hold you tightly and will never let go of your hand,” Kevin Kyle replied. Kevin Kyle stretched out his hand and showed Karen Daly the old-fashioned ring that he had never taken off from his left middle finger. “Last time, you said that I’ll be yours wear it. And that I could not retract my decision.” if I “Did, did I really say that?” Karen Daly did not remember that. Would she really say such a thing? Or was Kevin Kyle simply trying to make her happy again? “Are you planning on taking it back?” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows. If she said yes, he probably would have jumped into the lake. “Nope.” Didn’t they already have Little Karen? That is their lifelong responsibility now. How could she go back on her words? Kevin Kyle grabbed Karen Daly’s hand and planted a kiss on the back of her hand. Like magic, a ring appeared out of nowhere. “Karen Daly, this was our wedding ring. Are you willing to put it on again for me?” Kevin Kyle asked very carefully, as he feared that Karen Daly would refuse. When he came back from his business trip, Karen Daly was gone. He was left with Little Karen, their wedding ring, and an urn of ashes The ring that belonged to Karen Daly had a small word “Kevin” engraved on it. Kevin Kyle wanted to put it on for her again, but he wasn’t sure whether she’d be willing to do so. “Of course I am willing to.” Was there really a need to ask? Kevin Kyle carefully slipped the ring onto her ring finger. She was thinner than she was three years ago, so the ring was a little loose. Kevin Kyle added, “This one is a little loose. I’ll take it back and ask someone to fix it.” Karen Daly immediately balled up her fist, and did not allow him to take the ring back. “This ring is mine. You can’t take it off as you wish.” It didn’t matter if it was a little loose. She would eat more and grow fatter in the future. She was superstitious and believed that wedding rings must never be simply removed after putting them on. Karen Daly raised her hand and looked at it. She sighed and pretended to be relaxed, “I feel like I’m marrying again, but I’m still getting married to the same man. That seems like a bad deal on my end”. Karen Daly was joking, but Mr. Kyle took it seriously. He pulled her into his arms and engulfed her in a long kiss. He only let go of her when they couldn’t breathe. He said seriously, “In this life, you can give up dreaming about anyone else other than me.” “How domineering!” He was really being an alpha, but she seemed to like him like that. He was dominant, yet gentle. As they spoke, Karen Daly suddenly remembered something and exclaimed, “Kevin, what’s the date today?” “The 2nd.” “It’s already the 2nd?” Karen Daly furrowed her eyebrows, looking upset. They had promised to accompany Little Karen during the Children’s Day celebration on 1st June, but they came to Beaford City. All the other children had their parents with them on that day, but Little Karen did not. She must be feeling so sad. “I believe that compared to Children’s Day, Little Karen would care more about her mother coming back.” Speaking of this, Kevin Kyle hoped that Karen Daly could be brave and acknowledge her relationship with Little Karen. But Karen Daly was not ready yet. Although she had a good relationship with Little Karen and Little Karen had mentioned that she should be her mother, the feeling was different. Little Karen was still young, and she might not understand the difference between a biological mother and stepmother. She wanted Little Karen to understand that she was her biological mother, not a stepmother her father had found. [PS: First update two chapters, continue to write.)

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