It is true that a mother and her child do share a special connection On Children’s Day, something did happen to Karen Joy Kyle. It was not in her kindergarten, but on the way to kindergarten Over the years, Kevin Kyle had protected Little Karen very well. Generally speaking, he would bring Little Karen wherever he went. He hadn’t been bringing Little Karen with him recently. One reason was that Little Karen was already over three years old. She had to attend kindergarten to get to know more children and let her learn ways to socialize. The other reason was that Kevin Kyle was busy trying to find Little Karen’s mother, so he neglected her slightly. There were usually a few people accompanying Little Karen. Lionel, two bodyguards, her personal driver, and her nanny. The two bodyguards were with Kevin Kyle from the United States and came over shortly after Little Karen was born. They had been with Little Karen for more than three years, They have been very loyal to Little Karen and had protected her well these years. The personal driver was also a person that Kevin Kyle worked with for many years. His driving skills were great, and he was very stable emotionally. The people around Little Karen were carefully chosen by Kevin Kyle. They were considered in all aspects. In case of an accident, they would not panic, so that they could protect Little Karen better. All the people who had been handpicked by Kevin Kyle to accompany Little Karen were able to perform to their strengths this time. That was why Little Karen did not receive a single scratch despite the dangerous situation. Speaking of this, Lionel would know better about what actually happened. Although Lionel stayed on the roof for a whole night the night before, his spirits during the next day was not much affected. He was always vigilant. Because of the background he was born into, he was always high on alert. Most of the time, he could sense the danger that others could not sense. On the night before the incident, the surroundings of the villa seemed to be as calm as usual. The security personnel in Secret Garden didn’t notice anything abnormal, but Lionel did. Secret Garden seemed peaceful that night, but it had already been targeted by someone. And their target was probably Little Karen. He didn’t know much about the Kyle family, and he didn’t know who would do this to a child. However, no matter who they were and no matter what their purpose was, he couldn’t let his guard down. He must protect Little Karen well. He thought that those who hid in the dark would restrain themselves in the daytime, but he didn’t expect them to be so aggressive that they’d try to stop them on their way. They must have observed Little Karen for a long time. Knowing the route she took to her kindergarten, they made preparations in advance. Many cars without number plates had already laid in ambush on the quiet roads. When they saw their car coming, they swarmed up. Fortunately, Lionel sensed something was wrong, so he immediately asked the driver to get rid of them and notified the two bodyguards in the other car. When Lionel was speaking, Little Karen’s ears were eavesdropping. She blinked her big watery eyes and listened to Brother Lionel seriously, but she still didn’t understand what had happened. He rubbed her head and tried to soften his hoarse voice as much as possible. “Karen, shall we play a game?” Hearing that Brother Lionel was going to play a game with her, Little Karen immediately became interested and said softly, “Brother Lionel, what game do you want to play with me?” Lionel said, “After a while, the driver will drive the car very fast. Brother Lionel will be hugging you. Are you afraid?” Little Karen shook her head. “Of course, I’m not afraid.” She was a brave child. She would not be afraid, would not cry, and would not let Brother Lionel laugh at her. “Okay, then you hug me too.” Lionel took Little Karen into his arms and protected her head with one hand. At the same time, he said, “Time to get away.”. When the driver got the order, he quickly stepped on the gas pedal, and the speedometer rose rapidly. The car was as fast as an arrow, and soon got away from the cars that were chasing them. The bodyguards’ car behind them rushed in front of them after receiving Lionel’s order. With superb driving skills, they brushed away the two cars in front of them and successfully let Little Karen’s car rush out of danger first. After getting rid of the cars that surrounded them, they did not slow down. They continued to move forward to their destination. As long as they reached the Chatterton Town military camp, they would be safe. Everything happened so fast that Little Karen thought she only took a nap in Brother Lionel’s arms, and everything had already passed. What they encountered that day might have seemed small, but if they weren’t all Kevin Kyle’s handpicked elites, in addition to having Lionel protecting Little Karen, it might have ended a lot worse. Kevin Kyle had already received the news before he returned to Chatterton Town. In order not to let Karen Daly worry, he did not say anything. Although there was no evidence, Kevin Kyle had already guessed who would be targeting Little Karen. It was time for him to talk to that person face-to-face. After a two hour flight, they finally arrived at the airport of Chatterton Town. Kevin Kyle was gone for a couple of days, and hadn’t been dealing with matters at work. The amount of things he had to do was piling up. Nick Black’s men were incompetent, and he was punished as well. When Kevin Kyle went to Beaford City, he did not bring his most important people with him. As soon as they reached the airport of Chatterton Town, Nick Black and Amelia Gray who had been waiting for a long time, started briefing him about his workload. Karen Daly felt upset seeing that Kevin Kyle was such a busy man that he couldn’t even take a breather and had to get to work as soon as he touched down, and yet he went to Beaford City just for her. Now that she thought about it, she hadn’t been rational at all creating troubles for him. She didn’t even need to help him with anything related to work. If she was more rational, she could simply not create any more trouble for him, or distract him, so that he could focus on his work. Karen Daly, sitting next to Kevin Kyle, secretly took a deep breath and clenched her fists. She told herself that she needed to do her best. They were driving a luxurious business card. Apart from the driver, there was Nick Black and Amelia Gray sitting in the car reporting everything to Kevin Kyle. Just as Karen Daly cheered herself up in silence, she suddenly felt an unfriendly gaze on her. However, when she looked up, she did not see anything. Kevin Kyle’s two assistants were reporting to him, and no one paid attention to her. Was it just an illusion?.

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