It was June, and the weather was getting hotter and hotter. The sun was burning the earth into a fireball. Kevin Kyle first sent Karen Daly back, then excused himself to work before leaving with Amelia Gray and Nick Black. “Director Kevin…” As soon as Nick Black opened his mouth to speak, Kevin Kyle waved his hand to interrupt him. “Get in touch with my grandfather. I’m going to meet him soon.” Kevin Kyle was very clear that the Old Master must have already been prepared to meet him, considering how he came to Chatterton Town. Old Master Kyle was getting old and enjoyed peace, so he lived in a farm in the suburbs of Chatterton Town. Every day, he would enjoy the flowers and walk on the green grass, which was the best form of enjoyment for his age. When Kevin Kyle arrived at the farm, Grandpa Kyle was watering the flowers in the yard. When he saw Kevin Kyle, Grandpa Kyle ignored him. Kevin Kyle stood still, and waved his hand to beckon for his assistants to leave, but he did not speak. After waiting for a long time, Grandpa Kyle looked back at him and said, “Matthew, you’re here. I know you are filial, but since you are so busy, you didn’t have to come visit me.” “You are waiting for me here. Aren’t you hoping for me to come?” Kevin Kyle was not in the mood to beat around the bush with the Old Master Kyle. “You should also know why I’m here.” “Hart just bought me some good quality tea. I haven’t even tried it yet. Since you’re here, why don’t you have a cup of tea with me? haven’t seen you for months, and I want to talk to you as well. I would like to know how the company’s doing.” Grandpa Kyle did not pay attention to Kevin Kyle’s words and deliberately changed the topic to other things. However, Kevin Kyle came to him this time with only one purpose, and he was not in the mood to chat with him at all. Kevin Kyle added, “We both know that we’re going to have to talk about this sooner or later. You don’t have to beat around the bush with me. I just want to know why you did what you did three years ago.” “Three years ago? Grandpa Kyle touched his forehead and pretended to think about it seriously. “Matthew, I have done too many things three years ago, and I can’t remember them clearly anymore. Which one are you talking about?” “About Karen Daly.” Grandpa Kyle wanted to play dumb, but Kevin Kyle wanted an answer no matter what. “You injected her with the chemical the military used, almost causing her death! She lost all her memory, and then you gave her to Samuel Daly. What were you trying to do?” “So, you already know this…” Grandpa Kyle smiled and said calmly, as if Karen Daly’s simple life was not a life to him at all. Before Kevin Kyle could ask again, the Old Master went on. “Three years ago, I thought she would die. Samuel Daly asked me about her, so I handed her over. I didn’t expect for her to survive.” “You -” Kevin Kyle was so angry that he clenched his fists and his knuckles cracked. How could he speak of it as if it was such a small matter? If the old man in front of him was not his grandfather, he would have punched him in the head. “Matthew, have you forgotten what you have learned since you were a child? How could you speak to your elders in such a tone? Grandpa Kyle sighed and shook his head, as if he was disappointed at his unfilial grandchild. “I’ve always followed your teachings since I was a child, so I know what I can do and what I can’t do.” Kevin Kyle glared at his grandfather, gritted his teeth and said, “And what about you? As my elder, what have you done?” “Everything I do is for your own good.” Grandpa Kyle glared at Kevin Kyle with a sharp gaze and said coldly, “The Kyle family has been well know for generations. We are educated and polite. There is absolutely no room for such a dirty woman. “Dirty, huh?.” Kevin Kyle sneered, “No matter her background, in my heart, she is my wife and my child’s mother. I will never allow anyone to slander her, including you.” Old Master Kyle said again, “Matthew, you know she is not Samuel Daly’s child. You also know the conditions that her mother birthed her into, and you know her real family name is Ken. Do you have any idea what kind of terrible things her father did?” “I don’t need to know.” Kevin Kyle only knew that Karen Daly was the woman he loved and the woman he had to protect for the rest of his life. Grandpa Kyle said, “Then I will tell you, that she must disappear from my sight and from the Kyle family. As long as I am here, I will never have her associate with the Kyle family.” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows and said harshly. “Then I’ll tell you that she’s the only woman I will ever be with. As long as I’m alive, I’ll never let anyone hurt her again.” “Matthew, I may have let her survive three years ago, but I won’t go easy anymore.” Grandpa Kyle smiled coldly, “I’m telling you clearly that I will let her disappear from this world completely.” Grandpa Kyle’s face was still the same one that looked kind, but when he said these words, Kevin Kyle suddenly found that he had never really known his own grandfather. He could no longer see the kind halo that he could see on his grandfather when he was a child. He could no longer picture him holding his hand. Grandpa Kyle said earnestly, “Matthew, you are the only child in this generation of our family. You will be the one to carry the legacy of the whole Kyle family in the future, so you have to work harder than others.” The reason why Kevin Kyle was sensible was not because he wanted to, but that he had long known that his life was different from other children’s. He had to shoulder the expectations and legacy of the Kyle family. But now everything has changed. His grandfather was no longer the kind grandfather he had, and his grandfather wanted to get rid of his wife. What else could be more chilling than this? Kevin Kyle shook his head and suppressed the chaotic emotions in his heart. Then he said, “Then I will tell you clearly that you will not have me as a grandson from now on.” “You -” Grandpa Kyle threw his cup at Kevin Kyle and scolded, “Do you know what nonsense you are sprouting?” Kevin Kyle said coldly, “I am very clear with everything that I do.” “You’re going to give up your ancestral roots for a woman?” “I don’t acknowledge a ruthless grandfather like you who is so unreasonable.” “You… Kevin Kyle, you’ve grown up, haven’t you? I was able to hand Rovio to you in the past, but I’m also able to let you lose all of that. I can make you lose everything.” Grandpa Kyle said that out of irritation after hearing what Kevin Kyle had said. “Well then let’s see – does Rovio belong to you or me?” Kevin Kyle knew the difference between the situation of Rovio when he had to take over from his grandfather, and the growth of Rovio now.

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