Rovio Corporation Inc had expanded quite well back in those days, but after Kevin Kyle took over, it expanded faster and became well known in the international business world. He had been holding Rovio tightly in his hands for so many years. He had spent so much effort managing it for so many years. It was impossible for Grandpa Kyle to take it back so easily Kevin Kyle was never a person who would follow the rules at work. If Old Master Kyle wanted to toy with him, there was nothing he couldn’t do. “Leo Kevin Kyle, are you deliberately trying to make me angry?” Grandpa Kyle raised his voice and his body trembled. He was so angry that he called out Kevin Kyle’s actual name, instead of addressing him with his childhood name, Matthew Kevin Kyle was unmoved and continued to ask in a cold voice, “I’m still going to ask the same questions. What is the secret between you and Neil Brown? How could you harm my wife, just to protect Mia and push her to me?” Only by finding the root of the problem, would Kevin Kyle know why Grandpa Kyle wanted to get rid of Karen Daly. Karen Daly was just a harmless young woman. If it was only because her mother gave birth to her under such unfavorable conditions, that was not enough to allow Grandpa Kyle to do such terrible things. “Secret? You want to know the secret?” Grandpa Kyle patted his chest, and continued, “I am afraid that once you know, you would much rather not.” “Even if you don’t tell me, I will find out somehow. I will also tell you this for the last time.” Kevin Kyle glared at his grandfather coldly as if he was looking at a stranger. “If you dare harass Karen Daly or Little Karen again, I will let you see my true colours.” Speaking of cruel doings, Kevin Kyle had also done many things over the years. He could easily compete with his grandfather. Since young, Kevin Kyle had always been the most sensible child in the hearts of the elders. He had never done anything to disappoint them. After taking over Rovio, he put all his energy into taking care of it. He never took a day off. His purpose was to make Rovio grow better so that his grandfather, father, mother and sister could all live a peaceful life. Meeting Karen Daly was definitely out of expectations. He made up his mind to marry Karen Daly without even thinking much. This was also the most impulsive thing he had done in his life. However, he had never expected that his grandfather, who had always seemed to respect Karen Daly, would do such a thing behind his back. Old Master Kyle had taken Karen Daly away from him and injected her with the drug that could have killed her. When he did that, had his grandfather thought about how he would feel to lose his wife and child? Had he thought of how easily Little Karen could have died, being surgically removed from her mother before her due date? If Old Master Kyle thought about his grandchild, if he still had any affection towards his kin, he would never have done such cruel things. Even if Karen Daly was not related to Grandpa Kyle biologically, what about Little Karen? Little Karen had the bloodline of the Kyle family. She was only three years old. She was just a child who didn’t know anything. And yet the old man stretched out his evil claws towards her while Kevin Kyle wasn’t paying attention. “Why must you lock on to her? You can have any kind of woman you want. And there’s also Mia. You grew up together. How is she worse than that woman from any aspect?” After that, Grandpa Kyle coughed violently again. He only knew that he was angry with Kevin Kyle, and did not think much about how these words would hurt Kevin Kyle’s feelings. Kevin Kyle smiled, “Karen Daly has many shortcomings. She may not be as energetic as Mia, but she is the most special one in my heart.” Sometimes, Kevin Kyle couldn’t stand Karen Daly’s stubbornness. Even so, he wanted to be with her. When he was with her, he felt very relaxed. There were a lot of things that he didn’t need to explain to her. She could understand, and she would stand beside him no matter what To everyone else, he was always the strong one, as if he was destined to play the role a protector. Only Karen Daly was different. She was obviously so weak, but she still wanted to protect him. Besides wanting to protect him, in the face of danger, she hurt herself so badly in order to save him. Until now, the scars on her legs have not disappeared completely Thinking of the scars, what made Kevin Kyle sadder was the scar on Karen Daly’s abdomen. When they were enjoying each other that night, he suddenly saw the scar on Karen Daly’s abdomen. At that moment, his felt as if his heart was pierced through by an arrow. An ugly scar that cut through Karen Daly’s entire abdomen. At that time, they took Little Karen from her belly and gave her the deadly chemical. They never thought of letting her survive. If it weren’t for Karen Daly’s luck, he doubt he could even see her ashes. Thinking of the wounds on Karen Daly’s body, Kevin Kyle still found it hard to breathe. He still wanted to tear the person who hurt her into pieces. However, the person who hurt her was his beloved biological grandfather… Knowing that he couldn’t get any information from Old Master Kyle, Kevin Kyle didn’t want to waste his time. He glanced at Old Master Kyle for the last time. This was the last time he looked at him as a grandfather. In the future, Old Master Kyle would mean nothing to him anymore. If he hurt the people he cared about again, he would not show any mercy too. “Mathew, you’re going to abandon your grandfather and your legacy just for a woman?” Grandpa Kyle’s old but loud voice came from behind. Kevin Kyle did not look back and continued to stride away. If a person wanted to gain the respect of the younger generation, he had to act like an elder first. If Old Master Kyle could do those things, then he was no longer a grandfather in Kevin Kyle’s heart. Watching Kevin Kyle walk away without looking back, Grandpa Kyle was so angry that he beat his chest and stamped his feet. He did all this for Kevin’s own good to protect the child he raised since he was young. What did he do wrong? “Old Master, don’t be angry. Don’t be angry.” Assistant Hart, who had been waiting in the distance, ran over to Old Master Kyle and comforted him. “Young Master is just blinded by love temporarily. When he is able to think it through he won’t blame you.” Old Master Kyle said angrily, “Temporarily? Three years have passed, and he still hasn’t thought it through yet. You call that temporary?” Looking at Old Master’s face, Assistant Hart felt a little agitated. He said out, “Old Master, little miss… Hearing what Assistant Hart had said and thinking of what Kevin Kyle mentioned earlier about Little Karen, the old man suddenly realized something. He looked at Assistant Hart and said, “You went ahead to target the child?” Assistant Hart immediately explained, “Old Master, I didn’t mean to hurt the little miss, I just..” Old Master Kyle was so infuriated that his whole body was shaking. “Get lost!”.

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