After coming out from his grandfather’s place, Kevin Kyle immediately gave orders to Nick Black, “Go and investigate. No matter how much manpower and financial resources it will cost, you must find out for me.” Nick Black nodded repeatedly and said, “Director Kevin, I’ve already sent someone out. As you said, we will start investigating from your wife’s biological father, Mr. Ken and Samuel Daly.” Kevin Kyle nodded, “Investigate more. Old Mr. Ken, Samuel Daly, the Brown family, and the Old Master… just everything and everyone. We can’t let go of any clue.” Old Master Kyle had been cruel to Karen Daly. Since Old Master Kyle mentioned Karen Daly’s father earlier, investigating him seemed like the correct thing to do. But to be safe, the clues from the Ken family and Samuel Daly were not enough. He had to cast his net wider, because he couldn’t let any fish get out of the net. Nick Black answered, “Understood.” Nick Black and Amelia Gray were Kevin Kyle’s most trusted subordinates. They often followed him, and their duties were different Nick Black was responsible for such investigative projects, while Amelia Gray was mainly responsible for his corporate work. Although they had different duties, they were both very, very important to Kevin Kyle. The clear blue sky suddenly became cloudy and thunder was rolling. A rain was coming soon. Kevin Kyle’s mood was as dark as the clouds in the sky, and they were suffocating him. At the same time, it was indicating that a storm was coming to his life. No matter how violent the storm was going to be, what he had to do was to protect his wife and child. No matter how long Old Master Kyle’s claws stretched out, he was not going to let him succeed. When Karen Daly returned to Secret Garden, she learned that Little Karen did not go to kindergarten and was taking a nap at home. She went upstairs and saw Lionel standing at the door of Little Karen’s room. His slender figure stood straight. Just looking at his back, she always felt that he didn’t look like a child born to an ordinary family. Karen Daly walked over and smiled gently at Lionel. “Was Little Karen pestering you to accompany her again and didn’t let you go back to sleep?” Hearing Karen Daly’s voice, Lionel turned around and nodded to her as a way of greeting. Then, he turned around and left It was not that Little Karen had pestered him to accompany her, but he was worried of leaving Little Karen alone in the room. What happened yesterday was still vivid in his mind. He couldn’t put down his guard before the problem has been resolved Karen Daly went back into the room and sat down next to Little Karen. When she saw the cute figure again, she had a complex emotion surge through her. She touched her belly unconsciously. In the past, she always felt that the scar on her abdomen was so ugly that she could not wear any revealing clothes. When she was working on some lingerie designs in Milan, sometimes the models did not arrive on time. Someone suggested for her to replace them. She really wanted to do it, but when she thought of the scar on her abdomen, she immediately gave up the idea. Now that she knew that the scar was created when Little Karen was taken out, Karen Daly did not feel embarrassed at all. Instead, she felt very proud. This proved that she was Little Karen’s mother. Little Karen was born as a result of her pregnancy Little Karen, who was sleeping soundly on the bed, did not notice that her mother was sitting next to her and looking at her Karen Daly could not resist pinching her little face. How was she going to tell Little Karen that she was her mother? Thinking of the days before, when Little Karen cried for her mother and did not let herself get close to her, Karen Daly felt sad. If she told Little Karen now, would she believe that she was her mother? Thinking of how she had missed the child’s childhood for so many years, and that Little Karen remained by her side without knowing the truth, it was really a bad feeling. However, she was still very glad that Kevin Kyle did not give up on her. She was glad that Kevin Kyle had brought her back and allowed her to take part in the future of the family. Just as she was thinking about it, Little Karen blinked her eyelashes and opened her eyes. Judging from the adorable yet confused look on her face, she probably hasn’t woken up properly. She blinked her eyes again to make sure that the person in front of her was Big Karen. She smiled sweetly and said softly, “Big Karen.” “Hey, you’re awake.” Karen Daly lowered her head to kiss her and said, “Would you want to wash your face? I’ll bring you.” “Okay.” Little Karen opened her arms for Big Karen to hug her She saw Big Karen the moment she opened her eyes. It seemed like Brother Lionel was really smart. Brother Lionel said that he would make Big Karen appear in front of her. And when she woke up, she saw Big Karen. Little Karen really admired her Brother Lionel at this moment. Little Karen was very narcissistic, learning it from her Little Aunt. She always thought that she was the cutest child in the world. When Karen Daly helped her wash her face, she opened her eyes wide and looked at herself in the mirror. She deliberately squeezed her face and made a face. She felt like she has become much prettier after sleeping. Karen Dally seemed to understand what she was thinking. She laughed out loud and said, “Aren’t you the most beautiful and loveliest child ever.” “Well you are just as beautiful as me.” Little Karen looked at Big Karen from the mirror. The more she looked at her, the more she thought Big Karen was as beautiful as her. “Well, both my Big and Little Karens are beautiful.” As they were talking happily, a low, and gentle voice came into their ears. When she suddenly heard Kevin Kyle say “my Big Karen”, Karen Daly’s face turned red, “Who are you calling your Big Karen huh?” Kevin Kyle walked over and held her hand, which had a wedding ring on. “I’ve already captured you. Who are you if not my Big Karen?” “We’re both daddy’s Karens.” Little Karen nodded, showing her satisfaction. “Well, my daughter remains the most thoughtful.” Kevin Kyle hugged Little Karen away from Karen Daly and and gave her a kiss, “Did you miss me?” “Yes! I missed you so much my teeth hurt.” Little Karen said softly while touching her small front teeth. “Look, daddy.” “Okay, let me take a look.” Kevin Kyle looked at her carefully and pretended to be surprised, “Little Karen, your teeth aren’ t hurting because you missed me, it was because there are little bugs that bit it. Look, there are still two bugs there.” “Daddy, I don’t want the bugs to bite me.” Hearing that her teeth were bitten by bugs, Little Karen was so shocked that she wanted to cry, but she didn’t want to be ashamed in front of Big Karen. Her little face was red, and the crystal tears were rolling in her eyes. Kevin Kyle often teased Little Karen like this, and she would be fooled every time. He always had to spend time and energy to coax her afterwards. However, with Karen Daly here today, how could she tolerate him bullying her daughter? She grabbed Little Karen over and glared at Kevin Kyle. “Don’t bully my daughter.”.

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