The thunder could be heard from time to time. The heavy rain came as expected, and the sound of the rain seemed to be the only thing everyone’s hearing. However, in Secret Garden, the people’s moods were not affected by the weather at all. The three of them were so warm together. Karen Daly unexpectedly said “Don’t bully my daughter” so naturally. Kevin Kyle was silently happy. Was Karen Daly trying to acknowledge Little Karen as her daughter like this? Little Karen blinked her big bright eyes. She did not fully understand what Big Karen had just said, but she also seemed to understand a little of what Big Karen had just said. Karen Daly was even more nervous. She blurted out these words without thinking. It happened so suddenly that Little Karen was not prepared at all. Would Little Karen be willing to acknowledge her as her mother? Kevin Kyle’s attention was on Karen Daly, and her attention was on Little Karen. Little Karen looked at her father and Big Karen, and suddenly hugged Karen Daly’s face. She kissed her twice, leaving traces of her saliva. She said softly, “So I have a mother now.” In the kindergarten, the other children were with their mothers. She was the only one who didn’t have a mother. But now, she also has a mother. She was so happy and joyful. “Karen, I’m your mother.” Karen Daly looked at Little Karen and said very carefully. “Mommy.” Little Karen danced around, kissed Karen Daly’s face again and giggled. Suddenly, she felt happier. She has her father who loved her, her sister who grew up with her, and Brother Lionel. Now she even has her mother. “Yes, yes.” Karen Daly kissed Little Karen, and tears rolled from her eyes. “Little Karen, mommy loves you.” “I love mommy too.” Little Karen wiped away the tears on Karen Daly’s face with her little hand and said, “Don’t cry, mommy. Daddy will feel sad. I will also feel sad.” “Okay dear, I won’t cry.” Karen Daly hugged Little Karen tightly. Her tears weren’t sad ones, they were tears of joy. She was happy that she finally found her daughter. She was happy that she finally returned to the father and daughter as Kevin Kyle’s wife, and as Little Karen’s mother. Kevin Kyle hugged the mother and daughter together. He gave Karen Daly a kiss, then gave Little Karen a kiss. His frozen heart for the past three years had finally been thawed. His wife and daughter were both in his arms. What more could a husband ask for? At this moment, Karen Daly finally understood what was real happiness and what was the real feeling of having a home. In the past, Samuel Daly had been very nice to her, but she always felt that his concern was too deliberate and superficial. He kept reminding her that he was nice to her, and that they only had each other left. She had felt touched before, but when she was alone at night, she always felt lonely, as if she had been abandoned by the world. However, when she was with Kevin Kyle and Little Karen, Kevin Kyle never once mentioned that he would treat her well. He always took practical actions to care for her, accompany her, and let her know that she was not alone. She still had him and her daughter. “Daddy, you’re hurting me.” Little Karen’s soft voice broke the loving atmosphere. Kevin Kyle knew that he really held them too hard that Little Karen couldn’t even move. “Oh, I’m sorry.” “Of course I’ll forgive you, daddy.” “Yes, we forgive daddy.” The mother and daughter unconsciously took on the same side. Kelvin Kyle shook his head helplessly. He could imagine being bullied by them in his future. Little Karen continued, “Mommy, let’s go to see my younger sister. We have to tell her that she and I have a mother now.” “Okay, let’s go see your sister.” Karen Daly held Little Karen in her arms and went to see her little sister. They completely ignored the man beside them. Kevin Kyle shook his head helplessly again. It appeared that he was nothing compared to the dog. Momo came into the family not long after they got married, and Karen Daly put all her attention onto Momo, neglecting her husband. Now he experienced the same feeling, but he was happy on the inside. Having Karen Daly being around and neglect him occasionally was better than the lonely nights when she wasn’t even around. Little Karen held Momo in her arms, touched her head, and introduced to their mommy, “Little sister, we have a mother now.” “Woof, woof, woof..” Momo barked and wiggled its tail around. It was using its own way to express its love for “Mother”. “You’re such a good dog!” Seeing Momo, Karen Daly felt like she was seeing another white Pomeranian. Watching the dog circling around her and lie in her arms, those images were definitely not a hallucination. Did she have the same white Pomeranian before? With confusion, Karen Daly instinctively looked at Kevin Kyle who was beside her. Before she could speak, Kevin Kyle had already understood what she was thinking. He held her in his arms and said softly, “I will tell you about Momo later.” Karen Daly nodded. “Okay.” She didn’t have to suspect anything. She just had to believe him. She believed that he wouldn’t hide anything from her, and even if he did hide something from her, it would be for her own good. “Mommy, can you hug me and little sister.” Little Karen hugged Momo and threw herself into Karen Daly’s arms, rolling around in her mother’s arms. The feeling of having a mother was different from having only a father. “Okay, I will hug you and Momo every day.” Karen Daly stroked Little Karen gently and smiled wide. “Well, in the future, I will bring you to class to learn Taekwondo. Let’s see who can learn faster.” Kevin Kyle carried Little Karen over, so she would stop torturing Karen Daly. “Okay, ‘ll teach you, mommy, and you’ll be as great as me.” Little Karen replied softly. “You guys, four of you are torturing me again.” It was Mia Kyle’s voice. They looked back and saw that her hair was still ruffled up, and her face looked like she had just woke up. “Little Aunt, my sister and I have a mother now, she flew back.” Little Karen introduced proudly that Big Karen was not just a new acquaintance, but she was her mother. “Congratulations to you then.” Mia Kyle came over and pinched Little Karen’s flushed face. Then she greeted Karen Daly, “Sister-in-law, welcome home.” Besides having her back physically, now she’s back and took her position as the rightful wife of Kevin Kyle. Back to her brother and Little Karen. Mia Kyle was really happy for their family. At the same time, she also hoped that they could have a good life in the future and would not be bothered by those horrible things anymore.

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