“Mia, thank you!” Although she couldn’t remember Mia Kyle, Karen Daly could feel that Mia Kyle really cared about her and Little Karen. “Since you’re back, I will return Little Karen to you guys. With her in your hands, I can go out and have fun with a peace of mind!” Mia said playfully. She always talked like this. Kevin Kyle frowned, “Take Jacky Ball with you.” “Brother, thanks for your concern. But you’d better put your mind on my sister-in-law and Little Karen. I am already a grown-up.” Mia Kyle said in a joking tone, but she felt a bit strange. When she heard from Little Karen that her mother was back, she was obviously happy, but she also felt sad. Little Karen had been waiting for three years and had grown up. It was not until today that she finally understood what it felt like to have a mother. Who had caused all this? Recently, Mia Kyle had been quite lazy. It wasn’t exactly laziness, but perhaps she just wanted to try new things. The agent gave her several scripts of roles that were similar to the roles she had acted before, so she rejected them. She would rather play a role of an antagonist, and she wouldn’t mind playing a supporting role, but she didn’t want to take those sweet, lovable roles anymore. Life is short. We shouldn’t be doing the same things over and over again. We must challenge ourselves for our lives to be interesting! Mia thought. Of course, Neil Brown was an exception. She was determined to lock on to him. She was happy to have such a man guarding her for life. “Polaris, where would you like to go?” Jacky Bail asked. Mia Kyle sat in the back seat of the car and said nothing. It seemed like she had something on her mind. “Anywhere is fine.” For the first time, Mia Kyle didn’t know where to go The heavy rain had stopped, and the sun was shining high in the sky. However, she felt a little uneasy. She just felt empty and didn’t know where to go. After waiting for three years, her brother had finally found Karen Daly. What about her? After so many years of pursuit, Neil Brown was already right by her side, and yet she couldn’t reach him. He rejected her over and over again, and she had to see him leave her side each time. As confident as she was, she was starting to suspect that Neil Brown had someone else on his heart, and it was not her. However, the disappointment was only for a short moment. Mia Kyle quickly rekindled her spirits. “Jacky Ball, have you prepared the drugs I asked you to prepare?” Jacky Ball asked, “Polaris, what do you want that drug for?” Mia Kyle glared at him and said fiercely, “You just have to do as I say. Why do you ask so much?” Jacky Ball hesitated for a moment, but still handed her a box. “This kind of drug is really bad. Don’t try to drug people. “You are so nosy.” Mia Kyle took the medicine and gently slapped Jack Ball’s head. “I find that you are nagging more and more. If it goes on like this, how are you going to find a wife?” Jacky Ball: “..” After a while, her phone rang. It was an unknown number. She usually ignored phone calls from unknown numbers, but because she was too bored today, she picked up the call. After the call connected, a pleasant male voice came from the phone, “Polaris, I want to treat you to a cup of coffee. Would you like to have a drink with me?” “Bastard, how dare you call me? I’ll kill you.” Mia Kyle was a vengeful person. When she heard this voice, she immediately recognized who it was. The mayor’s son, Master Perth, had the appearance of a gentleman. She didn’t expect him to be capable of doing things as despicable as what he did that night. Mia Kyle was already thinking about planning her revenge, and this bastard was knocking on the wolf’s den willingly, Was there any reason for the wolf to reject the offer? Of course not! He had drugged her, hadn’t he? She happened to have some drugs in her hand, and she wanted him to taste what it felt like to be drugged. Mia Kyle smiled brightly “To be able to receive an offer from the great Master Perth for a cup of coffee, I am really flattered. How can I not agree?” “Miss Polaris, you agreeing to have coffee with me is even more flattering.” On the phone, the man sounded joyful. “Master Perth you flatter me.” Mia Kyle said politely, but couldn’t help rolling her eyes. She thought to herself, “I will let you know what it means to be ‘flattered’.” After the call, Mia Kyle received a message from Master Perth and asked Jacky Ball to drive to the destination. The location where Master Perth invited Mia Kyle to go was located downtown, and the cafe was just a local coffeehouse. Jacky Ball didn’t know that Mia Kyle had been drugged last time. When Mia Kyle asked him not to follow her in, he didn’t mind. He sat in the car and waited for her. As soon as she stepped into the coffee shop, Mia Kyle saw Master Perth waving at her. “Polaris, I’m over here.” She instinctively pulled down her cap and covered herself up, hoping that no one would recognize her. Otherwise, she would definitely be surrounded by crazy fans. “Sorry for making you wait so long, Master Perth.” Mia Kyle apologised but didn’t sound remorseful. She sat opposite Master Perth, “Get me a cup of latte without sugar. “Not sure if it’s fate, but I just ordered a cup of latte for you.” Master Perth stared at Mia Kyle and said with a cheeky smile. He was completely different from the man that night. “Do you really believe in fate?” “Why not?” “It’s an honor!” “Polaris, you always surprise me, you really are different from other women.” Master Perth held his chin with his hand and stared at Mia Kyle with affection. This man was good-looking, and he kept flirting. Many girls would not be able to resist him. Mia Kyle however, was immune to him. She played around with her curly hair and said, “I also think that I am different from other women. You must be careful and don’t fall in love with me. I already have someone I like.” “I won’t fall in love with you. I just want to get into your pants.” The man leaned closer to Mia Kyle and spoke with ill intentions. He was being very straightforward, but Mia Kyle was no easy opponent. She had become shameless just to pursue Neil Brown She still smiled faintly and leaned closer to Master Perth, “Well that depends on how capable you are.” But still, Mia Kyle felt disgusted. Why was it so cool to say this to Neil Brown, but so disgusting to say it to this man? Hmph, since he was brave enough to drug her, she must also let him experience getting drugged. He would learn that she was one of those whom he shouldn’t offend in Chatterton Town. If the first two people on the list were Kevin Kyle and Neil Brown, then Mia Kyle would claim third place!.

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