“You don’t want me to get in your pants? Then who do you want? Your youngest uncle Neil Brown?” Master Perth stared straight into Mia Kyle’s eyes and responded slyly. “You..” Mia Kyle didn’t expect that Master Perth would find out her true identity. She was a little surprised, but quickly regained composure. She was about to speak when the waiter brought their coffee over. Mia Kyle swallowed her words. After the waiter served the coffee, he walked away. Two cups of steaming hot coffee in front of them, just like the tense atmosphere between them now. However, after being interrupted by the waiter, Mia Kyle had calmed down. She smiled at Master Perth and said, “Hey. you already found out who I am. That’s no fun.” So what if her identity was exposed? Anyway, it was not anything shameful. It was just be a hassle to have a few more bodyguards around her after her identity gets exposed, and her excellent results in the filming industry would probably be associated with Rovio. However, that cold brother of hers was not an easy character to handle. It wouldn’t be easy to expose her identity “Your actual name is Mia Kyle. You were adopted by the Kyle family when you were three years old. After that, you settled down in the United States and only returned to the country with your family during special celebrations. The Kyle family treated you like their own child, or even better than their own child.” Young Master Perth spoke softly, but surely. “Uh-huh!” Mia Kyle shrugged indifferently and said with a smile, “So what? There are so many children like me. What are you worrying about?” She often transitioned between Secret Garden and the military region of Chatterton Town. It was not difficult for anyone to investigate her identity. The hard part was the threats to expose her identity. Two years ago, she met a paparazzi who followed her and secretly took pictures of her. However, before the photos were released, she was sent away. After that, the woman never appeared in Chatterton Town again. Mia Kyle had even tried to initiate some gossip previously but it was all shut down by Kevin Kyle’s team very quickly. She really had to salute her cold brother and his team for their efficiency. The government will always have mutual benefits with businessmen. If Master Perth’s father wanted to secure his position as the mayor, he had to ensure the growth of the city’s economy, maintain public security and so on. Conveniently, from these two important goals, one of them was in the hands of the Kyle family, and the other in the Brown family. These families were the families he had to suck up to. Therefore, Mia Kyle was confident that Master Perth would never expose her identity publicly. Perhaps it was because she was saved by Neil Brown the last time Master Perth tried to drug her, that’s why Master Perth sent someone to investigate her identity. Master Perth added, “Mia Kyle, have you never doubted your identity? Have you never wondered why the Kyle family would treat you so well?” “The members of the Kyle family are all my kin. If they don’t treat me well, who else should they treat well, you?” It was not easy to provoke her trust of the family. This bastard. He already drugged her last time but failed, and now he’s trying to make her doubt her own family. Did Mia Kyle really seem so stupid? She just took up a lot of innocent looking roles. She wasn’t actually innocent nor she was foolish. She knew she had to stop taking up those roles. She picked up the cup and took a sip, silently cursing this bastard in her heart. At the same time, she was thinking about ways to drug him. “Mia..” “Achoo!” Before Master Perth could talk, Mia Kyle sneezed and splashed coffee all over him. She quickly picked up the tissue and apologised, “I’m so sorry, Master Perth. I couldn’t control myself… I’ll wipe it for you.” “It’s fine.” Master Perth waved his hand and said calmly. “I’m going to the washroom. You wait here for me to come back.” “Okay.” Mia Kyle nodded and said, “Do hurry up. I don’t have much patience.” After Master Perth left, Mia Kyle immediately looked around. There was not much crowd. There were no guests in the store except for them and she didn’t see any cameras. After analysing the surroundings, Mia Kyle quickly put the drug she prepared into the Master Perth’s cup. After doing that, Mia Kyle held her coffee cup and drank it bit by bit. In her mind, she was planning more ways to make this man suffer. After a short while, Master Perth returned to his seat after cleaning himself up. Master Perth didn’t seem like he was going to drink his coffee anytime soon. Mia Kyle glanced at him and said with a smile, “Master Perth, to tell you the truth, I splashed coffee on you on purpose.” She did it on purpose. She wanted to make him angry. She wanted to drug him. She wanted to kill him. “I know.” “You knew?” What a fake. Mia Kyle rolled her eyes. How would he be able to tell? She was crowned the acting queen after all. Master Perth picked up his cup of coffee and frowned inconspicuously, but soon he resumed to normal. He chatted with Mia Kyle while drinking the coffee, “Mia, have you never thought about who your biological parents are? Don’t you want to know what they used to do? Don’t you want to know your true identity?” “It’s none of your business.” This man was being nosy, which was really annoying So what about her biological parents? They abandoned her when she was three. Surely they’re not expecting her to visit them now? She was not dumb, she would never go looking for trouble. “Mia-” “Don’t call me Mia. Who are you again?” This person was looking for a slap, wasn’t he? Was he only going to know his place after getting some slaps? The only reason why she tolerated with his nonsense was because she saw him drinking the coffee and she knew that the drug was going to affect him soon. But the strange thing was, last time when she drank the drugged alcohol, she fainted very quickly. Why hasn’t he fainted after so long? He still looked energetic. Just as Mia Kyle was wondering, Master Perth shook his head and fell on the table. Mia Kyle patted his face and said, “Hey, Master Perth, are you okay? Surely you didn’t get drunk just by drinking coffee?” No response! Good. Seems like the drug was working. Mia Kyle smiled in her heart and thought, “Bastard, I’m going to teach you a lesson today.”

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