Master Perth was a huge man, so naturally he was heavy. Mia Kyle definitely couldn’t carry him alone, so she asked Jacky Ball to help her. Jacky Ball At the thought of him, Mia Kyle felt like chopping him up to pieces. He had been following her for so many years, but he still didn’t know when to shut up. She asked him to carry the man, so he should have follow his instructions. Why did he have to talk so much? He even lectured her, saying that it was wrong to knock people out in this way. If the other party’s family called the police, then they… Hearing this, Mia Kyle couldn’t bear it any more. She decided to get a new bodyguard, and set Jacky Ball free. The police? At her age, had she not done enough bad things? Every time she got into trouble, the police send her home, and apologise over and over as if they were in the wrong. It took a lot of effort for Mia Kyle to bring Master Perth to some deserted place and beat him up. She punched and kicked him all over his body. Beating him to a pulp didn’t seem to be enough for Mia Kyle. She asked Jacky Ball to get her a pen, and she wrote two sentences all over Master Perth’s swollen face. “Bastard. I’ll let you know who’s boss here.” After doing all this, Mia Kyle happily flipped her hair and shouted, “Jacky Ball, drive me back. We’ll leave this pig here to sleep for the whole night.” Jacky Ball hesitated, “Polaris, is that really appropriate? What if… Mia Kyle raised her foot and was about to kick Jacky Ball “Shut up! If you say one more word today, I’ll fire you immediately. Jacky Ball covered his mouth and did not dare to say a word. He could only drive Mia Kyle obediently. The proud Mia Kyle did not know that as soon as her car left, the unconscious man immediately opened his eyes. He quickly sat up and clapped his hands. Someone immediately appeared beside him. “Mr. Perth, are you okay?” “She can’t hurt me with those lousy skills.” Master Perth patted away the dust on his body and said, “No one can leak this news out without my orders.” After searching for more than ten years, going through several countries and mistaking countless people, he finally found the real person. It was unbelievable. He didn’t intend to investigate Mia Kyle. He saw her on a video of an award ceremony and found her face familiar. He immediately thought that she could be the one he was looking for. That old man of the Kyle family used a lot of effort to hide her true identity. He had to spend two years to find it out. After searching for more than ten years, he finally found her. This was really exciting, so it didn’t matter if she was bullied by her once. However, if he had found her, it meant that others could find her too. He had to quickly investigate some other matters and prove her parents’ innocence. Only then could he announce Mia Kyle’s true identity. And before doing these things, he should meet Herbert Ken’s biological daughter-Karen Daly! After getting her revenge, Mia Kyle was in a good mood. On the way back, she called Neil Brown to show off. “Neil Brown, guess what I did just now?” The person on the other end of the phone kept silent. “Neil Brown, Master Perth who drugged me the other day asked me to have coffee with him. I did.” Still, no response. Mia Kyle twitched her mouth and said, “He asked me to have coffee. I drugged his coffee and made him faint.” The person on the other end of the phone inhaled sharply. Neil Brown finally reacted. Mia Kyle said more proudly, “Not only did I drug him and make him faint, I also dragged him to the suburbs to beat him up. He was beaten up so badly that his mother probably wouldn’t recognise him.” There was no response. Mia Kyle doubted whether he was listening. Mia Kyle raised her voice and shouted, ” eil Brown, I’m talking to you. Why aren’t you responding? After a long time, Neil Brown replied, “Mia Kyle, don’t you often say that you have grown up? Then please remember, no matter what trouble you cause in the future, clean up after yourself. Don’t bother me and your brother, especially not me.” Neil Brown hung up as soon as he was finished. Mia Kyle was so angry that she threw her phone against the car window. Jacky Ball glanced at Mia Kyle from the rearview mirror. He wanted to say something, but he didn’t say anything when he saw her fierce look. If he responded, he would be looking for his own death. He’d better stay silent. Mia Kyle was even angrier and bellowed, “Jacky Ball, you’re going to ignore me as well?” His master was really difficult to serve. Earlier, she warned him not to talk to her. Now that he was quiet, she was scolding him for it Jacky Ball said aggrievedly, “Polaris, you’re the one who didn’ t allow me to say a word.” “You’re quiet just because I asked you to be? Since when have you been so obedient?” Mia Kyle also realised that she had gone too far, but she couldn’t put down her ego to apologise to him. Her voice slowly faded, and she decided to look at every direction except at Jacky Ball. After calming down, Mia Kyle couldn’t stop thinking about what Master Perth had said to her today. Who were her biological parents? Why did they abandon her? Over the years, she said that she didn’t want to think about them, but occasionally she would still do so. Perhaps they didn’t really want to abandon her. Perhaps they had their share of pain. But what reason would cause anyone to abandon their child? In Mia Kyle’ s opinion, only death could make a parent abandon their child. Could it be that her parents had left this world and could not take care of her anymore? She was adopted by the Kyle Family when she was very young, so she had no memory of the past. She didn’t know what her parents looked like, what they did, nor why did they abandon her. The Kyle family raised her and loved her. She had become an indispensable part of the Kyle family, so she should naturally love everyone in the Kyle family, and stop thinking about her biological parents. However, when she heard what Master Perth said today, she was slightly affected. She was human after all, and she wanted to know who her biological parents are. However, on second thought, neither her grandpa, nor her parents ever mentioned about her biological parents before. It probably wasn’t a good topic. She’d better not fall into the trap of that Perth guy. She should not think about her biological parents. It was more important to think of a way to pursue Neil Brown.

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