“Young Madam, the Old Master wants to see you. He doesn’ t bite. What are you afraid of?” Assistant Hart grabbed Karen Daly’s wrist hard, trying to pull her back to Old Master Kyle. Assistant Hart’s voice pulled Karen Daly back from her long lost thoughts. She bit her lips and raised her hand to slap Assistant Hart. Her slap was quick and fierce, which was completely beyond Hart’s expectation. It was not until he felt the stinging on his face did he realise that he had been slapped by this woman. “You -” He raised his hand and wanted to slap Karen Daly. but at the thought of his own position and occupation, he reluctantly withdrew his hand. Karen Daly gritted her teeth and tried her best to stabilize her trembling body. Soon, she calmed down a lot. She glanced at Assistant Hart and turned to look at Old Master Kyle. She happened to meet Old Master Kyle’s gaze. Old Master Kyle’s gaze was sinister and cold, as if he would only be satisfied if she was forced into a corner with no way of saving herself. The old man, whose face was usually full of kindness and love, had disappeared completely. She was the only one here, so he didn’t need to put on an act. Having fallen into their traps before, Karen Daly knew how dangerous these two pretentious people could be. They were the ones who made her lose her memories of the past. They were the ones who asked her to leave her husband, and the ones who caused her child to be born motherless. Thinking about what these two had done before, Karen Daly craved to skin them alive and have them dead. However, she knew very well that she would never be able to win against them in a fight. The servants at home had probably been ordered to go away, and there were only the three of them in the living room. If they wanted to do anything to her, there was no way she could resist Karen Daly tried to suppress her fear, wiping away the sweat on her face. Since she could not fight them off physically, she had to think of a way using her wits. Assistant Hart added, “Old Master is here today to offer you a deal.” “Offer me a deal?” Karen Daly smiled coldly, “I’m a person who doesn’t even have a memory of the past. What could you possibly want from me?” Assistant Hart said, “Your mother left you something many years ago. It was given to her by your biological father. As long as you hand it over to us, no one will disturb you in the future.” “Just tell me what you want. Don’t play dumb tricks here.” Karen Daly’s memory was still incomplete. She wouldn’t be able to recall what her mother had left her. In other words, even if she remembered it, it was a gift from her father to her mother. How could she give her mother’s relics to others, especially these two people? “It is something your mother gave to you, and especially instructed you about.” Assistant Hart said as he paid attention to Karen Daly’s expression, trying to find some clues from her eyes. However, he was disappointed. In Karen Daly’s eyes, he could only see disgust and hate. Assistant Hart still wanted to say something, but was interrupted by the Old Master. The Old Master slowly stood up. He let out a cough and said in his sonorous and creepy voice, “Karen Daly, don’t worry, think about it slowly, and come to tell us when you remember.” He spoke in such a tone that the elders would talk to the younger generation in. For other people, it may have seemed natural But Karen Daly knew it wasn’t so simple. This old man was threatening her. As long as she handed over what they wanted, everyone would be better off. If she didn’t hand it over, they would have plenty of time to torture her. What was so special about that thing her mother left her, that Old Master Kyle would come look for it in person? Old Master Kyle got up and left, but when he looked up, he saw Kevin Kyle standing at the door. He was still wearing his usual office outfit, and stood upright sharply. Even though he just stood there without doing anything, his presence was enough to suffocate people. Kevin Kyle called the security guard and ordered in a cold voice, “The Old Master is leaving, please see him off. He is old and not in good health, so he should stay in his farm to rest. If anyone does not take care of him properly, they’ll have to answer to me.” What He was old and not in good health. That was factual. Kevin Kyle really meant was that he wanted someone to keep an eye on the Old Master and not let him out without his permission. If Old Master Kyle hadn’t come to create trouble for Karen Daly today, Kevin Kyle wouldn’t have done that. Since he did that, it would be officially declaring the end of their grandfather-grandson relationship. They wouldn’t be related in the future anymore. “Matthew, you want to control my movement?” The Old Master snorted and said with a smile, “Don’t forget that I was the one who brought you up. I know all your tricks. You should probably wait for another twenty years before even considering controlling my movement.” “Someone please see the Old Master out, and make sure you take good care of him.” Kevin Kyle did not even look directly at his grandfather. He had been dabbling in the business world since he was ten years old. Now it had been more than ten or twenty years, and he had become the world’s most famous and youngest business legend. Did his lovely grandfather think that he only had such a high reputation just because he took over Rovio? “Well, well, well, you’ve grown up. You can. Ahem..” Although it wasn’t the first time Kevin Kyle argued with him over a woman Old Master Kyle was still infuriated. Assistant Hart quickly held Old Master Kyle up and said worriedly, “Old Master, don’t get angry. If you damage your body by getting angry, you would have to witness Rovio falling into someone else’s hands after all your hard work.” Assistant Hart obviously directed that sentence at Kevin Kyle, but Kevin Kyle acted as if he hadn’t heard anything, and glared at them emotionlessly. It was not until Old Master Kyle and his assistant were sent away that Kevin Kyle looked towards Karen Daly, and his eyes became as soft as water. He strode to Karen Daly’s side, held her in his arms, and said softly, “Karen, don’t be afraid, I’m here for you.” Karen Daly snuggled against him, then she stretched out her arms and tightly wrapped them around his lean waist. “I’m not afraid. I’m very happy.” Kevin Kyle lifted her chin up and asked softly, “Are you sure you’re happy?” Karen Daly pouted, “I’m not stupid. Of course I know I’m happy.” She was happy that Old Master Kyle visited with Assistant Hart. Seeing their faces, she finally pieced together the many random snippets of memories she had.

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