“Hmm?” Kevin Kyle rubbed his chin against her head and asked in a low and gentle voice, “Then tell me, what made you so happy? Karen Daly blinked her eyes and said sweetly. “You came just in time to help me when I was being bullied, so I am very happy.” It was no longer like it was three years ago when she was was tortured, and he did not come for her even until her last moments. Three years ago, she was lying alone on the cold operating table and watched their child being taken out of her belly. but she couldn’t do anything. She only felt despair at that moment. She fell into the endless darkness and felt like she would never have a future, never see her husband nor her child again. As she recalled her past, Karen Daly would still be frightened and scared… When she was trapped by Old Master Kyle and Assistant Hart earlier the fear was amplified. She was afraid she would fall into their evit claws again. Just when she was worried and at a loss of what to do, Kevin Kyle returned to her side just in time. When she saw his tall figure at the door, she felt like she could see the halo behind him. It was blinding. Just by seeing him, her fear disappeared in a flash. This man was her husband. When everyone abandoned her, he stood beside her and told her in a magnetic voice – Karen Daly, I am here! When anyone tried to attack her with her past, he was still standing with her telling her, “I don’t care about your past. I only care about your future. Don’t forget your husband is a CEO.” When her mother passed away and she had no one to rely on, he would say, “Karen Daly, you still have me.” Indeed, no matter where, no matter when, she always felt that there was a force in the depths of her heart supporting her In the past, she did not understand why, but now she understood that he was the one who had given her that force. The days of their past slowly surfaced in Karen Daly’s mind, reforming her memory. She was his wife and he was his husband. They had a child together. “Karen Daly, I was late.” Kevin Kyle said apologetically As soon as he received the news that Old Master Kyle had come to Secret Garden, he immediately rushed back. However, he still let Karen Daly face him by herself for so long “Mr. Kyle, you weren’t late at all.” Karen Daly smiled sweetly at him. If he came back too early, she might not be able to see Old Master Kyle and his assistant. If she did not see them and did not get triggered, she wouldn’t have been able to remember the past. “Karen -” Kevin Kyle rubbed her head, thinking that she was comforting him. This silly girl was always thinking about him. Why can’t she think about herself more? Now that he was by her side, she could vent out all her emotions, and not keep everything to herself anymore. Her keeping everything to herself made his heart ache. Karen Daly laid in his arms and whispered, “Kevin Kyle.” Kevin Kyle rubbed her head. “Hmm?” She looked up at him, blinked her beautiful big eyes, and said, “Can you promise me something?” Kevin Kyle nodded. “What is it?” “Promise me first.” “Tell me first.” “Then I’m not telling you.” “Okay, I promise you.” Karen Daly then pursed her lips and smiled. Suppressing the little tension and shyness she felt, she tiptoed and kissed him on the corner of his mouth. After the kiss, she wanted to run away, but Kevin Kyle pulled her back. He hugged her and whispered, “Karen, tell me, what?” “Nothing. I just wanted to kiss you.” She just wanted to kiss him. What a simple reason. “Really?” Obviously, Kevin Kyle did not believe Karen Daly’s abnormal behavior. He pushed her out of his arms, held her shoulder, and looked at her quietly. When she returned to him, she was a person with incomplete memories, so she was not so close to him as before. Even though they had sex already, she still hasn’t taken the initiative to kiss him so intimately before. Three years ago, before they separated, she was very cheeky. Although she was very shy, she always kissed him like this. Thinking of this, Kevin Kyle suddenly thought of something Could it be that she had regained her memory? Had his Karen Daly remembered him again? He was so excited that he couldn’t speal. He just looked at Karen Daly and tried to ask her with his eyes, hoping that she could give him a positive answer. “Mr. Kyle, are you looking at me like this because you don’t like me kissing you?” She knew that he liked it, but she teased him on purpose. “I like it.” Kevin Kyle didn’t want to ask her directly whether she had recovered her memory. He was worried that if he kept asking her, she would feel stressed out about it. He didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable. “Then can you accompany me to go somewhere?” “Okay.” Karen Daly didn’t say where she wanted him to accompany her to, but Kevin Kyle agreed without hesitation. No matter what happened, as long as she asked him to accompany her, he was willing to go with her. Karen Daly had almost pieced her past memories together, but she didn’t tell Kevin Kyle. She didn’t know how to bring herself to tell him that his grandfather was the one who did all that to her. No matter what kind of unforgivable things Old Master Kyle had done, he was still Kevin Kyle’s grandfather. They had a blood relationship that could not be cut off, so she did not want to put Kevin Kyle in a tight spot. He didn’t want her to be hurt, and vice versa. She wanted to protect him too. She didn’t want him to be in a dilemma. Kevin Kyle was a very powerful person. No stranger could ever hurt him. That meant that only his own kin could hurt him. The place Karen Daly asked Kevin Kyle to accompany her to was Dreamland City, where they lived when they first got married. She said she wanted to go there and see whether she could remember anything, but she really only wanted to experience the simple life they had again. Him coming back from work to her making dinner, her making dinner while waiting for him to come back. It may not have been enjoyable at that time, but now, it seemed like it was their best time together, Karen Daly pushed Kevin Kyle into the study room, “Mr. Kyle, you can go do your work first. I’ll call you when dinner is ready.” “Karen Daly, have you…” “Have I what?” She knew what he wanted to ask, but pretended to not know. She blinked her big eyes and looked at him innocently.

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