Since Karen Daly didn’t want to say anything, Kevin Kyle wouldn’t force her. He had always tried his best to respect her personal choice. Kevin Kyle said, “Then ‘ll go to the study to deal with some work matters.” There were still a lot of things to deal with. If it were not for Karen Daly, Kevin Kyle would never have made time. “Okay, go do your things.” Karen Daly gently closed the door and turned to the kitchen. She put on the apron and started preparing some vegetables. Her actions were not as quick as before, but it was still not bad. It didn’t take long for three dishes and a soup to be made. Looking at the dishes, Karen Daly was still confident in her cooking skills. She knocked on the door of the study again, poked her head in and asked, “Mr. Kyle, the dishes are ready. Do you have time to eat?” Kevin Kyle smiled at her and said, “Mrs. Kyle, please give your Mr. Kyle just a few more minutes.” Karen Daly made an OK gesture to him and said, “You attend to your work first. I’m not in a hurry. I can wait for you.” She could wait for him. This unintentional, simple sentence hit the depths of Kevin Kyle’s heart, and he couldn’t think straight for a minute. Karen Daly gently closed the door of the study room and went out to sit on the sofa in the living room to watch TV. As she was watching, she felt like she saw Momo jumping up and down in front of her. When she watched TV in the past, Momo would do anything to attract her attention. She was either jumping in front of Karen or rolling in her arms. She was as cute as you could possibly imagine. Kevin Kyle told her that after she left three years ago, Momo also left the world and went to another paradise. She would never see Momo again in her life. Momo had gone through many tough days with her and accompanied her out of the darkness. When Momo thought that Karen was no longer in this world, Momo also left the world by starving itself. Momo wanted to chase after her, but.. Thinking of this, Karen Daly took a deep breath and said in her heart, “Momo, in your paradise, you must be alright. If there is a chance, we will meet again in the next life.” Ding-dong The doorbell suddenly rang, which startled Karen Daly, who was immersed in her memories. As soon as she got up, Kevin Kyle also came out from the study. Kevin Kyle rushed to open the door before Karen Daly did. Karen Daly poked her head out and looked around, wondering who would come visit them at this time. Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle did not stay here often. If someone had come to see them, not long after they arrived, it would probably mean that this person had followed them here. Kevin Kyle spoke with the person in Italian all the way. Karen Daly had lived in Milan for more than three years and spent most of her time communicating with the people in Italian. In the past three years, her knowledge of Italian had also improved by leaps and bounds. Of course, she could understand what Kevin Kyle was saying. Just as Karen Daly was listening carefully, Kevin Kyle took two steps back and closed the door. Looking back at Karen Daly, he shrugged and said, “Something about work.” There were many things Kevin Kyle didn’t want to tell her. It was not because he didn’t trust her, but he didn’t want her to be involved in any danger nor have her be worried about him. There were some things that Karen Daly knew clearly, and she couldn’t pretend that she didn’t know. Karen Daly stared at Kevin Kyle, thought for a moment, and said, “Kevin Kyle, do you know how I knew you installed a tracking bug in the amulet that Little Karen gave me?” Kevin Kyle knew that Karen Daly had discovered the tracking bug. However, she did not tell him, and he did not ask, and so the two of them had pretended that nothing had happened. Now that Karen Daly suddenly mentioned it, Kevin Kyle didn’t know what to say. He was a little worried, but also a little happy He was worried that she would blame him, but he was happy that she was finally opening up, and telling him things she usually did not tell him. Karen Daly said, “When I came left Samuel Daly’s place that day. I took a taxi. After a while, the driver gave me a note saying that there was a tracking bug in the amulet.” “The taxi driver told you?” Obviously, the taxi driver was not a common taxi driver, but whose man was he? Karen Daly nodded and said, “Kevin Kyle, there are only a few people who know that you installed a bug on me. However, the taxi driver knew, and he even even knew precisely where it was. He must have been told about this.” Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle and pursed her lips. After a moment of hesitation, she said, “To make a bold guess, think you there is an undercover mole around you.” There must be a mole. Otherwise, how would anyone know these details so clearly? That ‘taxi driver’ even pretended to be kind by telling Karen Daly about the bug, when he actually wanted to provoke her relationship with Kevin Kyle. She was very glad that she had followed her heart. That she had had not been misled by those who wanted to jeopardise their marriage. She was glad that she did not blame Kevin Kyle for any of this. Now that she had regained her previous memories, she finally knew how much Kevin Kyle cared about her. When she had nightmares in the middle of the night, he would call her to wake her up. That was proof that he was caring about her all the time. That was why the calls would come on time in the middle of the night. “Well, I will investigate this matter. Don’t worry about it,” When Kevin Kyle knew that Karen Daly had taken out the bug and gone to the Midwest alone, he too knew that there must be a mole around him, but he didn’t say anything as he did not want to alert the mole. He was waiting. Waiting for a suitable opportunity. By that time, he would lead them out of their hiding place, so that the mole would have nowhere to hide. Speaking of the mole, Kevin Kyle still looked relaxed as if he didn’t care much about it, but Karen Daly was worried about it. The thought that there was always a pair of eyes staring at her behind her back and watching her every move at all times scared her. Karen Daly continued, “Kevin Kyle, promise me, no matter what happens, please protect yourself. Don’t forget that you have Little Karen and me.” Kevin Kyle rubbed her head and smiled gently. “What could happen to me? Look at what nonsense you’re saying. Let’s go have dinner first.” “Kevin Kyle…” Karen Daly threw herself at him and hugged him. “Let’s talk properly first. We can have dinner after that.” “What do you want to say?” Kevin asked. He really didn’t know how to handle her. “Promise me that you will protect yourself well, and don’t let yourself get hurt, not even a little bit!” Karen Daly demanded very seriously, and her eyes were full of concern for him. Kevin Kyle rubbed her head and said with a gentle smile, “I will protect myself well.” Because only when he was well protected, would he have the ability to protect his family. Kevin Kyle lifted Karen Daly’s face, leaned over, kissed her between her eyebrows, and said, “Karen Daly, hold my hand tight and don’t let go.” “I won’t let go of you!” Karen Daly leaned forward to kiss him again, but before she could, she was grabbed into his embrace.

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