Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly’s head and looked at her quietly, which made her so shy that she quickly shut her eyes. Her face was red like an apple, waiting for him to harvest it. Kevin Kyle couldn’t help laughing out loud. His thin lips closed onto hers, and he kissed her gently, tasting her unique and wonderful taste. That kiss, was lingering, tender, and intoxication… After a long time, Kevin Kyle let go of Karen Daly. He couldn’t help licking her lips and calling her name in a low voice, “Karen Daly-” “Hmm?” “Promise me that you won’t care about anything. Leave everything to me.” How did he read her mind? Karen thought. Just when she was about to do take action, he asked her to not care about anything. However, she did experience that suffering. She had suffered such unforgettable damage that she couldn’t just forget them even if she wanted to. Kevin Kyle continued, “If you want to do anything, just tell me and we’ll discuss it together and do what you want to do, okay?” “Kevin Kyle..” Kevin Kyle said in a deep voice, “Karen Daly, is that okay?” His voice was low and sexy, still as pleasant as before, but there was a sense of distress and helplessness in his voice. Karen Daly felt her heart ache for him and nodded gently in his arms. What he said wasn’t unreasonable. She did not have any power at all. If she confronted Old Master Kyle head-on, she would probably suffer a loss. If she were to suffer a loss, Kevin Kyle would be upset for her. She didn’t want him to feel bad for her. Karen Daly said, “I promise you that I will discuss with you no matter what I do. I won’t make any decision on my own.” “Do not lie to me,” Kevin warned. “I won’t!” Karen replied. “Let’s eat then,” Kevin said. “Okay!” Karen gladly agreed. At the dining table, Kevin Kyle, who used to not speak whenever he was eating, had also now changed. He took over a bowl of soup from Karen Daly and tasted it. Then he nodded vigorously and said, “I haven’t had your soup for such a long time. The taste seems to be getting better and better.” “I’ll cook soup for you every day!” Karen said happily. “Sure,” Kevin said. Karen Daly put some food into Kevin Kyle’s bowl, blinked her eyes, and asked playfully, “I heard that you are a clean-freak. Would you eat the food I take for you?” Kevin Kyle asked in a serious tone, “I’ve eaten your saliva. Eating the food you pick up for me is nothing.” “You..” she started. How could this man be so naughty? How could he be so disgusting? Where did the cold and aloof Kevin Kyle go? “I am also the father of a child. I have a lot of experience,” Kevin continued saying. Karen Daly wasn’t sure whether he had seen through her thoughts, but when Kevin Kyle spoke this sentence, Karen’s face grew even redder. How should she describe this man? In one word, bad. In two words, very bad. In three words, really, really bad! She glanced at him and reached out to pinch him, but he grabbed her hand in his palm. “Karen Daly-” His voice was low and hoarse, and his burning eyes were fixed on her, as if she had become the prey in his eyes. “Kevin, let’s have dinner first,” she said. At a glance, she knew what this man was thinking. They were still eating, and he was thinking about that already However, thinking of how he said he had waited for three years, Karen Daly felt for him. It must have taken a lot of endurance for a man like him to wait for three years. As soon as Karen spoke those words, Kevin Kyle scooped her up and went straight for the bathroom. He said as he walked, “Let’s have a rest for a while, then we can eat” “Kevin Kyle, what do you want to do?” Karen asked in alarm. “Don’t you know what I’m going to do?” Unfortunately, Karen Daly would become Kevin Kyle’s delicious meal. She was like a delicious yet beautiful snack in his eyes. He didn’t gobble up his snack in one bite. Instead, he enjoyed it’s beauty and fragrance before gently eating it up. Karen Daly felt like hitting him. This man was really different on the inside. He looked like a noble and aloof executive, but when he took off his clothes, he became a beast. She gave up reasoning with him. He had agreed to let continue her meal after one time, but he had her twice. “Karen Daly-” Karen Daly ignored him. She said she was going to ignore him, so she was going to ignore him. “Isn’t the reason why you asked me to come here with you so that we can..” Karen Daly covered Kevin Kyle’s mouth with her hand and glared at him fiercely. “Mr. Kyle, have you been possessed recently?” Kevin Kyle was slightly stunned, and then he nodded again. “When I’m with you, it feels like that.” “..” Karen was rendered speechless. She decided not to tell this man that she had regained her memory. She wouldn’t imagine how he would torture her. “Don’t make a fuss. Get some sleep if you’re tired. Get up later and eat.” Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly in his arms and gently stroked the wound on her abdomen with one hand. His hand was on the scar on her abdomen, and it felt a little itchy. Karen Daly couldn’t help asking. This scar is so ugly, do you find it disgusting?” “Fool, why would I find it disgusting?” He would only feel sorry for her. Every time he saw this scar, which was longer than those from an ordinary C-section, he would feel his heart ache for her. “I used to think it was ugly, but when I found out it was because of Little Karen, I didn’t feel ugly anymore!” Karen Daly leaned in his arms and said proudly. She originally thought that she was single and had never had a relationship in her limited memory. She would never understand the feelings of being a mother. However, when she saw Little Karen for the first time, she liked her so much that she wanted to take Little Karen home and raise her. When she learned that Little Karen was her child, she was not shocked at that moment. She only felt happy, as if her dream had finally come true. Kevin Kyle did not respond, but hugged Karen Daly tighter. She continued, “In the past three years, I felt like I was a walking dead. I almost had no emotion in my life. When I was working, I devoted myself fully to it.” She always thought she had no desires in the world. It was as if she had seen through life, and she was only interested in her designing and nothing else. But in fact, it was not true. She just instinctively guarded against Samuel Daly. Even though she knew Samuel Daly was her only kin, she was still unwilling to tell him many things. Everything that happened in her life, she kept it to herself and never mentioned anything to Samuel Daly. After meeting Kevin Kyle, she didn’t even need to say her feelings, and he already knew them better than her. Karen Daly told him everything that happened throughout these three years in detail, and Kevin Kyle listened quietly while holding her.

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