Although he hadn’t experienced it personally, Kevin Kyle could feel Karen Daly’s loneliness, helplessness and fear. “Karen “Karen -” “Hmm?” She was tired. She leaned in his arms and answered in a daze, her brain had fallen asleep. I’m sorry! I didn’t protect you well, so my family hurt you so badly. I won’t let it happen again. Please trust me, Kevin said in his mind. Kevin Kyle’s Karen Daly was back. She was still the Karen Daly who was a little clever, a little naughty, a little barbaric, and a little shy Every time he thought of Karen Daly, Kevin Kyle felt that his body was charged with constant power, and he was full of energy no matter what he did. Thinking of her, Kevin Kyle looked at the time. There was still a while before his meeting, so he dialled Karen Daly’s number. “What are you doing?” “I was just thinking about you, and I’m going to find Samuel Daly now.” Karen Daly’s gentle voice came into Kevin Kyle’s ear. Hearing her tone, Kevin Kyle couldn’t help but laugh and said, “How long were you thinking about me? Have you finished thinking so quickly?” Karen Daly smiled from the other end of the phone. I’ve been thinking about you for a few minutes maybe.” He added, “Samuel Daly is a crafty old man. I’m worried about you going alone. You.” Before Kevin Kyle could say anything, he was interrupted by her crisp voice, “Mr. Kyle, are you going back on your words from yesterday?” He said they should discuss everything, and now she was indeed telling him her thoughts. She wanted to find Samuel Daly, pretend to work with him, and then try to get the secrets of Old Master Kyle from him. Last night, when he was in bed, he had promised to let her go see Samuel Daly alone, did he want to go back on that now? Kevin Kyle asked, “What did I say?” Karen Daly, “.” Are the words men say in bed all not credible? It looked like her Mr. Kyle was no exception. Kevin Kyle said, “I’ll send someone to follow you, and ll keep a close eye on you at all times. Don’t worry.” Karen Daly said, “Mr. Kyle, why do I feel like I’ll be trapped under your control forever?” Kevin Kyle asked, “You want to run away?” Karen Daly shook her head instinctively, but then she realised he couldn’t see her, “If you are not good to me, I will escape at any time.” Kevin Kyle’s deep laughter passed from his mobile phone to Karen Daly’s ear. “I won’t let you escape.” Karen Daly blushed, “I’m hanging up.” Kevin Kyle nodded. “Okay.” As soon as he finished the call with Karen Daly, Nick Black knocked on the door and came in. He walked to Kevin Kyle’s desk and said respectfully, “Director Kevin, we found a person. He has been trying to investigate Polaris’ s background. For two days, his men have been observing Mrs. Kyle as well.” Kevin Kyle picked up the document and took a look. Although he was flipping through it very fast, he managed to digest everything, “What’s the relationship between this Perth guy and the mayor of Chatterton Town?” Nick Black said, “It’s just a coincidence his surname is also Perth. He is friends with the mayor’s son, and because the mayor’s son doesn’t show up often in society, everyone thinks this Perth is the mayor’s son. In reality, he’s someone from Country A. We are still working on his identity in Country A. While listening to Nick Black, Kevin Kyle had already finished reading the documents in his hand. “Pay close attention to his recent actions and report to me if anything happens.” Nick Black nodded. “Yes.” Kevin Kyle added, “Any news about Neil Brown?” “No. His routine has always been very disciplined. Other than sleeping, he spends the rest of his time in the military base.” Kevin Kyle asked again, “What about Old Mr. Ken?” “Old Mr. Ken has passed away for more than 20 years. That car crash was declared to be an accident, and the case has been closed long ago. Digging out the information now, we still got the same results. It is really difficult to find new clues.” Nick Black asked his subordinates to investigate according to the clues given by Kevin Kyle. When everything was about to come to light, it suddenly seemed that they had come to a dead end. Just when they very close to finding out to truth, their leads would ends there. “How about the Old Master?” Nick Black said, “We have been following your instructions to keep an eye on the Old Master. In recent days, he has been living in the farm and has not been in contact with anyone.” Kevin Kyle knew very well what Old Master Kyle’s plan was. He was not contacting anyone now so that Kevin Kyle’s men would have nothing to investigate on However, Old Master Kyle also underestimated Kevin Kyle’s abilities. He still regarded Kevin Kyle as the child he brought up. He had not witnessed Kevin Kyle’s progress over the past few years. Since he couldn’t find any clues from the old master, his best chance would be to get the from from Samuel Daly or that Perth guy. Kevin Kyle would never give up any chance of finding out the truth. Karen Daly took the car Kevin Kyle arranged, so that she wouldn’t meet that mysterious taxi driver from the last time. Not only did she have someone to drive her around, she also had two tall bodyguards following behind her. She felt that she was now very much like a rich lady. Karen Daly had concluded that Samuel Daly must have been attacked from both sides. He urgently needed a partner to help him get out of this situation, so she was his best candidate Since Samuel Daly was patient enough to stay with Karen Daly for three years just to be able to use her, he naturally wouldn’t turn his back on her so quickly. Samuel Daly looked like he hadn’t left the house since Karen Daly left. He looked very haggard and old, and his hair was turning white. When he opened the door and saw Karen Daly, Samuel Daly was so excited that he burst into tears. He cried and wiped his tears, “Karen, now that you’re back, I am relieved.” Karen Daly had to admit that Samuel Daly’s acting skills were great. If he changed his career to be an actor, no one would dare to compete with him for the Best Actor award. Karen Daly kept a straight face and waited for him to stop crying. Let’s see how long he can cry. She thought viciously After a long time, Samuel Daly stopped crying after he realised Karen Daly didn’t say anything and was staring at him coldly. He wiped his tears and said, “Karen, you left home for such a long time and left me alone at home. Are you going to leave me? “Samuel Daly, that’s enough. Stop acting!” Karen Daly’s heart was bleeding whenever she thought that she had been calling this despicable man who killed her mother as her own father. “Karen..” “Samuel Daly, stop pretending,” Karen Daly said coldly, “I remember everything from the past. You won’t be able to threaten Kevin Kyle with me anymore.” “Impossible.” Samuel Daly shook his head and said in shock, “With so many people given that injection, none of them ever succeeded in regaining their memories, especially after three years! How would it be possible?”.

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