Samuel Daly didn’t want to believe the fact that Karen Daly had recovered her memory, but he had to. If she had not regained her previous memory and still had a trace of doubt in her heart, she would not be so indifferent to him. At this time, Samuel Daly deeply understood that Karen Daly, his pawn, would no longer be of use to him. He spent three years pretending to be a good father, taking care of her diet and living conditions, and taking care of everything about her. What was his purpose? He only wanted her to remember how good he was, for her to believe that he was her only kin, and to follow his every order. In the past three years, she showed that she was also an obedient and good daughter. She did whatever he said and almost never talked back, The drug has also been proven to not allow for any memory to be recovered. Especially after three years the inflicted patients would never regain their memory. That’s why he dared to bring Karen Daly back to Chatterton Town and create a chance for her to meet Kevin Kyle. He thought he had everything under control. Unexpectedly, in such a short time, not only did Karen Daly realised she had been given these drugs, she even regained all her memories. Was it because the injection was not as potent as they say? Or had he underestimated Karen Daly’s love for Kevin Kyle? One way or the other, it was not important anymore. His plan had failed. The pawn that he had been carefully nurturing for the past three years was gone. He thought that he was firmly in control of it, but he now realized that he had never caught her. Samuel Daly’s disappointment was indescribable. He could no longer use Karen Daly to threaten Kevin Kyle. Old Master Kyle’s men were giving him more and more pressure as well. Samuel Daly felt like he could already see his deathbed. He sat back on the chair powerlessly, looking a little absent minded. He had worked so hard for so many years, trying to restore the Daly family’s former reputation and prosperity Was it really going to fail like this? Such injustice! He didn’t want to give up. He had worked so hard and tried his best to think of any way. Just when he was about to be able to use Kevin Kyle to achieve his objective, his most important pawn had turned against him. Yes, it was because his pawn had turned against him! If it hadn’t been for this change, he wouldn’t have fallen into such a situation. Thinking about it, Samuel Daly thought that he was in this situation all because of Karen Daly. He took care of her for so many years, but she had not done anything for him in return. The more Samuel Daly thought about it, the angrier he became. He wanted nothing more than to swallow Karen Daly alive. It seemed like that was the only way he could get rid of the hatred in his heart. Samuel Daly looked at Karen Daly again with a fierce look. He stood up suddenly and rushed to Karen Daly madly, trying to grab her and tear her apart. But when he pranced over, Karen Daly moved faster than him, so he missed. Realising he had missed, Samuel Daly became furious. He couldn’t wait to catch Karen Daly and kill her. Perhaps because he hadn’t gone out of the house for a long time, plus he has been worried about so many things lately, Samuel Daly was having a mental breakdown. He didn’t even have the energy to catch Karen Daly. He fell back to his chair feebly and gasped for air. Lately, Karen Daly had practiced self defence with Kevin Kyle every day. Her physique had improved a lot, and her physical strength naturally caught up with them. Despite having Samuel Daly rush at her and chase her, she was not even panting. Seeing Samuel Daly sit back in the chair andnot struggle anymore, Karen Daly took a deep breath and cleared her throat, “Samuel Daly, surely you want to live and restore the reputation and status of the Daly family. Now that you are attacked from both sides, what choice do you have other than cooperating with me?” Hearing Karen Daly’s words, the mad Samuel Daly, regained a little sense again. He asked, “You want to work with me?” Karen Daly nodded, “You must know your current situation. Someone wants you gone, and the only thing keeping you alive now is that secret. You are also very clear that as long as Kevin Kyle goes to investigate this, he will soon find out the secret. Then, it’ll just be the same for you.” Samuel Daly asked, “How do you want to help me?” “Tell us the secret you know and we will guarantee you your safety. We can send you wherever you want to go.” “Why should I believe you?” “If you don’t believe me, are you going to believe the Old Master Kyle? Samuel Daly had watched Karen Daly grow up. He knew her temper and character quite clearly. If she said that she could help him, she would never lie to him. Old Master Kyle had been thinking of a way to announce this secret. Once he finds a way, it would be the end for Samuel Daly. After considering it, Samuel Daly decided to cooperate with Karen Daly. No matter what, he had to let himself survive first. Only if he survived, he could complete what he wanted to do. Samuel Daly asked, “What do you want to know?” Karen Daly said, “I want to know why Old Master Kyle insisted on killing me? I didn’t know him before. Why does he hate me so much?” “I can tell you, but… Samuel Daly looked behind Karen Daly, After a long silence, he continued, “I want fifty million.” “Fifty million?” Karen Daly smiled, “You’re the one who took all the money I’ve earned over the years. You know better than me how much money I have.” “Your money?” Samuel Daly sneered, “Of course, I’m asking for fifty million from Kevin Kyle. As long as you ask, he won’t hesitate to take out a hundred million, let alone fifty.” Samuel Daly was cunning and knew his situation. If he didn’t say the secret, Kevin Kyle would kill him. If he said the secret, the Old Master would kill him. Kevin Kyle just wanted to get the secret from him. Once he said the secret, he would have no value, then Kevin Kyle would not protect him anymore. If he disclosed the secret, Old Master Kyle would definitely hunt him down. If he was still in Chatterton Town by then, he wouldn’t even know how he would die. Karen Daly glanced at Samuel Daly, “If you’re willing to tell, Kevin Kyle will help you go anywhere you want. If you’re not willing to tell, then you can only wait for death to come to you in Chatterton Town. You know you have no way to leave Chatterton Town as of now.” It was only a little more efficient to cooperate with Samuel Daly. Karen Daly didn’t want Kevin Kyle to waste any more manpower and financial resources. Who knew that Samuel Daly would ask for fifty million? Fifty million was a sky- high price. Although this sum of money was not a big deal for Kevin Kyle, Karen Daly was still outraged.

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