Fifty million! Fifty million! Fifty million! That heartless creature, Samuel Daly, asked for fifty million. Why didn’t he just go rob a bank? Karen Daly really wanted to turn around and leave, but she really wanted to know the reason as well. She wanted to know why all this happened to her. Samuel Daly naturally understood what Karen Daly was thinking, “Karen Daly, if this secret could be investigated so easily, Kevin Kyle wouldn’t have asked for you to talk to me.” Karen Daly looked at him and did not say anything. She wanted to see how many tricks he could play. Samuel Daly smiled gloomily, “Fifty million dollars, and not a penny less. You’d better discuss with Kevin Kyle.” Samuel Daly actually knew that there would be no uncovered secrets in the world. As long as Kevin Kyle spent more time, he could find out the secret. But as long as Kevin Kyle had not successfully investigated anything yet, he would have his leverage in this bargain. Fifty million was indeed a sky-high price, but for Kevin Kyle, it was just a drop in the bucket. If Kevin Kyle could afford it, and especially since it was for Karen Daly, he would definitely pay for it Samuel Daly was taking a gamble. It was a gamble between money and Karen Daly to Kevin Kyle. Just when Karen Daly was hesitating, the mobile phone in her bag rang. She took it out and looked at it. It was Kevin Kyle. She was wearing a bug, so Kevin Kyle could hear the situation on her side. He had heard the full conversation she had with Samuel Daly. When she answered the phone, she heard Kevin Kyle’s calm and low voice, “Karen, if money’s all he’s asking for, then it’s not a problem.” “Kevin Kyle, are you crazy? If fifty million is not a problem, then how much is too much?” Karen exclaimed. “Just promise him.” Kevin said. “Fifty million is really not a big deal for Director Kevin. It seems that he cares about you.” Samuel Daly sighed and said in a strange tone, “If you can meet such a man who is willing to spend money on you in this life, you should just spend the money. Why are you saving for him? Are you going to keep it for him and let him give it to his mistress in the future?” “Samuel Daly, shut up!” Karen Daly shouted angrily She was the one who eagerly wanted to know the secret. If it was her own money, she could give it to Samuel Daly without thinking much. However, the money belonged to Kevin Kyle. He worked day and night every day, and even held meetings during odd hours of the night. Others may think it was easy to earn money for Kevin Kyle, but only the person who’s been with him everyday and seen how busy he was could understand his struggle. “Since I am an elder, I shall give you another hour to think about it. If you still don’t make a decision in an hour, you won’ t be hearing anything from me even for a hundred million dollars.” Samuel Daly said frankly. From Karen Daly’s tone of conversation with Kevin Kyle just now, Samuel Daly could guess that Kevin Kyle had agreed to give the money, so he became more fearless. Although he couldn’t hear what Kevin Kyle had said on the other end of the phone, he saw Karen Daly biting her lips more and more, and even her fingers turned white. Karen Daly hated the feeling of being controlled by someone else However, Karen Daly could not think of a better way. She could only bear the pain and listen to Kevin Kyle’s suggestion. She would agree to Samuel Daly’s request. She hung up the phone and gritted her teeth, “Samuel Daly. the money will be transferred to your account in five minutes. You can check it.” “Just as I said, my son-in-law treats you like a treasure. It’s only fifty million dollars. Of course he would pay.” Samuel Daly smiled proudly, and Karen Daly couldn’t wait to pounce on him and tear up his face. But she still wanted to know the secret from his mouth, so she had to endure it. Five minutes passed in a flash, and Samuel Daly’s phone notified that he had received a large amount of money. There were so many zeroes behind the number 5, and Samuel Daly had to count many times just to be sure. When Samuel Daly confirmed that it was fifty million dollars, he smiled even more proudly, “Karen Daly, how should describe you? Although I’m not your biological father, I was still the one who brought you up. You’d rather help an outsider, but you wouldn’t help your adoptive father.” Karen Daly clenched her fists, “Why are you spouting so much nonsense? I just want to know why Old Master Kyle wants me dead.” Looking at Karen Daly’s angry face, Samuel Daly said unhurriedly, “Since you want to know why Old Master Kyle wants you dead, I will tell you.” She was about to know the truth that she had been looking forward to. She swallowed nervously and continued to clench her fists. After waiting for a long time, she heard Samuel Daly slowly say, “The reason why Old Master Kyle doesn’t want you to be associated with the Kyle family, and even wants to kill you, is because he is the real murderer who killed your father, Herbert Ken.” This answer was beyond Karen Daly’s expectation. She always thought that Samuel Daly and the Gooks were responsible for the “accident”, what did it have to do with Old Master Kyle? That year when her biological father got into and accident, Kyle family’s Rovio was already very successful, and the Kyles had migrated out of the country. Why would Old Master Kyle do anything to her father? It had been more than twenty years, and her father had long been dead. Why did Old Master Kyle still want to kill her? “Why? Why did he do that?” When she asked this, her voice was trembling She was afraid! Old Master Kyle was Kevin Kyle’s grandfather. Kevin Kyle’s grandfather killed her biological father. What kind of craziness was this? “Fifty million dollars was for one question.” Samuel Daly smiled again, “If you want to know why, just agree to one more condition.” “Samuel Daly, don’t even think about it!” Karen Daly was fuming. This creature was really demanding. Fifty million dollars wasn’t enough, and he still wanted more? “Actually, this condition is much easier for Kevin Kyle to agree to than to give me fifty million dollars. Do you want to make your decision after listening to my condition?” As soon as Samuel Daly finished his words, the door was slammed open, and Kevin Kyle’s tall figure appeared at the door. “Samuel Daly, go on. I’ll agree to any condition you want.” “Kevin, why are you here?” Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle. He was still Kevin Kyle, and he looked the same, but she felt that he was a little different. Karen Daly couldn’t tell exactly what was different. She shook her head and wanted to go to Kevin Kyle, but she couldn’t seem to move her feet. Instead, Kevin Kyle came to her side and held her in his arms.

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