“Karen, don’t worry, I’m here for everything.” Kevin Kyle hugged Karen Daly, who was trembling slightly into his arms and whispered to her in a voice that only she could hear. Karen Daly was scared at first, but just when she was scared, Kevin Kyle came. He held her in his warm arms and gave her strength and comfort. “Good son-in-law, you are here.” Samuel Daly smiled and addressed Kevin Kyle intimately, as if the two people standing in front of him were really his good daughter and good son-in-law. Kevin Kyle rubbed Karen Daly in his arms and looked up at Samuel Daly. His eyes were fierce. He said, “Samuel Daly, just tell me what you want.” “Give me a new identity. Send me away from Chatterton Town, the further the better. I don’t want the old man in your family to find me.” There was no point in having money if he doesn’t live long enough to spend it. As for his wishes for the Daly family’s fame, it would come true one day as long as he stayed alive. “Okay.” Kevin Kyle agreed readily without any hesitation or consideration. “Kevin =”Karen Daly was about to say something, but when she opened her mouth, It was hushed by Kevin Kyle’s finger. He smiled gently at her and said, “You agreed to listen to me, so don’t cut in. I’ll handle everything.” “…” Karen was stunned. “Be a good girl and listen to me, okay?” “How should I do this?” Samuel Daly sighed and made a very embarrassed expression, “Seeing how happy and loving you both are, I can’t bear to tell you the real reason.” Kevin Kyle ignored Samuel Daly and took out his phone to call Nick Black. He quickly ordered, “Prepare a new identity for Samuel Daly. The sooner, the better. “Good son-in-law, a brand new identity is not enough. You have to prepare a private plane for me and send me to a place where the Kyle family businesses does not control. That way, even if the old man knows where I am, he can’t do anything to me.” Samuel Daly knew the influence of the Kyle Family too much, and he also knew how cruel Old Master Kyle could be. If the old man could try to kill Karen Daly, who was the most innocent one in the whole debacle, who knows what he would do to someone who knew plenty of secrets. Kevin Kyle narrowed his eyes slightly and looked coldly at Samuel Daly. He continued to convey Samuel Daly’ s requests to Nick Black and asked him to deal with it. Nick Black had been with Kevin Kyle for many years, so he was good at dealing with his personal matters. A short while later, Kevin Kyle received the news from Nick Black that everything had been done. Samuel Daly could set off with his new identity at any time. Kevin Kyle hung up the phone, rubbed Karen Daly’s head, and gave her a reassuring look. He looked at Samuel Daly and said, “Samuel Daly, everything you want has been arranged.” Samuel Daly had experienced a lot in his life. For decades, he had helped many people to do bad things. How could he trust others easily? He would not say anything until he was truly safe. “Take me to the airport in person. After I board safely, I’ll tell you what you want just a few minutes before the plane leaves.” “The car is ready, and we will take you to the airport now.” Kevin Kyle had already expected that Samuel Daly would not reveal the secrets easily, and that Samuel Daly would demand for this, so he even asked someone to prepare the car in advance. Samuel Daly thought that he had them in his control, so Kevin Kyle wanted to show him what control really was. Seeing how capable Kevin Kyle was, Samuel Daly had to admit that he was really inferior to him. No matter what kind of problem he was facing, Kevin Kyle could always make a decision in a split second, and he would almost always be accurate. His capabilities were definitely not something that could be learned overnight. They were all hard-earned over the years. The more capable Kevin Kyle was, and the more ignorant he appeared, the more Karen Daly’s heart ached. Samuel Daly asked for Kevin Kyle to go in the same car as him, and Kevin Kyle agreed. He had also expected that Samuel Daly would be worried to go alone. In about half an hour, a line of luxury cars arrived at the Chatterton International Airport together. Kevin Kyle led Karen Daly through the special passageway to send Samuel Daly to the boarding gate, which was meant for private planes. In order to secure his safety, Samuel was very careful. Them sending him to the boarding gate wasn’t enough. He even asked Kevin Kyle to send him onboard the airplane. Kevin Kyle obeyed Samuel Daly’s every request without any objection. He was as docile as a respectful junior to an elder. After boarding, Samuel Daly was slightly relieved, but he was still on his nerves. He added, “Good son-in-law and good daughter, I’m still worried about telling you the truth. What do you think we should do?” Karen Daly was so angry that she really wanted to hit him, but she was held back by Kevin Kyle again. Kevin Kyle said to Samuel Daly, “Just say your requests.” “I know that my granddaughter is very cute, sensible and everyone loves her.” Samuel began. “Don’t you dare think about Little Karen.” Karen Daly couldn’t stand it anymore. She didn’t understand why Kevin Kyle, who had always been high and mighty, could agree to Samuel Daly’s various unreasonable demands. “In fact, I am just not at ease. I am worried that after I tell you the secret, you will turn against me.” Samuel Daly sighed and said, “You will take an oath using your daughter. If you turn against me after I tell the truth, then your daughter Karen Joy Kyle will not live to even be four years old.” “Samuel Daly, that’s enough!” Karen Daly had been enduring it all this time. She could swallow her annoyance from Samuel Daly’s previous requests. However, this beast dared to use their Little Karen against them “As long as you keep your promise, your daughter will naturally be fine.” Samuel Daly looked at Kevin Kyle, then looked at Karen Daly, and said, “Or are you actually waiting for me to tell you the secret, and then you’ll want to kill me?” “I’ll swear on it.” Kevin Kyle looked at Samuel Daly and said with a faint smile, “If I turn against you, my daughter will not live up to be four years old.” The three-year-old child was the treasure of Kevin Kyle’s and Karen Daly’s heart. Whether this oath was true or not, Samuel Daly believed that Kevin Kyle would not risk his child’ s life. If Kevin Kyle could swear upon his child’s life, that meant he really wasn’t going to turn against him. After thinking it through, Samuel Daly was relieved. He said, “The old man asked me to execute Herbert Ken’s car accident, he was the one behind everything. I was worried that he would kill me afterwards, so I left some evidence in advance. I sent the evidence to Herbert Ken. As for why the old man wanted to kill Herbert Ken, it was because Herbert Ken caused the death of someone important to him.

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