When she saw the message, Karen Daly was extremely shocked, and she was terrified, She ran to Kevin Kyle’s study room immediately, but Kevin Kyle was still busy with his work, his calm face showed that he had already expected this. Seeing Karen Daly’s confusion, Kevin Kyle put his work aside and looked at her, saying, “Don’t worry, I didn’t do it.” “Was it the Old Master who did it?” It was a question, but Karen Daly said it with absolute certainty She believed that if Kevin Kyle swore by Little Karen, he would not do anything to Samuel Daly. “Yes.” Kevin Kyle nodded. He would not betray his promise, but he would not defend on protect Samuel Daly either. He knew that the crew had been arranged by the Old Master, but he didn’t expose it. Samuel Daly had done so many evil things, so someone would take revenge on him. He didn’t need to do that himself. “Samuel Daly just died like that? Could it be just a cover-up? Could it be that in fact, he was also rescued by parachuting with the crew, but the Old Master asked them to hide the truth? Having experienced too much, she now gradually learned not to look at things on the surface only, but to question deeper. Kevin Kyle shook his head and said with a smile, “According to my understanding of the Old Master’s character, a man who betrayed him, dying so quickly would be considered a blessing already. He wanted to kill Samuel Daly a long time ago, so how could he give him any chance to survive?” Karen Daly did not say anything but she took a deep breath It might not be a good thing for her to know that the Old Master’s means were so cruel and brutal. Old Master regarded her as a thorn in the flesh and wanted to get rid of her as soon as possible. Perhaps the reason why he wanted to get rid of her was that he thought she had a secret in her hand, That day, Old Master Kyle and his assistant came to find her and asked her to hand over the relic left by her father and mother. When she was alive, her mother did not give her anything important Just as Karen Daly was thinking about this matter, from the corner of her eye, she saw the old-fashioned ring Kevin Kyle wore on his middle finger. That ring was left to her by her mother. And at that time, she was told to guard it well and hand it over to someone whom she could be entrusted with for the rest of her life. Perhaps the ring meant so much to the Old Master because her father had passed it to her mother, who passed it to Karen Daly in the end? Even if it was a secret that her father had given to her mother, what secret could that be? It was such a small ring. Even if he wanted to hide a secret in it, he might not be able to hide it. Seeing Karen Daly lost in thought, Kevin Kyle got up and held her in his arms. He rubbed her head and said, “Samuel Daly’s life is not worthy of your thoughts. Don’t be sad for him.” “I won’t be sad for him.” Karen Daly witnessed what Samuel Daly had done before, so how could she be sad for him? She was worried that the Old Master, being so ruthless, could target her as the next Samuel Daly? Three years ago, she escaped and survived. If Old Master Kyle tries to kill her again in the future, would she still be at his mercy? She took a deep breath, bit her lips, and calmed herself in her heart In future, she must become strong, not only to protect herself, but also to protect Kevin Kyle and Little Karen. She would not let anyone separate them. Kevin Kyle added, “It’s getting late. You can sleep with Little Karen first, and i’ll be with you after I’m done with my work.” Karen Daly nodded and said, “Don’t get too busy. Karen will feel sorry for you.” Kevin Kyle chuckled and said, “Will Big Karen feel distressed, or will little Karen feel distressed?” Karen Daly pursed her lips and said, “Both of us.” Kevin Kyle held her in his arms and lowered his head to kiss her. After kissing her for a long time, he said, “I know.” Karen Daly,…. He was a naughty guy! When Karen Daly left the study room, Kevin Kyle’s gentle eyes suddenly became extremely sharp, like a bloodthirsty Satan. The reason why he did everything according to Samuel Daly’s requests was that he knew that Old Master had sent someone to track Samuel Daly down in secret. Samuel Daly’s every move was under the control of the Old Master, and he had revealed all the secrets he knew. How could the Old Master let him live? Samuel Daly was dead, but Kevin Kyle still had many things to do. Who was the person Herbert Ken had killed back then? When did the Old Master have such an important person around him? He didn’t know about this yet, so he could only continue to investigate according to the clues he already knew. Karen Daly had suffered for three years. No matter what the reason was, he would not let her suffer for nothing. He would make sure justice is served. At a farm in the north of Chatterton Town. Neil Brown sneaked into the farm with his agile skills, nobody discovered him. He walked through the yard for a long time before he arrived at the house where Old Master Kyle lived. Assistant Hart had just served Old Master some tea and had prepared two teacups. It seemed that he had prepared for Neil Brown too. “You’re here.” After being forced to stay home for some time, Old Master’s voice became much weaker and he looked older. “Yes.” Neil Brown nodded and sat down in front of Old Master Kyle. He picked up his teacup and took a sip. Then he asked, “What do you want from me?” Old Master Kyle suddenly coughed for a long time. He said slowly, “Samuel Daly is dead. What about your undertakings? “It’s probably almost done, but I’m not sure. That old man is too cunning and has prepared various methods to expose the incident. I intercepted some, but I can’t guarantee that he has no other way.” When it came to this matter, he was also worried and he sounded cautious. He didn’t do anything apart from looking for the possible ways that Samuel Daly might expose the secret these days. He found fifteen ways that Samuel Daly might use to expose them but he couldn’t guarantee that those were all of them. “Since you can’t find it out, then try to minimise the damage. Let your people monitor the network in the country thoroughly. If the news get leaked, remove it immediately. This matter can’t be leaked out, otherwise, Mia..” Speaking of this, Old Master Kyle was also a little powerless. His eyes were filled with tears. After a long time, he said, “Neil Brown, you like Mia, don’t you?” Neil Brown narrowed his eyes slightly and said nothing, it could be regarded as a silent consent. Old Master added, “If you like her, do your best to protect her. Don’t let her suffer any more harm. She has lost too much, and what we can do for her is to let her live a carefree life.” Neil Brown still didn’t say anything. His hands were clenched into fists, and the blue veins on the back of his hands were bulging. This feeling of helplessness was the same as watching his father get sick, but he couldn’t treat him. It was as if he was pushed to a cliff. As long as he took a single wrong step, he would fall into the abyss and have no way out.

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