After a long silence, Neil Brown said, “No matter what, I will try my best to protect her and never let her get hurt because of the incident.” Speaking of that incident, Old Master Kyle was so angry that he punched the table and said angrily, “If it weren’t for that Mr. Ken, this thing wouldn’t have happened… At that time, I saw that his children were still young and let them go. I didn’t expect that his daughter would marry into our Kyle family… She overestimated herself.” Later, Old Master learned from Samuel Daly that before the car accident happened, Samuel Daly recorded their conversation and sent it to Herbert Ken. In other words, in order to protect himself, Samuel Daly kept the evidence. In the past, he never thought about getting rid of Samuel Daly, so he didn’t think about any incriminating evidence against him. Until three years ago, Samuel Daly found him and threatened him… After looking through many parties, he aimed for Karen Daly. To prevent the news leakage of that incident, he must get rid of Karen Daly, or get the evidence left by Karen Daly’s mother… Twenty years ago, Karen Daly was just a young child. At that time, she was still Samuel Daly’s daughter. She didn’t know who her biological father was at all. There was no reason for Karen Daly to bear what Herbert Ken had done. Therefore, when Old Master brought up Karen Daly, Neil Brown did not interrupt. Besides, he had seen Karen Daly several times and didn’t know much about her, but he also had a good impression of her. Besides, his nephew had such high standards and good taste, so naturally he’d trust Kevin Kyle’s choice of woman. “Captain Brown, Old Master is having difficulties moving around these days, so you’re the only one who can handle the Little Miss’ affairs,” Assistant Hart suddenly spoke up. Neil Brown turned to look at Assistant Hart and stared at him for a long time. Then he asked cautiously, “Are you from Country A?” Assistant Hart nodded and said, “Yes, I came to Chatterton Town with them, but they all left in the end, leaving only the Little Miss and me behind.” Old Master coughed softly and said, “Hart, you can leave first. Don’t talk nonsense in front of Captain Brown.” Neil Brown said, “It doesn’t matter. Anyway, we are all here for Mia. But I have something to discuss with Assistant Hart. Kevin Kyle is my sister’s son. He is my biological relative and his child is my relative too. Whoever lays a hand on that child in future, I, Neil Brown, will not spare him.” Previously, when Little Karen was attacked, he couldn’t figure out why Old Master would hurt his great-grandchild. Upon learning the identity of Assistant Hart, Neil Brown finally understood Although Neil Brown’s voice was not fierce, but he was stern. Even though Assistant Hart had worked for Old Master for many years and had done countless evil things, he was still a little scared. He lowered his head and did not say a word. “Are you deaf? Are you dumb?” Neil Brown raised his voice, he sounded very much like a soldier. Assistant Hart immediately nodded and said, “. understand.” “Old Master, you should manage your people well. If you didn’t let him loose, he wouldn’t have the guts to do such an outrageous thing. He was brave to even touch your loved ones. Is there anything else he wouldn’t dare to do?” After saying that, Neil Brown stood up and left. Every step he took was mighty and powerful. “Old Master, I…” As soon as Neil Brown left, Assistant Hart stuttered. “Remember not to do it again. My grandson and Neil Brown are not people you can provoke.” Old Master waved his hand helplessly and said, “Don’t think about it anymore. It’s getting late. Help me get up and get to bed.” Assistant Hart hurriedly supported the Old Master and whispered, “Although we have never intended to hurt the little child, judging by the current situation, it is not feasible to use the child to force Karen Daly to hand over the evidence anymore.” When Kevin Kyle returned to the room, Karen Daly was telling Little Karen a story. Her voice had the gentleness of a woman. Every word she said was full of her deep feelings for Little Karen. Little Karen lay in Karen Daly’s arms, blinking her beautiful big eyes. From time to time, she would ask some weird questions. For example, Little Karen asked, “Mom, why does the little rabbit also have a mom?” Karen Daly answered patiently, “Because every child was born and raised by a mother. You are born and raised by a mom, and the little rabbit was also born and raised by a rabbit’s mother.” “Did your mother give birth to you too then?” Karen blinked her big eyes and asked softly. Karen Daly rubbed little Karen’s head and said softly, “Yes, it is right, by the way, you are really smart. I was indeed born and raised by my mother.” Karen nodded, indicating that she understood. She added, “The turtle’s mother gave birth to the turtle, the worm’s mother gave birth to the worm, so Mommy gave birth to little sister and I.” Karen Daly clarified, “Momo’s mother gave birth to Momo, not me.” Little Karen touched her little head and was a little confused. “She’s my sister. Why can’t we have the same mother?” Looking at Little Karen’s doubtful eyes, Karen Daly felt that it was both cute and funny. She lowered her head and kissed her. “Baby, go to sleep first. I will continue the story tomorrow.” “Mom, no. Little Karen was very interested in listening to stories, so she didn’t want to sleep and rolled in her mother’s arms. Karen Daly smiled gently and said, “Fine, fine, fine. Since you don’t want to go to sleep, then let’s play for a while.” Little Karen got up, hugged Karen Daly and kissed her. Then, she asked in a soft voice, “How did you give birth to me? How does a rabbit’s mother give birth to a little rabbit?” This question… Karen Daly really didn’t know how to answer her. She rubbed her eyebrows and gently hummed a lullaby… Kevin Kyle stood at the door and looked at the mother and daughter quietly. He couldn’t bear to disturb them. He still remembered that when Little Karen was almost three years old, she once cried for her mother after coming back from playing with her friends. At that time, she cried and shouted, and he couldn’t comfort her at all. She said, “Why do other children have their mothers but not me?” At that time, when he heard this question, Kevin Kyle’s heart seemed to be hit hard by someone’s fist, which made him feel so painful and numb. Except for holding Little Karen in his arms, he didn’t know how to answer her. Now, Karen Daly had been back for several months, but most of the time, he still felt as if he was in a dream, and everything was so unreal. “Kevin, why are you standing there?” Karen Daly didn’t notice the tall figure standing at the door until Little Karen fell asleep. She didn’t know how long he had been standing there. “Well, both my child and my wife are too beautiful.” Kevin Kyle walked over and smiled. “Both of you are so beautiful that I can’t look away.” “Since when did you become such a sweet talker?” Had Kevin Kyle, who used to be a man of few words, been replaced by an imposter in the past few years when she was not around?.

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