When did you become so eloquent? He thought. Hearing Karen Daly’s words, Kevin Kyle’s heart was full of joy. Her words proved that she had remembered the past. Although she didn’t tell him how she restored her memory, Kevin Kyle could feel it, especially during the conversation between her and Samuel Daly. If Karen Daly only negotiated with Samuel Daly according to the script they had agreed in advance, she would not be so agitated since she did not know her past. The reason why she was so emotional was that she must have been personally affected. If she just heard about her past, how could she be feel so affected? Kevin Kyle knew that Karen Daly had regained her memory. He was very excited, but on the surface, he still pretended that he didn’t know. Since she didn’t want to tell him, then he would wait until the day she was willing to tell him. He knew it wouldn’t be long. Kevin Kyle sat beside Karen Daly, bowed his head and kissed her forehead. He said in a low voice, “Karen, don’t think about running away for the rest of your life. You are my Karen Daly forever.” “I’m not yours.” Karen Daly’s face flushed unconsciously again, and she reached out to pinch his waist. “If you’re not mine, then who do you belong to?” Kevin Kyle smiled evilly and suddenly sealed her lips with his lips. He gently licked his lips after and said, “Tell me, is there any other man who has kissed you like this?” He knew that there weren’t anyone else, but he just wanted to tease Karen Daly. Unexpectedly Karen Daly said, “Yes, there are. And they kiss more fiercely than you did.” “Which bastard!” Kevin Kyle’s face turned black in an instant Thinking that his wife had been kissed by someone else, he wanted to kill him in his heart. Karen Daly smiled and said, “It’s a coincidence. He also had the name, Kyle. He’s good-looking and has a great body shape. It’s just that he wasn’t as chatty as you.” This girl was obviously praising him. Thinking that he was so excellent in her eyes, Kevin Kyle was very happy. He whispered in her ears, “Little bastard, you have changed.” His warm breath was lingered on Karen Daly’s ear. She felt ticklish and whispered, “Do you think you’re the only one allowed to change?” “Of course, you can change as much as you want. If you don’t know how to change, I can be your teacher and teach you how to change.” Kevin Kyle said in a serious tone. Hearing Kevin Kyle’s words, Karen Daly couldn’t resist laughing He was still the Kevin Kyle she was familiar with. He didn’t speak much in front of strangers, but he became more gentle in front of her and her daughter. He learned to say some cheesy lines that he didn’t know how to say even if he was beaten till death before. “Little Karen is over three years old. It’s time for her to learn to sleep alone. We can’t always let her be our third wheel. Kelvin Kyle suddenly changed the topic. Karen Daly rolled her eyes at him and said discontentedly. “I’ll sleep wherever Little Karen sleeps.” She had just reconciled with her daughter. How could she let Little Karen sleep alone? If she couldn’t bear to leave her daughter, then Kevin Kyle would just have to be patient. Kevin Kyle would need to learn to be lonely and practice high abstinence. Karen Daly grabbed Kevin Kyle’s hand away from her abdomen and lifted his hand up. “Kevin, don’t you think that this ring doesn’t look good on you?” She had to figure out a way to get the ring back and study it carefully. She wanted to see there was something the Old Master wanted hidden in the ring. “No, it’s fine.” How could he not feel good about the things she gave him? Karen Daly continued, “I see that you’ve been wearing it all the time, and it’s not shiny anymore. Why don’t you take it off, and I’ll let someone polish it tomorrow. It should look better when you wear it after.” “Alright, then l’l entrust you with this important task, my Mrs. Kyle.” Kevin Kyle did not suspect anything and took off the ring to hand it to Karen Daly. Samuel Daly’s matter has come to an end, and Karen Daly was also very free recently. Maybe it’s good to keep her busy so she would not think too much. It was really a odd summer. Before Karen Daly changed into her clothes, the sun was shining high in the sky. As she was about to go out, it began to rain. However, no matter how big the storm was, it could not stop her from finding out the truth of her father’s car accident. She was going to see George Ken, her brother. George Ken should know more about what happened to their father than her, so she made an appointment with him. If they worked together, they would be able to find clues. As long as she found some clues to prove that the Old Master Kyle was the real murderer who killed her father, no matter what means she used, she would bring him to justice. The meeting with George Ken was at the his house at Chatterton Town, a high-end residential area owned by Rovio. He didn’t spend a penny on this house. It was given to him by Kevin Kyle. When Kevin Kyle said that he would give it to him, he also accepted it generously When George Ken knew that Karen Daly was coming, he quickly asked for a part time worker to help him clean up the messy house. He had to leave a good impression on his sister. After cleaning up, he went to the gate of the residential area and waited for Karen Daly. Seeing that their car had arrived, George Ken greeted her and opened the door for Karen Daly. He smiled and said, “Should I call you Ms. Daly or Mrs. Kyle now?” Karen Daly glared at him and said, “There are only two of us here. Stop pretending.” George Ken pulled Karen Daly into his arms and hugged her. “My dear sister, welcome back,” he said. “Well, thank you for looking for me all this time.” Karen Daly continued, “Brother, thank you very much!” “Since you know that I’m your brother, why are you still so courteous with me?” George Ken held Karen Daly as they walked inside. George Ken led Karen Daly home and said excitedly, “Karen Daly, this is my home in the north of the Chatterton Town. Of course, it’s your home too. Remember, if Kevin Kyle bullied you in the future, run to my place and let me deal with him. Look at the room over there, I’ve got it prepared for you.” Karen Daly glared at him again and said, “Which kind of brother would look forward to the day his sister and brother in-law would argue?” “You little girl.” George Ken felt pitiful. He didn’t wish for his sister to get into arguments. He just wanted to tell his sister that she has an elder brother to rely on. “I know you’re doing this for my own good. I’m just joking with you.” Karen Daly pulled George Ken’s arm and smiled at him. “You’re my brother. Of course, you’ll have to compromise with me.” “Fine, I will give you plenty of leeway in the future.” While speaking, George Ken poured a glass of water for Karen Daly and said, “Do you want to visit my home, or do you want to talk to me about something important?” She would be able to visit his home anytime, but the Old Master Kyle had pushed her too hard. Karen Daly knew that she did not have much time, so she said, “Let’s get down to the real business first.”.

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