Karen Daly and George Ken wanted to avenge their father’s death. Of course, she would not hide anything from him. She told him everything she knew in detail. Listening to her, George Ken’s face turned serious. After a long silence, he punched the table in front of him and said angrily, “Does the old man of the Kyle family think of us as nothing?” “George, don’t be furious. Things have already happened. No matter how angry we are, it doesn’t help. We have to find out the evidence of the murder so that we can avenge our father.” She wanted to take revenge for everything she had suffered as well. She couldn’t let herself suffer in vain. “Karen, you.. have suffered enough.” George gritted his teeth and squeezed out these words, The old man of the Kyle Family was really a devil, for doing those things to an innocent and harmless woman. George even used to respect the old man, and he didn’t expect him to be such a villain. During this period of time, in order to help Karen restore her memory, George did a lot of research about the drug called CR, which was used by the military of Country A for spies. He had seen those people who were injected with the drug in great pain. They would rather die than live. Those who managed to survive had all returned from the jaws of death, The more he thought about it, the angrier George Ken felt. But what was the point of being angry? They were no match for the old man of the Kyle Family if they fought back, Karen was right about this. Ordinary people like them could only solve matters sensibly. They wanted to find the evidence of Old Master Kyle’s crime and spread it. By that time, even if the Kyle family had superpowers, they wouldn’t be able to resist the pressure from the public. George Ken turned around and went back to his room. When he came out again, there was a ring in his hand, a ring that was exactly the same as Karen Daly’s. He said, “Dad gave this ring to me a few days before he was killed. I was still young at that time, and I didn’t understand what he said. I only remembered that he asked me to keep this ring well.” “George…” Karen was so nervous that she gulped. After a pause, she said, “Can these two rings really help us find out the truth of father’s murder?” George put the rings together and looked at them all over. The surface of the rings were empty and did not have anything engraved on them. He said, “Karen, think about it carefully. When your mother gave the ring to you, besides asking you to hand it over to someone who you trust for life, did she say anything else?” Karen tried hard to recall the time when her mother brought her to the hill to bury the ring. She kept thinking and thinking, but she could only remember those words. Perhaps she had spent all that time fantasizing. She was imagining what kind of man would tread on colorful clouds to marry her in future, so she forgot the important things that her mother mentioned. George Ken added, “I tried to think about it again, but it has been too long. At that time, I didn’t expect that it would be the last time we talked, so I didn’t listen to him carefully. The reason why I remembered him telling me to keep the ring carefully so clearly was because he scolded me.” Herbert Ken had passed away for more than 20 years. The ring was handed to George Ken before he passed away. After more than 20 years, George Ken couldn’t remember what his father had said. As for Karen Daly, it was given to her by her mother when she was slightly older. It was not too long ago, so she might be able to think of some clues. Both Karen Daly and George Ken did not know what happened twenty years ago. The only clue that Karen could think of was the ring left by her mother. What kind of secret could a small ring hold? The brother and sister looked at each other, and then glanced at the ring together. After staring at the ring for a long time, they suddenly figured something out at the same time. Karen Daly said, “George, could it be..” “Karen, do you think it’ll be… you can go first.” George Ken said. Karen Daly spoke up. “Look at these two rings, they are obviously a couple pair. It could be their token of love. Mom was holding the man’s version, and father was holding the woman’s ring. Could these two rings be pointing at some direction?” “Yes, it should be.” George Ken thought for a moment and said, “They grew up together and had a very close relationship. I think they are telling us to find the place where they used to date before. The clues may be hidden there.” After reaching this conclusion, they felt disappointed after. Beaford City had developed so quickly. The places that were there decades ago had already been demolished. How could it be possible to find the places where they used to go out on dates? Karen Daly picked up the rings and looked at them again and again. They were just two ordinary rings. She really couldn’t see anything special about them. “Samuel Daly said that he sent the recording of his conversation with Old Master Kyle to our father. The internet was not so advanced 20 years ago. How did he send the recording to father? George Ken added. Karen Daly said, “George, as soon as we figure that out, we will have a clue. Perhaps by finding the way of sending the recording, they would be able to find that recording. Were the two rings showing them the hiding place of that recording? While thinking, Karen’s eyes lit up. “George, could the rings be the actual evidence?” Karen Daly said. George Ken was stunned, then he clapped his hands with excitement. “Maybe these two rings are special chips. We can find a way to read the data.” Karen nodded and continued, “Dad gave you the ring, mom passed this to me, they wanted us keep it separately. Even if one of the rings was taken away by Old Master Kyle, wed still hold some clues.” “Then let’s find some tech professionals and ask them for help as soon as possible. Maybe we can find out the truth.” George Ken said. “No. Old Master Kyle must have someone spying on us. If we look for someone else, it’s very likely that our clues would be taken away.” Karen Daly was very cautious. George Ken thought for a moment and said, “Then let’s ask Kevin Kyle. He is capable and he has connections. It would not a be problem for him to check these rings out.” Karen shook her head and said, “George, I hope we can solve this problem ourselves. Don’t ask for help from Kevin.” “Don’t ask Kevin?” Hearing Karen Daly’s words, George was a little surprised. Was it because Kevin was a part of the Kyle Family, so Karen Daly did not want to look for him? As an outsider, even George ken could see through Kevin Kyle’s feelings for Karen Daly. Kevin Kyle would probably not do anything to hurt Karen Daly in order to protect his grandfather. However, in the face of interests and family, no one could figure out which side Kevin Kyle would stand by. For the sake of their plan, Karen Daly’s decision was right.

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