George thought for a moment and nodded, “After all, Kevin Kyle is also a family member of the Kyle Family. It makes sense that you don’t trust him.” “I do trust him.” Karen Daly denied immediately and said in a slightly angered tone, “That person is his grandfather after all. I don’t want him to be caught between us. If he helps us bring Old Master Kyle to justice, he will take the blame by the public.” Karen Daly understood that Kevin Kyle would help bring Old Master Kyle to justice willingly. Deep down, she believed that Kevin Kyle would always stand by her side. Karen Daly wanted to get even this time. However, she had to do this on her own. She could not let Kevin Kyle do it on her behalf. She did not want Kevin Kyle to be labeled as unfilial. He didn’t want others to say that Kevin Kyle turned his back on his own grandfather for the sake of a woman. George Ken patted Karen Daly’s hand and comforted her. “It’s okay. Without Kevin, you still have me. Leave this matter to me. I trust that we can do this as long as we’re in it together.” “George, promise me that you won’t tell Kevin.” Both of them were classmates and good friends. It was hard to trust her brother fully on this. “Hey little one, don’t worry. I still have some dignity. I promise to not tell.” George Ken said confidently. Karen Daly gave him a playful smile and said, “Are you sure you still have some dignity? I thought it’s all gone?” “Just because you have Kevin Kyle, doesn’t mean I can’t bully you.” George Ken pretended to be fierce, but Karen Daly wasn’t scared at all. They would definitely avenge their father’s death, but they also wanted to enjoy each other’s company. Might as well have some fun while doing this together. They thought. When the popular celebrity, Polaris’s, romantic love affair was exposed, it instantly shook the entire entertainment industry It was major news! She was the talk of the town for an entire day, and the news kept buzzing online to. The news probably reached out to millions of fans or readers. In the past, whenever there was any news about Polaris, they would be cleared up in less than a few minutes, the news would disappear instantly. Through the photos leaked on the Internet, Polaris was talking to a man face to face. They looked very close. As both parties didn’t step out to release any statements, it seemed like a silent nod in confirming their relationship. Her fans were disheartened over this news, like they’ve just lost the love of their lives. A lot of rumours were spreading regarding the “couple”. Mia Kyle, the girl in the photo, saw the news as well. She did not request for the scandal this time, but it seemed to be doing a great job with the image she was going after. The angle of the photo taken was really good. One of the photos looked like she was kissing Master Perth. Mia Kyle wanted this. Although she did not start this scandal, but it had been spreading on the Internet for so long. Mia Kyle was so eager to see Neil Brown’s reaction. If he could still act like nothing had happened, he could not blame Mia Kyle for acting more aggressively after. She had prepared her moves. Mia Kyle counted again and again with her fingers. She had not heard from Neil Brown for 15 days, and the man didn’t answer her phone calls either. She didn’t know where he went. During this period, she went to the military region of Chatterton Town and was stopped by some guards while she was still far away. The guards said that it was a military compound and regular citizens were not allowed to enter leisurely. Damn it. They didn’t stop her when she went in before, why would they stop her now? However, no matter how she made a fuss, she couldn’t even see Neil Brown’s shadow. She couldn’t even get close to him. How could they bully her like this? She was envisioning the day when she would be their Commander’s wife, then these people would look at her differently then At this time, Mia Kyle lay down on her couch. She held her mobile phone on her hand and constantly scrolled through her phone. The number of comments of her scandalous news was getting higher and higher, and there were more and more discussions. She was elated. As she flipped through the comments, she saw a shocking comment. The number of likes and reposts of that comment was also growing rapidly. The comment mentioned that Polaris had been living with Mr. Perth for the past half month, and they had been strolling around the high-end neighborhood with their hands together. The comment was posted along with a picture. The figure of the woman wearing a cap taken from the back looked exactly the same as her. It was understandable why would the fans trust the news “So great!” Mia jumped up and down and spoke excitedly like a child. Master Perth had asked someone to imitate her and spread the rumour. He must have wanted to ruin her reputation, but he didn’t know that she enjoyed this. For the scandals that she had created in the past, her cold brother was quick to demolish them before Neil Brown could see it. This time, the news had gotten so big that she knew that Neil Brown would definitely read them. After seeing this scandal, what would be the expression on Neil Brown’s face? Would he be jealous? Mia Kyle was very confident that Neil Brown would definitely be jealous. She really wanted to see how he looked being jealous. He must look very handsome and charming. As she was thinking, Neil Brown’s phone call came in. Although she really wanted to pick up his call and listen to his voice, she had to hold back. She had to let him worry about her. She purposely wanted to play hard to get, so that he could understand how important she was in his heart Mia Kyle did not answer the phone call from Neil Brown, and she also declined the call reluctantly. She said proudly, “Neil Brown, keep calling me. If you call me again, then I will answer your call.” After hanging up the phone, Mia Kyle waited, thinking that the second call from Neil Brown would come soon. She had been waiting for several minutes, but Neil Brown did not call back. What the f*ck! What a bastard! She only hung up the phone once. Could he be angry and ignored her? In the past, he hung up on her quite a few times, didn’t he? Although she scolded him, but she had never been crossed with him! Well, if he didn’t call her back, she would call him. Mia gritted her teeth and quickly called back. As soon as the call was answered, she shouted, “Neil Brown, you bastard, why didn’t you call me again? Why am I always the one calling?” As soon as she finished yelling, she heard a stuttering voice from the phone, “Miss Kyle, I’m sorry. I was holding the Captain’s phone and accidentally dialed the wrong number.” “You! Say that again if you have the balls!” How could it be possible that it was not Neil who called? It was impossible! She would rather be beaten to death than trust Neil Brown’s assistant’s explanation.

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