Mia Kyle heard the assistant’s voice again. “Miss Kyle, even you let me repeat myself a hundred times, I’l.” Mia Kyle didn’t want to hear his nonsense. She interrupted and said, “Let Neil Brown answer the phone.” The assistant paused for a moment and stammered, “The Captain isn’t here.” “Please pass him the message that I’m about to get married and he is invited to my wedding ceremony. I would like for him to attend.” Mia Kyle added. After shouting, Mia Kyle hung up the call and jumped around the room in anger. “What on earth does this idiot man want?” Well, he ignored her, didn’t he? Then she would play along with him until the end. Mia Kyle scrolled through her call log, found an unsaved number, and quickly dialed it. She wanted to look for the person whom she had beaten up before. He was Master Perth, the man who’s in the scandal with her. Moreover, she was looking for him to ask for help. After beating him up, she still had the nerve to ask him for help. Trust that Mia Kyle had the tenacity to do so. The call was answered shortly, followed by the pleasant voice of Master Perth, “Polaris, do you like the gift I sent?” “I like it very much.” Mia Kyle was smart and understood that Master Perth was referring to the scandal. “Since you like it, shouldn’t you thank me?” Master Perth said. “I called to thank you. What else do you think I would call you for?” Mia Kyle continued. “I won’t accept just a thank you.” Master Perth said. “Master Perth, I’ll treat you to a meal if you’re available.” Mia Kyle said. “Okay. I’ll pick you up.” Master Perth said. It didn’t take long for Master Perth to arrive at her place after the phone call. It was as if he had been waiting nearby. However, Mia was still so mad at Neil Brown. She could only think about getting close to Neil Brown. She wasn’t thinking of anything else. She knew that if she had dinner with Master Perth at this time and get their pictures taken by others, the heat of the scandal would definitely be rising rapidly. As long as she acted a little flirtatious with Master Perth, it would be reported dramatically by the paparazzi and the popularity of this scandal could last for a few more days. The bastard Neil Brown was brave to mistreat her. He must know that she got him hooked. She would play along and see how would he respond. Mia Kyle was fearless and shameless. After beating Master Perth up, she could still act like nothing happened and get on his car without Jacky Ball’s knowledge. Master Perth was driving a luxurious car that was worth millions of dollars. Not many people could afford to buy this kind of car. Mia Kyle sat on the passenger’s seat and commented, “Your father is just a mayor of Chatterton Town and you don’t even have a proper job. How can you afford such a luxurious car?” Master Perth started the car engine and sped up slowly. He looked back at Mia Kyle and said, “Who told you that my father was the mayor of Chatterton Town? “You told me.” Mia still remembered that his people said so on the night when she was drugged. Master Perth explained, “You misunderstood. My family name is Perth, and my friends call me Master Perth for fun. The son of the mayor of Chatterton Town is also called Master Perth, but that’s not me. They have nothing to do with me.” Mia Kyle: “..” She carefully recalled the situation on that night. Those people said that the mayor’s son, Master Perth, was the third person that no one would mess with in Chatterton Town. They then called the man in front of her “Master Perth”. It was true that no one pointed at him and said that he was the mayor’s son. It didn’t matter who he was. As long as he was willing to help her heat up the scandal, she wouldn’t care about matters that had nothing to do with her. Since it was Mia Kyle’s treat, Master Perth didn’t hold back. He took Mia to a well-known private restaurant which was ridiculously expensive. After getting off the car, Mia Kyle held Master Perth’s arm and looked at him with a faint smile. They posed a little for the paparazzi. Master Perth understood that. He played along with Mia Kyle. He stretched out his hand and grabbed her waist. He went near her ear and whispered, “Polaris, you used me for this scandal, I would need some reward.” Mia Kyle blinked her beautiful eyes and responded with a smile, “Master Perth, aren’t you the one who used me to stir this up? Why is it on me.” Before Mia Kyle could finish her words, her body was hugged by Master Perth. Mia stretched out her hands to his chest and exclaimed, “Master Perth, what do you want?” Master Perth smiled slyly and said, “There are so many paparazzi taking pictures. We could create some shocking scenes for them to shoot.” Yes, she wanted to heat up the scandal with him, so it was reasonable for them to be flirty. Just as Mia Kyle was hesitating, Master Perth held her waist with one hand, and he held the back of her head with the another hand. He then pulled her closer to him, and kissed her hard. Suddenly, she was kissing this man. The strange lips, the strange temperature, the strange breath, everything was strange.. Mia Kyle widened her eyes and looked at him in a daze. She even forgot that she wanted to push him away deep down in her heart In the past, she was always the one who kissed Neil Brown, and was always pushed away. She had never enjoyed the taste of Neil’s breath Not to mention that this man was a good kisser, which gave her a good feeling… Neil Brown, you keep hiding from me, and don’t even let me get close to you. You didn’t even want to sleep with me. Fine, I will listen to you and find another man to test the feeling of love. If I have a crush on someone else and don’t want you anymore, don’t come crying to me at that time. Mia thought angrily. “It seems that i’m not charming enough to attract you.” Master Perth’s voice disrupted her thoughts. She didn’t realize that Master Perth had let her go. Mia Kyle wiped her lips, like she was wiping away the man’s taste. Master Perth added, “You were thinking about another man when I kissed you. It’s hurtful to me.” Mia Kyle shrugged her shoulders and said, I can’t do anything about it, I just like that despicable man.” She was even more pathetic than Neil Brown was. He avoided her so much, but she still pursued him and pestered him shamelessly. Master Perth grabbed her shoulder and said, “The photos of us kissing will soon be spread out and will be widely spread on the Internet. Neil Brown will definitely be able to see it.” Mia Kyle said proudly, “My purpose is to let him see it.” Master Perth reached out his hand to rub Mia’s head and said, “It’s time to test if he has you in his heart.”

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