It was time to test if he has you in his heart. Listening to Master Perth’s words, Mia Kyle felt somewhat anxious. If Neil Brown still didn’t do anything after seeing this news, would it mean that he really has no feelings for her? However, Mia Kyle had always been optimistic. It doesn’t matter if Neil Brown has no feelings for her. It would be fine as long as she has romantic feelings towards him. She took the advantage of today’s scandal to test Neil Brown’s feelings. Only then she would know what she should do next. “Let’s go for dinner.” Master Perth left with Mia Kyle in his arms. Mia Kyle didn’t reject his advances, instead, she leaned closely against Master Perth’s arms. A good actor should continue to act until the end of the show. Perhaps it was because Master Perth was really good looking, or he must be helpful, or because they had chatted for a long time, Mia Kyle felt that this person was not as annoying as he used to be, and she would befriend him. She treated Master Perth as a friend, so she didn’t have to be too polite with him. When they were having dinner together, Mia Kyle did not mind her posture and mannerisms much. The alcohol content in the red wine was not very high, but it didn’t matter. It’d still make someone drunk. Although Master Perth was asking Polaris not to drink too much, but he still kept pouring her wine. After drinking a few glasses of wine, Mia Kyle’s face turned red, and she was feeling tipsy. She became chatty. As she drank, she pat out all the resentment in her heart against Neil Brown. “Master Perth, you must think that Neil Brown is a great man. But in my eyes, he is just a coward. He is a cheap man, a stinky man, a jerk!” “That bastard obviously likes me, but he keeps hiding from me. If it weren’t for my own pleasure in bed in the future, would have kicked him in his balls.” “What can you do? He’s so excellent. He’s became the commander of the Chatterton Town Military with his own effort at a young age. Of course, he’s an extraordinary man.” “Such an excellent man, so how many women would wish to marry him? My taste is not bad at all.” Mia Kyle was scolding Neil Brown in the first place, but now she was praising him. She had set her eyes on him after all. Master Perth quietly listened to what she had to say about Neil Brown. An idea flashed through his mind and he spoke up, “Mia, you are so good. It’s his blessing to have someone like you crushing over him. If he doesn’t appreciate you, I will take you away so that he can never find you.” Mia Kyle let out a burp and staggered to stand up. “Master Perth, thank you for chatting and drinking with me. We’ll be friends from now on. If you want to drink, call me and I’ll accompany you at any time.” “I’ll thank you then, Miss Kyle. It’s my honor to be your friend.” Master Perth held Mia Kyle, who was unstable, and said, “You’re drunk. just sit down. I’ll ask someone to prepare you a cup of tea.” “Thanks!” Mia Kyle smiled and said, “Master Perth, you are really kind. If hadn’t met Neil Brown first, I might have liked you. After all, I met him first, so if you have feelings for me, please keep it to yourself. Don’t say it out, so that we can still be friends in the future.” “No, I know you earlier than he does!” Master Perth shouted in his heart, but he didn’t say anything out loud. He shook his head in amusement. “How can a person be so narcissistic?” Mia Kyle was not only narcissistic, but also had a bad temper. After drinking some tea, Mia Kyle was sobering up. She took out her mobile phone and browse all the major news outlets. It was full of the photos of her and Master Perth kissing passionately, and many readers and fans were discussing about it. She trusted that these photos would not only reach Neil Brown, but his family too. However, her mobile phone had been quiet for some time. Neil Brown hasn’t called, and so did her family, In the past, whenever anything happened, Grandpa Kyle would call her to check up on her, but this time, Grandpa Kyle did not call Did her family really had enough of her troubles and left her to fend for her own this time? “Polaris, what’s the matter?” Master Perth asked concerningly “Master Perth, it’s getting late. Please send me home.” She had to calm down and think about matters carefully What if… sigh, she would not let go of Neil Brown “Polaris, no matter what happened, be strong and don’t lose yourself.” Master Perth said that as he sent Mia Kyle home. Mia Kyle stood there and thought for a long time, but she couldn’t figure out what he was trying to tell her. She shook her head, turned around and walked towards the residential area. The house the she was living in was in a strategic geographical location. It was located in the South side of Chatterton Town. Outside the residential area was the largest ecological park in Chatterton Town. Whenever Mia was in Chatterton Town, she usually lived here. Sometimes, she would go back to Secret Garden to help look after Little Karen. She would not interrupt that family randomly. Now that her sister-in-law was back, Little Karen would be taken care by her mom, so she wouldn’t care about her Little Aunt anymore. She walked quite a distance and finally reached home. She opened the door, took off her shoes, threw her bag down, and did not turn on the lights. She walked to her bathroom that had light coming through the window. She smelled like alcohol after drinking so much. After taking a warm shower, she felt refreshed and comfortable, and she would not think about those annoying things anymore. Mia walked out of the bathroom, and she walked to the living room naked. She searched her table and found a cigarette and lighter. Clap The lighter was ignited. With the help of the flame, Mia saw a man sitting on the sofa. It was a man with a gloomy face, who looked like a soul-catcher from hell. “Ah-” Mia Kyle was so scared that she screamed and turned to run away After panicking for a while, she thought of something. Mia stopped and looked back. Through the faint moonlight, she realized that there was a man wearing military uniform. Neil Brown! It was him, that bastard. When did he come? Why didn’t he turn on the lights? Did she want to scare her to death sitting there with a gloomy face Knowing that it was Neil Brown, Mia Kyle became more daring. She turned on the lights in the room. She didn’t mind being naked. However, as soon as the lights were turned on, Mia Kyle instantly regretted. Neil Brown looked absolutely terrifying! She had never seen him like this. It seemed that he could eat her at any time.

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