The light was extremely dazzling, but compared to the light, Neil Brown’s cold eyes stood out more. Even Mia Kyle, who was always bullying him, was a little scared. She wanted to turn around and run away, but she forcibly suppressed the fear in her heart. Neil Brown came to her this time. She wouldn’t let go of such a good opportunity. She must not let him go away easily Under the bright light, Mia was completely naked. Her skin, which was as fair as fair could be, gradually turned pink. She licked her lips and said proudly, “You’re jealous, aren’t you? You still have a chance before I’m taken away by others.” Mia Kyle deliberately puffed her chest. Neil narrowed his eyes. His eyes were still as sharp as a knife. He visually scanned through her but still remained speechless. Mia felt a little uncomfortable under his gaze, so she rushed to him and threw herself into his arms. He hugged him tightly and said, “Neil Brown, let’s do it. Believe me, I will give you pleasure.” She had learned so many skills by watching porn. Whether it was from the front or the back, she made sure that everything could be done right. She was waiting to try it with Neil Brown. Neil Brown straightened his body, as if he was not moved by the beauty in front of him, but the veins popping on his forehead were popping. Mia Kyle continued, “Don’t hesitate, Neil. You should seize the opportunity while I’m still willing to give it to you. Don’t regret it when you lose me.” “Neil Brown, in fact, I still like you. When Master Perth kissed me today, the person in my mind was you, I was imagining that you’d be the one kissing me.” If Mia Kyle didn’t say that, Neil Brown could still remain calm. As soon as she said that, the anger that was forcibly suppressed just broke out. He pressed Mia Kyle’s head to the wall and kissed her hard. He was biting her through his kiss, as if he was punishing her for being disobedient. Neil Brown, you bastard! His kiss was much more powerful than Mia Kyle’s imagination, and she couldn’t use the moves she learned. She clumsily responded to his kiss. Mia Kyle’s heart was beating fast, and she kept praying in his heart- Neil Brown, let’s do it tonight. I really want to be with you. Just as Mia Kyle was bracing herself, Neil Brown suddenly pushed her away. His face was still gloomy, he looked at her and said coldly, “You are not allowed to contact the man named Perth anymore.” “Who do you think you are? Do you have anything to do with me? It’s none of your business which man I’d like to be with!” Mia bit her lips tightly, suppressed the grievance in her heart, and looked at him stubbornly. This bastard… she was so close to getting laid, but he could still take it back. Was she no attractive enough? Was she not seductive? What could be the reason? “Yes, I’m not yours. So, you can get naked in front of any stranger then?” Neil Brown suddenly stood up. Mia Kyle was scared for a moment. Hearing the words of Neil Brown, Mia Kyle was angry. She also stood up, but she was much shorter than him. She could only look up at him, and her fierceness instantly fell short. She stood on the sofa. She stood with one hand on her waist and the other pointing at Neil Brown. She yelled, “Neil Brown, don’t think that you can insult me just because I like you. I’m telling you, when I like you, you are like a treasure in my heart. When I don’t like you anymore, you would mean nothing to me. That’s enough. Did this despicable man think that she can’t find someone else? Mia Kyle had money, beauty, and body. There were so many men pursuing her. Why did she have to put up with this cheap man? Mia Kyle’s words were very powerful. However, there were tears rolling down from the corner of her eyes. She didn’t want to cry, especially in front of him. But why were the damn tears out of her control? Mia Kyle wiped away her tears and pointed at the door. She shouted, “Get out! Who said you could come to my house? I’m telling you, get out as far as you can, and don’t show up in front of me again.” Neil Brown didn’t say anything. He just clenched his fists and his eyes were burning with flames. He could take her away now and not give a damn about other things. He could easily give up his battle and claim her as his. But when she would learn the truth one day, she would definitely hate him. Neil Brown hid the sadness in his eyes. He glanced at Mia Kyle again, then turned around and left. Mia Kyle was just saying things out of her anger. She didn’t expect for that bastard Neil Brown to really leave. She was so angry that she grabbed the cup on the coffee table and threw it at him. She used a lot of strength to throw the cup, but Neil Brown didn’t dodge it. The cup hit his back and broke, which must be very painful. “Neil Brown, if you walk away, I’ll go and sleep with another man right now.” He didn’t respond again, which made Mia Kyle angrier. She grabbed another cup and threw it at him again Just as she spoke, Neil had stopped and turned around. The cup then hit Neil Brown’s head… Mia Kyle watched him get hurt helplessly and took a pause. The cup hit his head and was broken. The fragments scratched his forehead, and blood was flowing. Neil Brown did not flinch at all while blood dripped down his forehead. He looked at Mia Kyle and said slowly, “I don’t have anything to do with you. It’s none of my business if you find someone else. Please don’t harass me anymore in the future.” As he spoke, Neil Brown turned around to open the door. He walked out and slammed the door shut. Bang The loud sound of the door slamming frightened Mia Kyle. She felt bad, furious, angry… All kinds of emotions welled up in her heart “Neil Brown, do you really think that you are the only man in this world? Do you really think that I can’t live without you?” Mia Kyle was so angry that she cursed out loud. She grabbed the things and wanted to smash them, but she couldn’t afford to smash the things she bought. She was in high distress. She didn’t want to smash anything so she should just yell at him. It would not cost her anything for scolding him anyway. She cursed Neil Brown to death. She was shouting and cursing out loud At this time, Neil Brown was still outside the door, listening to her curses. If she could still swear at him, it meant that she was fine. He trust that Mia Kyle would sleep this matter off and wake up cheerful and energetic again.

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