Sometimes, the person he loved was right in front of him and he wanted to hold her in his arms and love her. But because of certain circumstances, he had to restrain himself. He didn’t care about anything else, he didn’t care about his family, he didn’t care about his military team in Chatterton Town. He wanted to take Mia Kyle away, and go to a place where no one knew of them, and live their lives together. Neil Brown thought about this idea more than once. He wanted to abandon everything and leave with Mia Kyle. However, he was still too rational. Perhaps Mia Kyle was not as important as he thought. Every time he had this idea, Neil Brown used his rationality to suppress his emotions. After standing outside the door and making sure that Mia Kyle would not get into trouble, Neil Brown left willingly. As soon as he walked out of the residential area, Kevin Kyle called him. When he answered the phone, he heard Kevin Kyle say, “Let’s have a drink together.” Hearing Kevin Kyle’s voice, Neil Brown looked up and saw that Kevin Kyle’s bright car was parked on the side of the road. Neil Brown strode over and sat down in the passenger’s seat. He said, “I don’t recall you like drinking. Why do you want to treat me to a drink today? Furthermore it’s nighttime, why don’t you go home to accompany your wife and child? Kevin Kyle responded, “I haven’t treated my uncle for a drink since forever, so I’ll treat you today.” Neil Brown said, “Okay. Then let’s have a good night.” Kevin Kyle nodded without saying anything else. He didn’t like clubs or pubs, so he chose a quiet place to drink. It was a small bar near the sea There were a lot of people here, but most of the people who came here were couples. They drank wine and chatted with each other. It was quite peaceful. As soon as the two handsome and powerful men appeared, they immediately attracted the attention of many people. The waitresses eyes couldn’t move away from them, and so did the customers around them. Neil Brown smiled and said, “It’s my pleasure to come out with you, Director Kevin. I feel inferior walking alongside you.” Kevin Kyle didn’t say a word. He was so cold that strangers couldn’t get close to him. Kevin Kyle and Neil Brown chose a private area near the windows on the second floor. They could see pedestrians walking outside, as well as the night view of the beach not far away The sea breeze was gentle, accompanied by a beautiful scenery. The small road by the seaside was indeed a good place for many couples to take a walk. Kevin Kyle still remembered during his first dinner with Karen Daly, she requested to take a stroll here after dinner, so he accompanied her. That night, she drank a little wine and was a little drunk, so she spoke a lot. She pointed to the bay and said that she wanted to build an ocean park there. Ocean park. Kevin Kyle heard her words and firmly remembered it in his heart. After sitting down, Neil Brown ordered wine, but Kevin Kyle ordered tea… Neil Brown glanced at him and said discontentedly, “You invited me to drink, but you ordered tea. Do you want to disgust me like this?” “Karen Daly and Little Karen don’t like the smell of alcohol.” Kevin replied, but in fact, Karen Daly had never said so. Kevin Kyle still remembered that Karen Daly was very good at drinking, but he didn’t want to go home to see his wife and child smelling like a drunk. “I really can’t imagine that a workaholic like you could pay so much attention to your wife and child.” In Neil Brown’s eyes, Kevin Kyle had always been a man who had a good life and behaved decently. He always thought that even if Kevin Kyle got married and have kids one day, it was purely to please his elders, and he would never be devoted to his family. He could analyse people very accurately. He didn’t expect that he read Kevin Kyle wrongly. His focus on to his family made Neil Brown look at him with a new perspective. “I would still work hard, so that my family could live comfortably. However, it is also my duty to look after their emotional needs. Otherwise, no matter how good their lives are, they will not feel happy.” Kevin Kyle believed that he needed to do his due diligence to look after his family. Because of his mindset, he did not acknowledge his feelings for Karen Daly. He always thought that he was good to her, just because she was his wife. Neil Brown didnt say anything. In fact, he understood Kevin Kyle’s points. He also wanted to marry Mia Kyle and dote on her. He didn’t want her to cause any trouble outside. But he couldn’t, and he wasn’t qualified either… Wine and snacks were served fast. Neil Brown was a soldier, so he was straightforward and forthright. He drank his wine straight from the bottle instead of pouring to his glass. Kevin Kyle did not touch the tea in front of him. Instead, he looked thoughtfully at Neil Brown. After finishing his bottle of wine, Neil Brown put the bottle down and said, “Matthew, it’s impossible to get me drunk and get some information from me.” Kevin Kyle smiled and did not respond. Neil Brown ate his snacks, “I have told you before that you have someone you want to protect, and I have someone want to protect. Let both of us achieve our own goals.” Kevin Kyle said, “Uncle, I’m just treating you to a drink. Don’t think too much.” “Just a casual drink?” Kevin Kyle was a busy man, so Neil Brown certainly didn’t believe that he had no hidden intentions. Kevin Kyle took a sip of tea and said, “Well Uncle, I’m sure you heard of a man named Perth, who is rumored to have an affair with Mia Kyle. “Yes, I know.” Neil Brown had already asked for his people to find out the identity and background of that man. Kevin Kyle said, “His appearance helped me piece my puzzles together.” Neil Brown paused for a moment and asked, “Do you know?” Kevin Kyle nodded. “Zuriel Perth is his real name, and he was from Country A. He was once engaged to the daughter of the princess of Country A. But 20 years ago, the princess’s family disappeared into thin air. They vanished, and no one knew where they went.” Neil Brown asked, “What do you want to do?” Kevin Kyle continued, “I’m sure there’s more to that story. I want you to work with me. Let’s find out the truth together.” Neil Brown said, “Why do you want to work with me? If you want to find out, you can definitely do it yourself.” Kevin Kyle said, “Uncle, you have tried for a few years, but still can’t find any clues. I think that I’m still far away from you.” Neil Brown said, “We want this thing to rest forever, not to let more people know of it.” Kevin Kyle let out a cold smile, “You know that paper can never cover a fire. Instead of looking for a way to let the matter rest, we’d better investigate well and give everyone a proper explanation.”.

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