After the conversation with Neil Brown, they returned home as it was already late. Little Karen had already fallen asleep. Karen Daly was just beside Little Karen, and she was sewing clothes for her carefully.. It was a great pity in Karen Daly’s heart that she hadn’t been with Little Karen for more than three years and missed out on her growing up Therefore, after returning to Little Karen’s side, she tried her best to make up for lost time. Kevin Kyle had been standing at the door for a long time, but Karen Daly still did not notice him. He coughed lightly to attract Karen Daly’s attention. Karen Daly was too focused on her work. Suddenly, she was startled by his voice. The needle tip accidentally pricked her finger, which made her frown slightly in pain. Kevin Kyle walked over and grabbed Karen Daly’s hand. As he saw the blood flow out, he put it in his mouth and pressed on it gently. The pain turned numb. She wanted to retract her hand, but Kevin Kyle bit her gently. He let go of her and said, “If you’re so careless, you’re not allowed to do these things again in the future.” Karen Daly rolled her eyes at him. “It’s none of your business.” “Well? if I don’t care about you. Who else wants to care about you?” Kevin Kyle approached her and opened his mouth to bite her ruddy cheeks. Karen Daly gave him a push. “You are already a father but still act so childishly.” “I’m still a regular man even though I am already a father.” Kevin Kyle put the needle and clothes away, then he picked Karen Daly up. “Mrs. Kyle, join me for a shower.” “Kevin, I’ve already taken my shower.” She had already taken a shower. Why should she take a shower again? “Just accompany me.” “No!” She exclaimed. “Please?” Kevin pleaded. Karen Daly knew that Kevin Kyle wanted more than just a bath. This naughty guy… ah, she missed the old Kevin Kyle, who used to be so cold. “Karen” Kevin Kyle stroked her head and called her name softly. Karen Daly buried her head in the pillow. She wanted to play hard to get Kevin Kyle hugged her and laughed gently. “You’re the mother of a child, but you’re still so shy and so cute.” Karen Daly opened her mouth and bit him on his chest, then cried out, “Bad guy!” Kevin Kyle bit her earlobes and smirked, “Bad? I only do bad things to you. It’s actually an honor.” “Mr. Kyle, is everyone in your family so narcissistic?” Karen Daly finally understood why Little Karen was so vain. It turned out that she was not taught by Mia Kyle, but by this man instead. Little Karen was indeed his daughter. Kevin Kyle said, “I’m just stating a fact.” Karen Daly did not say anything. Karen Daly also kept quiet. She was just a designer, and she was no match for this powerful President of the Kyle corporation. She had heard from George Ken that Kevin Kyle used to be the captain of his school’s debate team. This meant that he was good at talking, and she would never win. Kevin Kyle lowered his head and kissed Karen Daly again. He held her in his arms and let out a long sigh of relief, saying, “I can sleep well tonight.” Karen Daly muttered in her heart. Was he implying that he couldn’t sleep well before? Why did he blame her if he couldn’t sleep well? Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly in his arms and fell asleep shortly, but Karen Daly couldn’t fall asleep in his arms. In the past two days, there was still no news from George Ken’s side, and they didn’t know how things went. If she could find the evidence of Old Master Kyle’s murder, would she and Kevin Kyle be able to live a peaceful life after this? She didn’t know! If she and Kevin Kyle… Thinking of this, Karen Daly turned to look at Little Karen, who was lying next to her, and could not resist pinching Little Karen’s chubby little face. “Sigh..” Karen Daly sighed softly. If something were to happen one day, she would not want anything else but just Little Karen “Mrs. Kyle, what are you thinking about?” The voice of the man who had already fallen asleep suddenly disrupted Karen Daly’s thoughts. Karen Daly shook her head and said, “It’s getting late. You have to go to work tomorrow. Go to bed early.” From Karen Daly’s tone, Kevin Kyle could sense that there must be something hidden in her heart. He rubbed her head and said, “Karen, remember what I said to you, or I won’t be merciful.” It was clearly a threat, but Karen Daly sensed his concerns for her. She smiled and said, “Yes, Mr. Kyle! The next day. The sun was shining brightly However, even though it was a very hot day, the people of Chatterton were Town still going about with their daily routines with no signs of stopping. At this time, Master Perth was sitting in the best cafe in Chatterton Town. This cafe was founded by a famous celebrity in Country A, and it was rumoured to have been a memorial to an old friend. Master Perth liked this place very much. He came here every weekend after coming to Chatterton Town. He would order a cup of their famous brew, and the stay there for half the day. Today was no exception. However, he was usually alone, but Master Perth had a “friend” to accompany him today. Kevin Kyle sat across Master Perth. He was wearing his usual white shirt and a pair of black trousers. He had his gold- rimmed glasses on. He appeared strict and mysterious. He sat there and looked at Master Perth with a deep gaze. Master Perth felt slightly pressured. However, he had been working for the royal family of Country A for a long time. He definitely had his experiences. Even though he was a little intimidated by Kevin Kyle’s aura, he was still able to talk and laugh. Master Perth picked up the cup of coffee, and the aromatic scent rushed into his nose. “It’s such a hot day today, yet you asked me out. What can I do for you?” Kevin Kyle smiled, but his gaze was still stone cold. “Master Perth, you are well aware of this. Why do you have to do this?” In the past few days, Kevin Kyle had already learnt the identity of Master Perth. Master Perth would certainly know some insider information that he hadn’t learn yet, so he wanted to know more from Master Perth. Of course, Master Perth understood Kevin Kyle’s words. He just wanted to give Kevin Kyle a taste of humility so that he could buy some time on his side. But he didn’t expect that Kevin Kyle would be so direct. Master Perth smiled and said, “Since that’s the case, Mr. Kyle, let’s get straight to the point.” “That’s what I thought.” Kevin Kyle adjusted his glasses and squinted his eyes a little, showing a fierce look. For some reason, Master Perth felt that there was a needle on his back. However, he saw a smile on the corner of Kevin Kyle’s mouth. Kevin Kyle said, “I heard that you have been looking for someone for more than ten years?” Master Perth nodded. “That’s right.” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, “Have you found her?” “I have found her.” Master Perth put down his coffee and said, “Speaking of which, I still have to thank you and your family. She has a distinguished status and has been living well for so many years. Thanks to your family, taking such good care of her! Otherwise, I could only imagine how much she would have suffered.”

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