Kevin Kyle shook his head, and his smile was much colder. “No, that’s not necessary. She is my sister.” No matter who Mia Kyle was, she remained the daughter of the Kyle family, she would always be his sister. “Oh?” Master Perth sighed. “You must have done your fair share of investigation, haven’t you? Her mother is the Princess of Country A. If the Princess’s family had not disappeared suddenly in Chatterton Town many years ago, Mia Kyle would not have been part of the Kyle family at all.” Master Perth’s words had a hidden intention. Obviously, he thought that Kevin Kyle did not qualify to be Mia Kyle’s brother Master Perth’s sarcasm was so obvious, but Kevin Kyle still did not change his expression. He had been in the business industry for more than ten years, so he was definitely not a person who could be easily taunted. Kevin Kyle looked at Master Perth and he looked as composed as ever. “As long as she is Mia Kyle, she will be my sister. As for.. her mother’s identity and status, I don’t care. Besides…” Kevin Kyle paused for a moment. The way he looked at Master Perth was no longer as calm as before. “Besides, I didn’t come here for her. I just want to know… who killed Mia Kyle’s parents that year? How was that related to Herbert Ken?” Then, a surprised expression appeared on Master Perth’s face. It took him more than ten years to find Mia Kyle, and then he finally understood what happened to the Princess and her family in Chatterton Town… However, Kevin Kyle only spent a few days to find so many clues… Master Perth looked at Kevin Kyle and sighed again. It was a pity that this man was born into a business-oriented family. With Kevin Kyle’s ability and personality, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to lead a country. After thinking about it, Master Perth smiled and said, “Why should I tell you? You are a businessman. Don’t you know what you have to pay for it?” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows. “What do you want?” Master Perth looked at Kevin Kyle and said with a faint smile, “Only you have what I want, but I am afraid that you are reluctant to give it to me.” Kevin Kyle said calmly, “Go ahead.” Master Perth came closer to Kevin Kyle and whispered, “Karen Daly!” “Karen Daly? You want Karen Daly?” Kevin Kyle sneered. His gaze at Master Perth was as sharp as a sharp sword, as if Master Perth could be sent to the hell at any time. “Yes, I just want her.” Ignoring the fierce gaze from Kevin Kyle, Master Perth continued, “Director Kevin, are you willing to give her to me?” Kevin Kyle looked at Master Perth and narrowed his eyes. He let out a faint smile. Kevin Kyle’s faint smile was like a thorn in his back. Suddenly, Master Perth felt chills running down his spine. However, he too had mastered the skills of maintaining a straight face and calm composure in faces of adversity. Master Perth smiled and continued, “Director Kevin, don’t look at me like that. I will be afraid. If you don’t want to let her go, I can’t do anything as well. I don’t have the ability to take her away, so she is still yours.” Kevin Kyle leaned on the chair as steady as a rock. He said calmly, “Master Perth, we’re both smart and sensible people. Why don’t you tell me what you want directly?” Master Perth originally wanted to play psychological games with Kevin Kyle by using Karen Daly as a bait first, and then only he would say out his real intention. Once again, he misjudged Kevin Kyle’s ability. This man’s mentality was far more powerful than he had imagined. He did not manage to disrupt Kevin Kyle’s calmness, rather, Kevin Kyle saw through his foul play. Master Perth sighed and said, “You really are the king of business. You can see things clearly than us ordinary people. Kevin Kyle did not respond and he just looked at Master Perth Under Kevin Kyle’s sharp gaze, Master Perth continued, “I can tell you everything I know. You just need to help me because there is no one else that can help me except you, Director Kevin.” Kevin Kyle said coldly, “Speak.” After a long pause, Master Perth spoke slowly, “I’m going to take Mia Kyle back to Country A.’ Kevin Kyle’s face changed slightly, “Mia Kyle is an adult. She has the right to choose whether she would want to stay or go. No one can force her.” Master Perth said, “That’s all I want to hear. As long as Mia Kyle is willing to go back to Country A with me, no one can force her to stay here. If someone else stops her, I hope you can help me out, Director Kevin.” As long as Mia Kyle was willing to return to Country A to acknowledge her ancestors, Kevin Kyle would never stop her. However, if Mia Kyle was unwilling to leave, he would not let anyone force her to leave too. “Then you can tell me what you know now.” Kevin Kyle responded. Obviously, he had agreed to Master Perth’s request. Master Perth replied, “Actually, you already know as much as I do.” Kevin Kyle sat quietly and didn’t answer. He waited for Master Perth to continue. Master Perth added, “In those days, Herbert Ken created some false evidence and framed the royal couple from Country A. He implicated that they were spies who stole the military secrets of Chatterton Town. As a result, the couple disappeared in Chatterton Town, and that’s the last we heard of them.” When it came to Herbert Ken, Master Perth also hated him to the core. If Herbert Ken hadn’t created false evidence, Mia Kyle’s parents wouldn’t have disappeared without a trace in Chatterton Town. Now, he didn’t even know whether they were alive or dead. If Herbert Ken had not died 20 years ago, he would definitely personally kill the old man. Kevin Kyle snorted and said, “How could you be sure that he created fake evidence? How could you be sure that they didn’t actually steal military secrets?” Upon hearing Kevin Kyle’s question, Master Perth realized that he really did not have solid evidence to support his claims. He only learnt that Herbert Ken accused Mia Kyle’s biological parents of being military spies from Country A. There was no evidence to prove that Mia Kyle’s parents were innocent They just believed that the royal couple would never bring a child with them to Chatterton Town to steal military secrets, so he was sure that they were innocent. While Master Perth was thinking, Kevin Kyle had already cleared some doubts in his mind. Herbert Ken pointed out that Mia Kyle’s parents were military spies from Country A. After that, Mia Kyle’s parents seemed to have vanished. No one knew whether they were alive or dead. According to Samuel Daly, Herbert Ken died because he killed people who were special to the Old Master, so the Old Master assigned someone to murder Herbert Ken. Then, there were only two questions left. Were Mia Kyle’s biological parents alive or dead? What was the relationship between her parents and the Old Master? He trusted that the Old Master would know these answers very clearly. Kevin Kyle got up. It seemed that he had to visit the Old Master to get more information from him and uncover the truth as soon as possible.

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