All the things had almost resurfaced. Now, the only thing that Kevin Kyle had not cracked was the reason why Old Master Kyle wanted to kill Karen Daly off? If Old Master Kyle was seeking revenge against Herbert Ken, who indirectly killed someone that was very important to him, wouldn’t it be better for the Old Master to seek revenge on George Ken, the only son of the Ken family? Even after many doubts and questions, Kevin Kyle still couldn’t figure out the reason. Just as he closed his eyes and tried to think harder, the driver had arrived at his second destination today, which was the farm where Old Master Kyle resided. At this time, the sun was still shining brightly. However, as there were plenty of greenery in the farm, it was not as hot as it was in the city. Old Master Kyle had been living here for a while, and his daily routine was almost the same. He drank tea, watered the flowers, and played chess. It was a pleasant life. When Kevin Kyle arrived, Old Master Kyle and Assistant Hart were playing chess at the back of the house. The old Masters game of chess had pushed Hart into a dead end. He was winning. “Young Master, you’re here.” Hart saw Kevin Kyle and stepped aside, “Why don’t you play with Old Master Kyle?” Kevin Kyle did not object that and sat down across his grandfather. His sharp eyes scanned through the chess game and he moved a game piece. His move has caused the chess game to be in his favour again. No matter how Old Master Kyle moved his pieces, Kevin Kyle was still winning. After a few more rounds, Old Master Kyle gradually became tired. He looked at the gameplay and hesitantly moved his piece. He knew he was losing to Kevin Kyle. Hart was one move away from Old Master Kyle’s victory earlier, but as Kevin Kyle took over, the odds were completely against the Old Master’s favors. Old Master Kyle gave a sulky look: “I am a of great age, and you, as a junior, can’t you spare me instead of pushing me to a cliff?” Kevin Kyle said lightly, “I never thought about pushing you to a cliff, but your every move is deadly to me. If I spare you out and did not heighten my defences, I would die in the end.” They seemed to be talking about the game, but everyone understood the implied meaning behind his words. Kevin Kyle wanted to let Old Master Kyle know that he would not take the initiative to attack. However, if Old Master Kyle choose to play his cards against him, then he would be forced to protect himself too. On the other hand, Old Master Kyle was still his grandfather. It was impossible for him to kill Old Master Kyle off, but it was still possible for him to control Old Master Kyle, just as he’s doing now. Old Master Kyle said, “Hart, brew us another pot of tea using my finest tea leaves. I’d like Kevin Kyle to try and judge if the high price was worth it.” “I’m on it.” He understood that they needed privacy, so he left. As soon as Assistant Hart left, Old Master Kyle spoke up, “Why do you have time to come here? Do you want to see how long I can live?” Kevin Kyle calmly placed the chess piece on the table, picked up his teacup, and took a few sips. Then he responded, “Your body is so strong and your words are so powerful. It won’t be a problem for you to live for decades. Today, I came here to play chess with you.” “No matter how good my body is, I will be pissed off by you, an unfilial child.” Old Master Kyle swept his hands and all the chess pieces arranged by Kevin Kyle fell to the ground. He said grumpily. “You and I are aware of our situation. Don’t act in front of me.” “Old Master Kyle, since you are so direct, I won’t beat around the bush with you.” Kevin Kyle sat up straight looked at Old Master Kyle, and said, “in fact, I came here to confirm a matter with you.” “Do you think I’ll tell you?” The old man said. “You will.” Kevin replied bluntly. “Humph.. “Because you care about Mia and you love Mia. You want her to live as carefree as she is now.” “You.” After hearing Kevin Kyle’s words, Old Master Kyle was also very surprised. He did not believe that Kevin Kyle could drag Mia Kyle into their argument quickly without any clues. Based on Kevin Kyle’s words, it was obvious that he knew that the matter had something to do with Mia Kyle. The Old Master was unwilling to believe it, but he had to. Kevin Kyle added, “Actually, it doesn’t matter if you confirm anything. I just came here to tell you that I will always be Mia’s brother.” This meant that Mia Kyle would always be under Kevin Kyle’s watch and he would protect her like he always do. Old Master Kyle’s actions and behaviors so far showed that he did not regard Kevin Kyle as a biological relative. Old Master Kyle was slightly stunned and said, “What on earth do you want to say?” “It’s all right.” Kevin Kyle got up and left, because he knew that he could not get any clues from Old Master Kyle. Before coming here, he still had some hope. He was hoping that Old Master Kyle would be remorseful and make up for his doings. But now, it seemed impossible. “Matthew, I would also like to ask you a question. Between Karen Daly and the Kyle family, you can only choose one. Who do you choose?” The Old Master’s voice came from behind, but Kevin Kyle did not look back The Kyle family was his root and Karen Daly was his wife. They were both equally important to him, so he wanted them both. It was impossible for him to abandon either one. As he watched Kevin Kyle leave, Hart came from behind. He stared at Kevin Kyle’s car coldly until he disappeared. He said, “Old Master Kyle, I’ve already done what you told me to do.” Old Master Kyle nodded and said, “How’s it going with Karen Daly?” “She hasn’t been out for so many days,” Hart responded. “The only time she went out was to find George Ken. She stayed at George Ken’s house for about half an hour or so before leaving.” “She went to find George Ken? Is there any movement from George Ken recently?” “No.” “Old Master Kyle, maybe that thing isn’t with Karen Daly?” Old Master Kyle frowned and thought for a moment. “Impossible.” At that time, Herbert Ken only met Karen Daly’s mother before he died and handed her something. At that time, Old Master Kyle did not stop him. That was because he didn’t know there was such an important evidence in their hands. When he knew it, it was nowhere to find Old Master Kyle continued, “Continue spying on all of them. No matter what method you use, you must get the evidence.” If the evidence get leaked out, the reputation he had built in his life would be ruined, and everything would be destroyed, If he was ruined, what about Mia Kyle?

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