After dealing with his personal affairs, more than half a day had passed. However, Kevin Kyle did not take a break. There were still a lot of impending workload left at Rovio. For Rovio, for the Kyle family, for Karen Daly, and their child, he couldn’t let his guard down for a brief moment. Especially at this critical moment, he must be vigilant at all times and not make any mistakes. As soon as Kevin Kyle returned to the office, his secretary handed him some documents. Kevin Kyle picked up the documents and read it. As he was reading, the words on the document slowly became blurred and his head became heavier. Kevin Kyle quickly closed his eyes and took off his glasses, then he massaged his temples, hoping to ease the pain. However, two minutes later, this situation was not relieved, and it has gotten more serious. He opened his eyes, and his vision was still blurred. He always rested little throughout his life. No matter how tired he was, he hadn’t experienced such a situation today. He didn’t know what happened. Kevin Kyle grabbed the phone on his desk and wanted to request for the secretary to make him a cup of coffee. However, he failed to grab it and dropped it feebly. He wanted to raise his hand to grab the phone again, but his tall and strong body leaned forward and fell on the desk powerlessly. He tried to move, but he didn’t have strength to even move his fingers. How could this be? Kevin Kyle tried his best to recall the events earlier. After thinking for a while, he thought of the cup of tea that the Old Master had given him. Since he left his office today, he only drank a cup of tea. Could the Old Master… His head was getting heavier. Kevin Kyle could not think further. For the first time, he felt so helpless as he rested on the table. No, he can’t fall. If he collapsed, what would happen to Karen Daly and Little Karen? He was their support. He must be strong, must. In a last-gasp effort, Kevin Kyle gritted his teeth and tried to sit up. In the end, however, the weakness of his body defeated his strong will, and he fell back heavily. “Thump, thump” There was a knock on the door. Nick Black pushed the door open and came in. “Director Kevin-” Before he could speak, he found Kevin Kyle on the ground. He rushed over and asked, “Director Kevin, what’s going on?” “Don’t, don’… Karen Daly…After saying these words intermittently, Kevin Kyle went unconscious. If it were someone else, they would not understand what Kevin Kyle wanted to say, but Nick Black understood. Kevin Kyle was trying to inform him to not tell Karen Daly. He had collapsed, but he still thought about Karen Daly…. Nick Black felt his boss’ agony, but there was no time for him to think about other things. He had to send Kevin Kyle to the hospital as soon as possible. Nick Black called the staff and sent Kevin Kyle to Rovio Hospital at the fastest speed. After the examination, the doctor still couldn’t figure out why Kevin Kyle suddenly fainted. Kevin Kyle’s breathing and heartbeat were normal, there weren’t any abnormalities, but Kevin Kyle remained unconscious. He couldn’t move, couldn’t open his eyes, or even speak. He was like a dead man. It was already nine o’clock in the evening. Karen Daly and Little Karen practiced Taekwondo together and then went to the yard for a walk. The place where they took a walk was not far from the gate. They thought that when Kevin Kyle came back, they could see him immediately. Little Karen was getting sleepy, but Kevin Kyle didn’t come back yet. In the evening, Karen Daly received a message from Kevin Kyle, saying that there was a dinner party at night and he would be home late. Karen Daly knew that it must be work related, so it was not good to call him to disturb him. She brought Little Karen back to the house and took a shower for her. Karen Daly enjoyed this time with Little Karen the most. She thought the little one was the cutest kid in the world. Little Karen was especially fond of playing with water. She was so happy sitting in her bathtub that she poured water all over Karen Daly’s body. “Little Karen, stop fooling around.” Karen Daly chided. “Mommy, but I still want to play!” Little Karen replied. Karen Daly picked her up and said softly, “You’ll catch a cold after playing with water. You’ll have to go to kindergarten tomorrow, so you’ll have to go to bed early. That way, you can be more beautiful.” Little Karen blinked her big, watery eyes and asked softly, “Mom, however, if I’ve become more beautiful. What about you and dad?” Little Karen thought that if she could become more beautiful in the future, would she look better than her parents? She thought that this was not good, and she hoped that her parents could be as beautiful as her. “We will become more beautiful too.” Karen Daly wrapped Little Karen up with a bath towel. Then, she gently wiped her body and hair, and put on a pair of pajamas. “You two are beautiful together” Little Karen said softly. “Well, you’re right, let’s get beautiful together.” Karen Daly kissed Little Karen’s chubby face and said, “Baby, lay down and sleep. “But I want to wait for dad to tell him a secret.” “What secret is that?” Little Karen covered Karen Daly’s mouth. “It’s a secret. I’ll only tell daddy.” Karen Daly grabbed Little Karen’s little hand and kissed her. She pretended to be sad and said, “I’m so sad, there is a secret for daddy, but not for me.” As she saw her mother’s sad face, Little Karen was anxious. She quickly held Karen Daly’s face and said, “Mom, don’t cry.” “Well, but you don’t want to tell me any secrets.” Karen Daly pretended to rub her eyes, as if she was crying so sadly. “Wah–“As she saw her sad mother, Little Karen was also so sad that she cried out of worry. “Little Karen.” Now, Karen Daly was in a panic. She quickly held the little fellow in her arms and patted her back gently to comfort her. “Baby, I’m kidding. I didn’t cry.” “Mom, you’re not a good person!” Little Karen rubbed her eyes, and there were still tears flowing down. How could her mother lie to her? It freaked her out. “Yes, I’m being naughty, so you’ll have to lie down now. I will call Daddy to check on him, since you have some secrets to tell him.” “Okay.” Little Karen nodded vigorously. Karen Daly laid down next to Little Karen and picked up her phon. She dialed Kevin Kyle’s number. After some later, the call wasn’t answered. “Perhaps he must still be busy and hasn’t heard the phone ringing. Karen Daly thought to herself. Karen Daly kept her phone and smiled apologetically at Little Karen. “Little Karen, Daddy is still busy with his work. You’ll need to sleep first. Can you tell him the secret tomorrow?” Little Karen nodded obediently. “I will go to sleep. Good night, mommy. Good night, daddy.”

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