After tucking Little Karen in bed, Karen Daly was still waiting for Kevin Kyle. It was already after midnight but Kevin Kyle hadn’t returned home yet, nor did he call her. Kevin Kyle had never been like that before. Whenever he was delayed, he would call her in advance to inform her. “What has happened today?” Did something happen? Karen Daly couldn’t calm down, thinking about what might happen to Kevin Kyle. She picked up her mobile phone and dialled his phone number again. The phone rang a few times. Finally, the phone was answered. Before Kevin Kyle could speak, Karen Daly said in a hurry, “Kevin, where are you?” “Mrs. Kyle, I’m Nick Black.” Nick Black’s voice was heard from the phone. Karen Daly was a little stunned and immediately changed into a more polite voice, “Hi, where is Kevin? Why did you pick up his mobile phone?” Nick Black said, “Director Kevin drank too much at dinner tonight. We have arranged for him to stay in the hotel.” “Is he really alright?” Karen Daly felt uneasy, but she also thought that Kevin Kyle should be fine. With so many people around him, he should be fine. Nick Black reassured, “Director Kevin just drank too much tonight. He will be fine. Don’t worry, Mrs. Kyle.” “Then please prepare some tea for him…” Karen Daly was still a little worried. After a pause, she said, “Nick Black, can you tell me which hotel are you in? I want to take care of him.” It was not that Karen Daly didn’t trust Kevin Kyle, but she had never seen Kevin Kyle drink before. A person who had never been drunk before suddenly got drunk and couldn’t go home. It must be very uncomfortable. At this time, he probably was alone. “Mrs. Kyle, Director Kevin is fine. You should rest.” After saying that, Nick Black hung up the phone. Nick Black sounded a little busy, so Karen Daly bit her lips. The insecurity in her heart was getting stronger and stronger. She was so worried about what would happen to Kevin Kyle Karen Daly thought for a moment and dialled George Ken’s number. If Kevin Kyle had any emergencies, he would know. However, George Ken’s phone was turned off. It was almost one o’clock, and many people were already asleep. It was not surprising that George Ken’s phone was turned off. Perhaps there were too many things happening recently, and she was always on her guards. Maybe Kevin Kyle was just drunk and she was thinking too much. Karen Daly kept comforting herself, but she still couldn’t feel at ease. She prayed silently in her heart, hoping that Kevin Kyle was just drunk. She held Little Karen in her arms again and asked Little Karen to give her some strength. As long as she could hold on for another few hours, Kevin Kyle would call her. She was not the only one worried about Kevin Kyle, so was Nick Black, who was by Kevin Kyle’s side. He had been by Kevin Kyle for many years, and it was the first time that such thing happened. His boss was down, and he panicked. Fortunately, he had been by Kevin Kyle’s side for a long time. After panicking for some time, he quickly calmed down and planned their steps ahead. The news that Kevin Kyle suddenly fainted and was unconscious had to be kept a secret. If word gets out, it would be impossible to hide from Old Master Kyle, and several big projects of Rovio Incorporation would be affected. Kevin Kyle’s every move was being monitored, but it was probably not difficult to keep it a secret for a day or two. However, if the doctor still hadn’t come up with a way to treat him by then, it would be difficult for him to hide the news. “Nick Black, how is Director Kevin?” Amelia Gray’s voice interrupted Nick Black’s thoughts. Nick Black looked up and said, “Where did you go today? When Director Kevin got into trouble, I couldn’t find you anywhere.” After being questioned by Nick Black, Amelia Gray felt a little uncomfortable. She responded, “I had to deal with some private matters today.” Nick Black said, “This thing happened to Director Kevin suddenly, and we haven’t found out the reason yet. You’d better keep an eye on Rovio Incorporation. You can’t let this be leaked out.” Amelia Gray said, “Isn’t the Old Master in Chatterton Town? If Director Kevin is unavailable temporarily, you can request for Old Master Kyle to fill in his shoes for the time being.” Nick Black refuted, “Don’t tell me you’re not aware of the feud between them?” Amelia Gray said, “Their disagreements are normal. Rovio Incorporation belongs to the Kyle family. Even if the old man is angry, he can’t mess up Rovio Incorporation. Besides, they are a family. When they fight, they might hurt each other, but after that they are still a family.” “We can’t tell Old Master Kyle.” Nick Black waved his hand to stop Amelia Gray and said, “I have already sent some experts from abroad. When they arrive, then they will check if there is anything wrong. Director Kevin should be fine soon.” To protect Karen Daly, Kevin Kyle and his grandfather had been in hot water. Nick Black had witnessed the whole process, so he was very clear about the situation. Amelia Gray didn’t know as much as him, but she knew a lot too. Today, Director Kevin fainted. At the same time, she mentioned about asking Old Master Kyle to take charge of the business. What did she mean? Nick Black couldn’t resist looking over at Amelia Gray from time to time. After tossing and turning for a few hours, dawn has arrived, and Karen Daly called Kevin Kyle again. After dialling his number, her heartbeat was beating together with the dial tone… Once again, no one answered Kevin Kyle’s phone. Karen Daly called again. She had to call until someone picked up the call. When she called for the fifth time, the call was finally answered. Karen Daly was so nervous and she asked cautiously, “Kevin Kyle, is that you?” “Mrs, Kyle, Director Kevin hasn’t woken up yet.” Nick Black’s voice came from the phone. This number was Kevin Kyle’s personal number, not his work number. It was reasonable for Nick Black to pick it up once. However, as Nick Black answered his personal phone calls again, Karen Daly was starting to feel suspicious. Karen Daly suddenly remembered that there was a mole by Kevin Kyle’s side. Was this something planned by that mole? Could this traitor be Kevin Kyle’s most trusted Nick Black? Thinking of this, she took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down, “Nick Black, where is Kevin Kyle?” Her tone was very tense. It seemed that if she was determined to get an answer before he hung up the phone again like the last call… “Mrs. Kyle, Director Kevin..” Before Nick Black finished his words, Karen Daly interrupted him and said, “If he is in the hotel, you should tell me the name and address of the hotel. If he is not in the hotel, you should tell me where the hell he is.” Karen Daly spoke quickly and her tone was cold. She sounded like Kevin Kyle. Nick Black, who was at the other end of the phone, took a pause. Karen Daly continued, “Nick Black, I am Kevin Kyle’s wife. Do you understand the meaning of these words?” In Karen Daly’s mind, the word “wife” was not just a title, it was a person who would accompany Kevin Kyle for the rest of his life.

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