Karen Daly still remembered Kevin Kyle’s words after they got married. He described marriage as a legal process of handing each other’s lives to one another. If one of them were to fall seriously ill, the other one could authorize or sign off on medical procedures on the partner’s behalf. So the word “wife was no longer as simple as she thought it was when she just got married. Instead, it was a promise to care for each other for the rest of their lives. If Nick Black didn’t understand the meaning of the word ‘wife’, Karen Daly would need to force him to understand – she needed to know where Kevin Kyle was and whether he was safe and sound at all costs. After a moment of silence, Nick Black replied, “Mrs. Kyle, it’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but Director Kevin doesn’t want me to tell you.” “Is it about the secrets of Rovio Incorporation? Or is it some other top secret that you can’t tell me? If not, why can’t you tell me? Did something happen and he does not want me to worry? If something did happen, and I can’t take care of him and be by his side, wouldn’t I be more worried?” Karen replied in an agitated tone. How could Kevin Kyle, that silly man, be so stupid? Why did he have to bear everything alone? Why couldn’t he trust her for once? Karen Daly’s words made sense. Nick Black also knew that Kevin Kyle had asked them to hide the truth from Karen Daly because he didn’t want her to worry. However, she had already guessed that something bad had happened to Kevin Kyle. Even if Nick didn’t tell her, she would know eventually, After mulling it over for a while, Nick Black was about to tell Karen Daly the truth, when Amelia Gray suddenly grabbed the phone and hung up. She said, “Nick Black, the news that Director Kevin is unconscious cannot be leaked. Once it is known by others, the consequences will be unimaginable.” Nick Black refuted, “Karen Daly is not “others”. She is Director Kevin’s wife and the mother of his child.” Amelia Gray sneered and said, “Nick Black, Director Kevin had been befuddled. Are you the same too?” Nick Black said discontentedly, “What do you mean?” Amelia Gray added, “Director Kevin’s wife had already passed away three years ago. The elders of the Kyle family witnessed her body being cremated. Do you think a person who died three years ago will resurrect?” Nick Black asked, “Are you saying that this wife is a fake?” Amelia Gray said, “I can’t guarantee that she’s a fake, but I don’t believe she’s real either. Think about it, how did she come back? Did she really forget all about the past or was it something else?” Hearing Amelia Gray’s words, Nick Black was a little convinced. Perhaps Director Kevin did not want Karen Daly to know about him falling ill, because he discovered something suspicious, and not because he was concerned for her. Director Kevin had always been cautious. However, just yesterday, he ingested an unknown drug and suddenly fainted. Who else would be able to drug him unknowingly other than a person he could fully trust? It did seem like Karen Daly could be a suspect. Amelia Gray saw that Nick Black was hesitating, so she continued, “Didn’t you say that Director Kevin wouldn’t let you tell his wife before he fainted? If you tell Karen Daly now, how would you explain yourself to Director Kevin when he wakes up?” Nick Black didn’t say anything else. In any case, he knew it was right to listen to his master’s instructions. He could not do anything to confirm if Karen Daly was an imposter. Everything could only be discussed after Kevin Kyle wakes up. However, they didn’t expect that Karen Daly could track them down. About an hour later, Karen Daly appeared before them. Amelia Gray was shocked to see Karen Daly, she quickly stood up to stop her. “Miss Daly, the doctor has just checked up on Director Kevin and asked for others not to disturb him during this time. Let him have a good rest.” “Then you’d better get out of my way.” Karen Daly responded so firmly and confidently that Amelia Gray was stunned. Karen still remembered that not long after she married Kevin Kyle, Kevin Kyle fell ill once. At that time, Amelia Gray stopped her too. At that time, her relationship with Kevin Kyle was still fragile, and she didn’t understand him enough. At that time, Amelia Gray could stop her, but she would not let history repeat again today. Amelia Gray was slightly startled. Karen Daly walked right past her and entered the ward. Karen then said, “Nick, please call for his doctor. I want to know more about his situation.” “Okay.” Perhaps he didn’t expect Karen Daly to be so calm, so Nick Black grew more respect for Karen Daly. Amelia Gray quietly clenched her fists and sat aside. She didn’t dare to say another word. Perhaps Karen Daly had changed, or perhaps she did not understand Karen Daly well enough. Amelia Gray never experienced such a powerful stance coming from someone who looked so feeble and timid. Perhaps she had underestimated Karen Daly. She thought that as long as they didn’t tell her, Karen Daly would just hide at home and worry anxiously. She never thought that Karen Daly would come to the hospital so soon. The ward was a luxurious suite. There was a common area right outside Kevin Kyle’s the actual room. Kevin Kyle lay quietly on the bed in the room. Other than his pale face, his breathing and body temperature seemed average. It seemed that he had just fallen asleep, and not that he was unconscious. Karen Daly’s heart hurt, as if she had been stabbed by a knife, when she saw Kevin Kyle lying there. Her nose felt sore and she wanted to cry, but she held her head high and forced back her tears. Kevin Kyle was unwell, so she was now the pillar of their family. She could not be weak. Karen Daly sat down slowly beside Kevin Kyle’s bed. She grabbed his hand and lowered her head to kiss the back of his hand. She said softly, “Kevin, I know that you’re exhausted..” He worked like a machine, and even a machine would get worn out after a long time. Moreover, he was a mortal being “If you want to rest, you can rest for a few days. Leave everything to me. I believe that I can do it well. But you can’t rest for too long, so I will give you just a week off. Little Karen is still waiting for you to go back. She still has secrets to tell you.” Sometimes, Karen Daly really wanted to scold him. Why couldn’t he care for himself more? He had fallen so sick and still asked his subordinates to hide these matters from her. “Mrs. Kyle, the doctor is here.” Nick Black’s voice interrupted Karen Daly. Karen Daly took a breath quietly, turned around, and said, “Doctor, please brief me on Kevin Kyle’s situation.” From the doctor, Karen Daly found out that Kevin Kyle must have taken a kind of colorless and tasteless poison by accident. This poison would not kill, but would weaken the person’s muscles, causing the person to fall into a state of coma for a long time. A colorless and tasteless poison… Karen Daly’s eyes looked around and met Amelia Gray’s judgmental eyes. Amelia quickly looked away. Was Amelia Gray the hidden mole by Kevin Kyle’s side? Did Amelia Gray poison Kevin Kyle? Who was her real boss? Could it be Old Master Kyle?

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