Nick Black and Amelia Gray had been by Kevin Kyle’s side for over ten years. They were probably Kevin Kyle’s most important and trusted right-hand men. If Amelia Gray betrayed Kevin Kyle, Karen Daly guessed that the person behind Amelia Gray’s betrayal must be Old Master Kyle. Amelia Gray had been by Kevin Kyle’s side for a long time. It was almost impossible for her to betray Kevin Kyle just because of a few additional benefits. If the other party was Old Master Kyle, then that made more sense. Amelia Gray may be one of the people planted by the Old Master to spy on Kevin Kyle, or it might be the Old Master who took action and asked Amelia Gray to turn against him. No matter what the reason was, Karen Daly did not care. She only knew that she had to be on guard against Amelia Gray in the future. She could not let her play tricks behind Kevin Kyle anymore. If there was something fishy with Amelia Gray, then what about Nick Black? Karen Daly glanced at Nick Black. Nick Black put his hands behind his back and kept walking around in circles. He had “anxious” written all over his face. Judging from her conversations with Nick Black and her observation of him earlier, Karen Daly thought that Nick Black should be fine. Nick Black was free from suspicion, so he could be trusted. As for Amelia Gray? Karen Daly just had some suspicions against Amelia Gray. She didn’t have any definite evidence to prove that she was in the wrong, so she couldn’t do anything against Amelia Gray. After all, Amelia Gray was a loyal servant who had been by Kevin Kyle’s side for many years. If her judgement was wrong about Amelia Gray, it would also have a bad effect on Kevin Kyle’s reputation. Therefore, Karen Daly made a decision that she would not act on her suspicions for the time being. As for the work at Rovio, Karen Daly requested Nick Black to share the news with the seniors managers of the company, and to remind them to continue performing their duties. Rovio was Kevin Kyle’s main business empire, and there were countless elite executives working under Kevin Kyle’s command. Even if Kevin Kyle was absent from work, the work could still be carried out as usual. Kevin Kyle’s strength was that he could always ensure stability and efficiency at Rovio. His employees would feel safe working under his commands and leadership. If something happened to Kevin Kyle, the employees might be in a panic. They would be in a mess, and their work would naturally be in chaos. Therefore, Karen Daly asked Nick Black to convey the news to the employees in Rovio without disclosing the full truth. Not a word about the incident should be uttered. Nick Black had thought about the things that Karen Daly had said before, but he didn’t expect that Karen Daly, who was never involved in Kevin Kyle’s work before, would make such a decision so calmly. It was really a pleasant surprise! Nick Black agreed with Karen Daly’s decision. After receiving the order, he went to do the necessary arrangements. As for Amelia Gray who stayed behind, Karen Daly smiled at her and said, “Assistant Gray, I will take care of Kevin Kyle here. I will give you a few days off. You should go back and rest.” Amelia said, “Ms. Daly…” Karen Daly interrupted her. “I’m Kevin Kyle’s wife.” She was implying how she was married to Kevin Kyle, hence Amelia Gray should address her as Mrs. Kyle instead of Ms. Daly. This was the most basic courtesy Amelia Gray quietly clenched her fists and said, “Mrs. Kyle, my boss is sick and needs help at this time. How could I rest?” “Since I said that you can have a few days off, just head off and rest well. I’ll take care of Kevin, so you don’t have to worry about him.” Karen Daly seemed to be quite polite, but she seemed to be dismissing Amelia Gray as well. When did Karen Daly become so difficult to deal with? Amelia Gray was helpless, but she didn’t want to argue with Karen Daly, so she left reluctantly. After they left, Karen Daly let out a long sigh of relief. She didn’t know anything about Rovio at all, so she could only ask Nick Black to take care of the business arrangements. She hoped that the work at Rovio would not go wrong before Kevin Kyle wakes up. As of now, she couldn’t do anything to Amelia Gray, and she was worried about leaving Amelia Gray in charge. It was probably wise of her to have Amelia Gray away for a while. However, compared to Rovio, Karen Daly was more worried about Kevin Kyle’s health. That colorless and tasteless poison would not kill people, but it would cause one to fall into a state of coma. At the thought of the poison in Kevin Kyle’s body, Karen Daly’s heart ached. Her heart hurt so much that she was physically hurting too. Who was the person that poisoned him? What was his purpose? “If they weren’t targeting Kevin Kyle’s life, then perhaps their target was Rovio? Or was it Karen Daly or Little Karen?” Karen Daly didn’t know. At the moment, the doctors had not found a way to detoxify him, which meant that no one knew when Kevin Kyle would wake up. Karen Daly went back to the ward and sat next to Kevin Kyle again. She reached out to touch his face and called him gently, “Kevin “I know you won’t agree with me, but it doesn’t matter. Listen to me.” She held Kevin Kyle’s hand and smiled gently. “You don’t know how I felt when I first saw you.” “When I first saw you, I didn’t know there was such a handsome man in this world. At that time, my heart beat really fast, but fortunately, I didn’t blush. You didn’t see it, did you?” “On the day of our date, when you said goodbye to me, thought we would never meet again… But I didn’t expect you to ask me out a few days later, and even propose to marry me.” “I was scared out of my wits at that time, but I don’t know why I agreed so quickly… Maybe this was my fate, like how many people often say.” “I must have done something good in my past life to get a chance to be your wife with you in this life. But maybe I haven’t done too much good, hence why our marriage eventually encountered some obstacles.” “Kevin, don’t let go of my hand, okay? Hold me tight, we can get over this. No matter how rough the road ahead is, hold on to me and Little Karen tightly, okay?” “Little Karen told me last night that when you come back, she would tell you a secret. You do not want to disappoint her, right?” As she spoke, for some reason, her tears were like pearls with broken strings, dropping from her eyes like rainfalls. “Kevin -” Karen Daly wiped her tears hard and cried hard on his chest. “You bastard, how can you scare me like this? Don’t you know that I’m really scared?” She was so afraid of losing him, and she was so afraid that she would never see him again when she open her eyes… She had a lot of fears, but in front of other people, she must be strong. However, she could not control her emotions and be vulnerable when she’s with him alone. She hoped that Kevin Kyle would suddenly reach out and rub her head, and tell her, “Karen, don’t cry. I am by your side. Don’t be afraid!” However, that did not happen. She cried for a long time, but Kevin Kyle still lay quietly, as if he did not hear her at all. Karen Daly wiped her tears, took a deep breath, and tried to smile. “Kevin, don’t be afraid. I will be by your side forever!”.

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