Perhaps because she brought up their past, or perhaps she was too upset, but suddenly, Karen Daly felt that Kevin Kyle’s hand moved slightly, as she was clutching on to it. “Kevin ” Karen grabbed Kevin’s hand and said excitedly, “You heard me speaking, didn’t you?” The slight response given by Kevin was great good news for Karen, it proved that he was not completely unconscious. He could not move, but he could hear her and feel her… “Kevin, Kevin – Karen threw herself at Kevin and hugged him tightly. She was so excited that she didn’t know what else could she do However, no matter how much Karen called out for him, Kevin did not respond. Karen Daly began to think she was hallucinating earlier She let go of him somewhat decadently, lowered her head and kissed him on his forehead. She then said, “Kevin, it’s okay even if you don’t reply me. I know you can hear me.” She sat down beside the bed again and stroked Kevin Kyle’s head. “Kevin, you’re too tired. Have a good rest. Don’t worry too much about other things. You still have me.” In the past, it was always him who took care of her and their daughter. In the future, she would take care of him and their daughter. She believed that she could take care of him well! It was a hot day outside but it was cold in the hospital ward. Karen picked up a basin and a towel, went to the bathroom to get some hot water, and carefully wiped Kevin Kyle’s body. Kevin was a germaphobe and liked to be clean. If he woke up in his old clothes and stench, he would be disgusted at himself. Kevin was wearing the white shirt that he often wore. Karen Daly unbuttoned his top, revealing his fair, healthy skin and his muscular abdomen. Kevin was not only good-looking, he had a great physique, and a great character too. Thinking of Kevin Kyle’s love towards her, Karen Daly felt a little teary. Looking at him, it seemed that his eyes had became more gentle. It must have been a blessing for her to have met Kevin Kyle. “Kevin, didn’t we say that we are going to take a family photo? You’ll have to wake up soon. When you wake up, we will have someone to take pictures for the three of us.” “You also mentioned that you would take Little Karen out to play, but we haven’t taken her out to play for a long time. So you’ll have to wake up quickly and stop letting Little Karen worry about you.” “Kevin, Little Karen worries about you, and I too worry a lot about you. You must know that, right?” “I know you’ve heard me..” While Karen was talking, George Ken rushed in, “Karen, how is Matthew doing?” Karen pursed her lips and rearranged her facial expression. She looked back at George Ken and said, “He’s just in a temporary coma. After finding the right antidote, he’ll soon get better.” When Karen came to the hospital, she sent a message to George Ken, asking him to come over as soon as he saw the message. At this moment, Karen Daly felt much relieved when he saw him George Ken walked to Kevin Kyle’s side and looked at him carefully. “Matthew has always been in good health. He should be fine. You don’t have to worry too much.” “Yes, I know he will be fine soon.” Karen Daly nodded vigorously. To be honest, Karen Daly was trying to reassure herself. Kevin would definitely get better soon because he would not let her and Little Karen worry about him. George Ken added, “Karen, I’ve already asked someone to fix what you wanted to fix a few days ago After listening to George Ken’s words, Karen immediately understood that they must have been spied on. That meant that their every move was in the eyes of others. Karen responded promptly, “Brother, thank you!” George Ken raised his hand to rub her head and said, “I am your brother. Don’t worry about it.” Karen smiled and said, “George, I will take care of Kevin in the hospital for a few days. If you have time, go to my place and help me look after Little Karen. Don’t tell her that her father is sick, or she will be worried.” George said, “I’ll stay in Secret Garden tonight. Looking at Matthew’s condition, I think I’ll stay for a few days. I’ll come to the hospital tomorrow and look after him. You can go back and rest.” Karen nodded. “Okay.” She guessed that George must have found out something, but they couldn’t discuss it now. If they did, it was very likely that the evidence would be taken away, and it might even threaten their lives. Kevin had tightened the security at Secret Garden. She would use the opportunity to request for George Ken to take care of Little Karen so he could place the evidence at her home safely. The two of them did not reveal any evidence. No matter how capable the spy was, he would not be able to get anything from their conversation. After leaving the hospital and returning home, Amelia Gray dialled a strange number with another mobile phone. A man with deep voice answered quickly, “What’s the matter?” Amelia flipped her hair and said, “Karen seems to be suspicious of me. She asked me to go home and rest. I can’t go to the company or stay in the hospital. That woman is much more difficult to handle than we thought.” The man said, “You have been by Kevin Kyle’s side for so many years, and you have learned a lot. In Rovio, who doesn’t know that you are the right-hand man of his? Karen Daly is a woman of no status. What right does she have to command you?” “She is.” Amelia began explaining. “Kevin Kyle had never publicly announced their marriage, nor her return. Even if they’re legally married, so what? She was never involved in the work at Rovio. If Kevin Kyle is gone, she’s still not in charge of Rovio. The reason why she acted so arrogantly was that she’s clueless. Without Kevin Kyle’s support behind her back, she can’t do anything.” The man continued. “But Nick Black is willing to listen to her.” “Nick Black has worked alongside you for more than ten years. You should know his character. He listens to Karen Daly because he is loyal to Kevin Kyle. What you should do now is to let Nick Black trust you, and not to believe in that woman.” After listening to the man’s words, Amelia immediately understood that she wasn’t inferior to Karen, but she had a guilty conscience. Hence, she took a step back in the beginning Amelia nodded and said, “I understand.” At work, Nick Black was Kevin Kyle’s loyal messenger. Whatever Nick Black announces to the employees would have the same effect as Kevin Kyle’s personal words. Karen knew that. She was sure that Nick was loyal to Kevin and hence, asked him to get back to the company to handle work matters. Amelia also wanted to take advantage of Nick’s loyalty and find a way to stop him from trusting Karen. Then, Karen would be all alone, and helpless!

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