At the farm. Assistant Hart hung up the phone and reported the situation to Old Master Kyle “Old Master Kyle, Amelia Gray reported that the young master is unconscious now. Master Kyle is also accompanying Madam Kyle in New York. They may not have heard about the news about their son yet since they are not in Chatterton Town. This is the best time for you to take control of Rovio.” Assistant Hart’s words rang clearly in Old Master Kyle’s ears. He was referring to Kevin Kyle’s parents being in New York and hence it was a good opportunity to seize control the company After a long while, Old Master Kyle sighed and said slowly. “Hart, how has the Kyle family been in the past few decades? How is Rovio? What kind of person am I in other people’s eyes?” Assistant Hart was the old master’s most trusted accomplice. With every sigh, look, and move from the old man, he could already anticipate what Old Master Kyle wanted to say. “Old Master, I don’t know what happened to the Kyle family in the past. All I know is that I’ve been with you for 20 years, and you’ve only been worrying about the Kyle family and Rovio. If it weren’t for your previous efforts, Rovio would never have such achievements today.” “In the past, the Kyle family was very happy. The young master was even more filial to you and loved young Miss Mia too. Today, the Kyle family has many problems, and members of the family are not here. We all know why that is.” “Old Master, I know you are a kind person. You don’t want to hurt others. You are too softhearted, but your enemy won’t be so softhearted.” “Don’t forget that Herbert Ken’s daughter holds an important evidence in her hand. If she releases the evidence… Old Master Kyle, what would you do at that time? What would happen to Miss Mia?” Assistant Hart continued. “Old Master, you may think that you are in your golden year and have let go of a lot of things. But you still think about Miss Mia’s future a lot. She is only in her early twenties, and she still has a long way to go in the future. Her parents passed away early, and she has only one real family member left, which is you.” “Old Master, you should know that young master’s way of dealing with enemies is very cruel, as you have seen it with your own eyes before.” Assistant Hart spoke without any pause. “Hart, you can start making preparations. Spread the news of Matthew’s inexplicable coma. The more serious it is, the better. It’s better to even release the medical records issued by the doctor.” Old Master Kyle still had some hesitation earlier, but after listening to Assistant Hart’s words, all his worries were gone. He wanted to protect the Kyle family, as well as Rovio. He did not want the efforts of the Kyle family to fall into the hands of others. The Old Master persuaded himself that this was his intention, but deep down, he knew that he had other intentions. He was afraid that the evidence Karen Daly held would be exposed, so he wanted to try his best to stop it and to find a way to get the evidence back. But where was the evidence? As of now, his people could not find anything. Upon hearing Old Master Kyle’s words, Assistant Hart let out a sigh of relief and said, “Old Master, I’ll handle this matter. Don’t worry Old Master Kyle asked again, “Where is Mia? Where is she these days?” Assistant Hart said, “Miss Mia went to a remote scenic area to shoot a periodic drama. The network signal is not good there. She couldn’t get the news that the young master was seriously ill. She would probably come back a month later. When she comes back, everything would have been settled.” Old Master Kyle nodded and waved his hand, “Go, do it. The sooner the things are done, the better. Or else there will be too many troubles.” This was for himself, and for Mia Kyle… He must take control of Rovio again, so that he would not be controlled by others. He needed to complete his tasks, and to ensure that Mia Kyle could have a better life for the rest of her life. He was already in his eighties, and to be honest, his days were numbered. Originally, he thought that in his lifetime, he would see Mia Kyle marry Kevin Kyle and watch their children grow… so that he could leave this world at ease. However, he did not expect that Kevin Kyle, who had always been obedient, would suddenly marry another woman, and he did not even confide in him. That year, when he went back to Chatterton Town for the New Year, Kevin Kyle introduced the woman to him as his wife. The old man felt that his dreams were shattered, and the dreams that he had been holding all his life were crushed by them and exploded into bubbles. When he knew that the woman Kevin Kyle married was Herbert Ken’s daughter, he was furious. He thought that Herbert Ken must have persuaded his daughter to get close to Kevin Kyle and marry him, so that he could use her daughter to expose some secrets. Everything that Old Master Kyle wanted was gone when he knew that Karen Daly was Herbert Ken’s daughter. At that moment, there was only one thought in his mind, and that was to get rid of Herbert Ken’s daughter so she would not have a chance to cause trouble. The plan was all set. Just as he was about to get rid of Herbert Ken’s daughter, Samuel Daly found him. His plans were ruined when the useless, incompetent Samuel Daly stepped in. Otherwise, Karen Daly would have already disappeared from this world a few years ago. Kevin Kyle was lying in a coma, and Karen Daly did not dare to leave at all. She was afraid that once she left, Kevin Kyle would be stolen by others, and she could no longer find him. Therefore, for 24 hours presently, Karen Daly stayed by Kevin Kyle’s side and did not let him leave her sight. The next morning, George Ken came to the hospital again. Seeing Karen Daly’s gloomy mood, George Ken patted her back and said, “Matthew’s condition won’t improved in just one or two days. I’ll be here to guard him. You can go back to take a bath and sleep for a few hours. Prepare some clothes and daily necessities, and then come over to accompany him after.” Yesterday, Karen Daly had rushed to the hospital and did not prepare anything. She really needed to go back and pack some essential items along, so that she could take care of Kevin Kyle better in the next few days. With George Ken watching over Kevin Kyle for her, she could finally rest The reason why she trusted George Ken unconditionally was that they were family, and blood would always be thicker than water. Karen Daly then went back to Secret Garden and found the recording pen George Ken left in her room, after carefully following through his instructions. After listening to the recording, Karen Daly was stunned. She had always thought that the evidence she discovered, would prove the Old Master’s motive of murder. She had never expected that in addition to the evidence of Old Master Kyle’s murder, there was also news about the real identity of Old Master in the recording. However, the recording was outdated, and since the recording had been transferred before, it was incomplete and unclear, so it was hard to figure out who had been speaking In the end, it was impossible for both of them to testify against Old Master Kyle with this recording. Perhaps she could find someone to repair this incomplete recording. She did not mind if the evidence could not be used in court, but she just needed some people to listen and create some rumours to bring the Old Master down.

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