The global head of Rovio, Leo Kyle, was battling for his life. He had been poisoned and remained unconscious. The news spread like wildfire, and it served as headlines everywhere in the world. When the news got out, everyone was talking about it. Its popularity was far higher than Mia Kyle’s celebrity scandal. Karen Daly saw the news as soon as she returned to the hospital. George Ken looked at her worriedly. “Karen, this matter has gone out of hand all of a sudden. If Matthew doesn’t wake up soon, I fear that you can’t hold it back.” “We’ve never tried this before, how can you be so sure that we’ll fail?” Karen Daly bit her lips, took a deep breath, and immediately made a decision. “George, you are in charge of pushing the press away. No matter what, you can’t let those reporters break in and don’t let them disturb Kevin’s rest.” George Ken was a little confused. “Karen, it’s not that I’m not willing to take responsibility, but Matthew’s men only listen to him. I don’t think it’s possible for me to hold them off alone.” “Then you can stay here and watch over Kevin Kyle. You can’t let anyone enter the room, and you can’t let anyone disturb him as well.” Karen Daly understood his concerns, so she had to hand this matter over to Nick Black. Nick Black was now in Rovio attending to work matters. She was unsure of the situation there. Karen Daly bit her lips and kept thinking. She called Nick Black and said hurriedly, “Assistant Black, please find some reliable reporters. They must have had a good relationship with us and are trustworthy. Apart from that, they must have a good reputation too. We will hold a press conference immediately after we gather them.” Nick Black was a little confused. “Mrs. Kyle, what are you planning to do?” Karen Daly said, “Assistant Black, don’t worry about what I’m going to do. You just need to know that we need to think of solutions to prevent mattress from getting worse.” Karen Daly was betting on Nick Black’s loyalty towards Kevin Kyle. If Nick Black was loyal to Kevin Kyle, then with his intelligence, he would be able to understand Karen Daly’s intentions. As long as he figured it out, he would do as she requested. Nick Black added, “A large number of reporters should be going to the hospital now. I’ve also notified our people to keep watch and not let the reporters break in. But someone might make it past security. Please keep an eye on Director Kevin and don’t let the reporters get near him. I’ll leave to meet you right away.” “Okay.” Karen Daly wanted to discuss matters with Nick Black too so it would be great if he could come to the hospital. After hanging up the phone, Karen Daly looked back and watched Kevin lying quietly on the bed with his eyes closed. She didn’t know if he could hear what was happening now. She hoped that he would suddenly open his eyes and look at her. She wished for him to tell her, “Karen Daly, you’re such a fool. I’m just messing around.” How nice it would be if he was really just playing with her! “Karen, don’t worry.” George Ken patted on Karen Daly’s shoulder and said, “Even if Matthew is down for now, you still can count on me!” Karen Daly turned around and smiled at him. Thank you very much.” Even if George didn’t do anything, as long as he was with her, she wouldn’t be so afraid. It didn’t take long before Nick Black arrived. Before he could even take in a breath, he reported the situation to Karen Daly. “Mrs. Kyle, I have arranged for our crew to surround the hospital. Those reporters won’t be able to break in.” Karen Daly nodded and said, “Assistant Black, thank you for your hard work. Next, let’s talk about the press conference.” Nick Black was puzzled, so he said, “Mrs. Kyle, the press conference can be handled by our Public Relations or Crisis Management team. They can deal with this kind of thing much better than we could.” Karen Daly said, “If I am right, once this matter leaks out, the Public Relations team will release official statements as soon as possible to keep the rumours at bay. But we have been waiting for so long, and there is still no news from the them. Why do you think this is the case?” Nick Black immediately understood that the Public Relations team had been compromised. However, Nick Black couldn’t think of anyone else who could have such power besides Old Master Kyle. However, if the news leaked out that Kevin Kyle was unconscious, it will cause a tremendous impact on Rovio. Even if the Old Master was angry with his grandson, he wouldn’t use Rovio against him. Karen Daly continued, “We all want to keep this matter under control. We can’t let our guard down. Do you understand?” Nick Black hesitated and said, “Mrs. Kyle, who do you think this person is?” Nick Black thought that it might be the Old Master Kyle, but he was not willing to believe it. “Nick Black, until now, are you still clueless how the news of Director Kevin’s serious illness got out?” Hearing the voice of Amelia Gray, the three people in the room turned back at the same time and saw her standing at the door. Nick Black asked first, “What do you mean by saying that?” “What do I mean?” Amelia Gray glared at Karen Daly. “If you want to know what’s going on, you can ask this woman. She is just pretending to care for Director Kevin. I don’t know why she wants to hurt him!” Nick Black said, “You don’t have evidence. Don’t talk nonsense.” Amelia Gray said, “We’re the only ones who knows about Director Kevin’s condition. We didn’t even inform the elders of the Kyle family. It’s impossible for you and I to spread the news. Who else could have spread the news?” Hearing Amelia Gray’s words, Nick Black looked back at Karen Daly and then at George Ken with some suspicion in his eyes. Amelia Gray was right. They had been with Director Kevin for more than ten years. They probably understood Kevin Kyle the most and trusted each other more. Amongst them, Karen Daly seemed like the strongest suspect It was Karen Daly’s first time witnessing the culprit framing an innocent person. If she wasn’t the victim, she would be enjoying Amelia Gray’s marvellous act. Karen Daly sneered and said, “Assistant Gray, since you’re already here, I won’t be sp polite to you.” “Really? I’d like to see what you’re going to do with me.” Amelia Gray did not believe that Karen Daly could do anything to her. Karen Daly looked at Amelia Gray with sharp eyes and continued, “If my memory serves me right, you have been with Kevin Kyle for more than a decade. Being by his side for that long, you must know clearly how well he treated you. But what about you? What have you done to him?” Amelia Gray said, “Ms. Daly, you don’t know your place! What makes you think you can slander me? Sorry, I won’t let you win this one.”.

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