“Amelia Gray, you disgust us already. I don’t need to further slander you.” Karen Daly spoke out confidently. Although Karen Daly looked gentle and innocent, she was not gullible. She was simply mature enough to take care of herself and her loved ones well. Amelia Gray said, “You…” Karen Daly asked, “What?” Amelia Gray said, “You’re shameless! Who do you think you are? Do you think you’re the real deal just because you have the same face as the real Mrs. Kyle?” Karen Daly answered, “I don’t think you’re in a position to discuss my identity and appearance here. Amelia Gray said, “Who do you think you are? Why are you pretending to be Karen Daly?” “Oh… Amelia Gray, do you think you can win just by changing the subject?” Karen Daly raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at Amelia Gray coldly. “I’m telling you, don’t think that Kevin Kyle doesn’t know what you did behind his back. He knows about your every move.” “Director Kevin is in a coma now, and you can say whatever you want.” Hearing that Kevin Kyle knew what she had done, Amelia Gray panicked a little, but she was still calm. She had stayed by Kevin Kyle’s side for such a long time and thought that she had not exposed any flaws in front of him, so Kevin Kyle would still regard her highly However, the significance of her workload was different from Nick Black’s. She was mainly responsible for business operations, while Nick Black was in charge of the more personal matters of Kevin Kyle. Could it be that Kevin Kyle had known her truth for a long time and had been on guard against her? But yet he did not expose her. Did he want to use her to deliver some information to Old Master Kyle? Kevin Kyle had always been extremely observant and meticulous when it came to his work. After careful observation, even Karen Daly could tell that there was something fishy about Amelia Gray. Kevin Kyle must have known the truth even long ago. As she was thinking about this, Amelia Gray felt that there was a strong gaze staring at her. She felt guilty and looked around. Amelia Gray was frightened, her back turned cold and her whole body broke out in a cold sweat… Her eyes must be laying tricks on her. What she saw earlier must have been a mistake. She saw Kevin Kyle, who was supposed to be unconscious, opening his eyes and staring at her. Yes, it was just an illusion. She felt so guilty that she envisioned that Kevin Kyle was looking at her. When she looked again, Kevin Kyle was still lying there quietly as expected. Seeing how distracted Amelia Gray was, Karen Daly understood that she had seized Amelia’s weakness. She took the opportunity to attack her and said, “Amelia, yesterday I asked you to go back and rest. Are you sure that you didn’t spread the news during that time?” “Nonsense, you are slandering me.” Being wary that Kevin Kyle was still lying in the room and suspecting that he might hear their conversation, Amelia Gray stepped back slightly. Karen Daly looked at George Ken and said, “George, show her the evidence.” “Okay.” George Ken acted on command. He walked out of the ward and took off two pinhole cameras before handing them to Karen Daly. He said, “Karen, Matthew told me last night that you may do whatever you want to do, he will support you. If anyone dares to mess around, he will get rid of the person after.” “George Ken, don’t believe in that woman’s words. Director Kevin had been poisoned. It’s impossible for him to wake up without the antidote.” Amelia Gray’s mind was already been in a mess, she feared Kevin Kyle might wake up anytime, but she pretended to be calm on the surface. She glanced at Karen Daly, then looked at George Ken, and said, “The both of you, don’t play tricks here. You think you can frame me with two cameras. Who knows if you edited or manipulated the shots?” Karen Daly looked at her and waited to see how much longer Amelia Gray could keep this up. Amelia Gray continued, “Nick Black, what are you waiting for? We have to ask the Old Master to take control of the overall situation as soon as possible. Otherwise, Director Kevin will be held hostage by these two villains, and it is very likely that he will hand Rovio over to them.” Karen Daly said, “So you sent the news of Kevin Kyle’s coma to the Old Master Kyle?” Amelia Gray said disdainfully, “Karen Daly, you want to frame me, please prepare some evidence, or your words will not be convincing at all.” “Then you’d better wait and see.” If she could really show the evidence, Karen Daly would not be sitting around negotiating with Amelia Gray already Karen wanted Amelia Gray to show her true colours, but obviously, she had underestimated her. She had been hiding by Kevin Kyle’s side for so many years and had not been exposed yet. Naturally, her spying abilities were extremely skilful. Karen Daly did not further comment, and Amelia Gray smiled complacently. She had been with Kevin Kyle for so many years, and she had always been cautious. The Old Master was particularly worried that she would expose her true identity. Before this matter, he had almost never contacted her privately. How could they have known that she was the mole – a hidden spy? This useless woman could only use her intuitions against her. What could she do if she does not get any evidence? Amelia thought. Thinking of Karen Daly, Amelia Gray was so angry that she could hardly control herself, she was ready to pounce on Karen Daly and tear up her face. Besides having a the face of an evil temptress, what else did she have? At work, she couldn’t help Kevin Kyle; in life, Kevin Kyle didn’t need her help. Did Kevin Kyle only remember this useless woman because she was drunk and threw up on him? And with this, she could marry Kevin Kyle and enjoy the position of Mrs. Kyle, leeching off his lifestyle and status? No, Karen Daly would never match up to stand by Kevin Kyle’s side! “Karen Daly, you, you are such a curse! You are not worthy of Director Kevin at all. If it weren’t for you, the Kyle family wouldn’t have become like this at all, and Director Kevin wouldn’t have been lying there too…” In Amelia Gray’s heart, Kevin Kyle was a man as perfect as God. He was a handsome and capable man who was bigger than life. No woman was worthy of him. Karen Daly didn’t deserve him, Mia Kyle didn’t deserve him either… No one was qualified to stand beside him. She wanted to protect him and let him be the man who was superior and untouchable. In the past, she wanted to gain his loyalty and stay by his side. Hence, she could only pretend to flatter him and tell him how good Karen Daly was. Later on, every time she thought of what she did and said before, she felt sick. Karen Daly said coldly, “It’s not up to you to decide whether I deserve Kevin Kyle or not.” What did it mean to ‘not be good enough for Kevin Kyle? Family background? Appearance? Money? Power? Or something else? Karen Daly only knew that she was unique in Kevin Kyle’s heart, and the same could be said for Kevin Kyle. Money, power, family background… These may serve as a hindrance for them to get together, but it absolutely would not stop them!.

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