“George Ken, please keep an eye on her and don’t allow her to step out of the room. Don’t allow her to contact anyone. If anything happens, just settle it.” Karen Daly meant business. She did not address him by his first name only or called him brother anymore. Instead, she her tone commanded obedience and respect. “Yes!” Taking in Karen Daly’s commanding tone, George Ken did not feel uncomfortable at all. Instead, he was ready to act on her words. “Oh…” Amelia Gray sneered and said, “Nick Black, did you see that? Don’t tell me you can’t see through the minds of these two siblings. Could it be that you..” Amelia Gray had been by Kevin Kyle’s side for so long. She had worked for Kevin Kyle with Nick Black for many years, so Nick would naturally trust her more. But what about Karen Daly? Karen Daly was Kevin Kyle’s wife and the mother of Kevin Kyle’s child. Kevin Kyle loved her and doted on her. She would never hurt Kevin Kyle. Although Amelia was pretending to be innocent, Nick Black was not stupid. To be precise, Kevin Kyle, as their master, was not stupid. If Karen Daly was an imposter, their master would have realized it. Originally, Nick Black was wary of both of the women before him, but the conversation between Karen Daly and Amelia Gray cleared some of his hesitations. He had never thought that Karen Daly, who looked weak and innocent, would work so efficiently in light of all these situations. There were some things that he had not thought of, but she had. Not only did she respond quickly, but she also made firm decisions. She had already planned for a press conference, put Amelia Gray under control, and protected Director Kevin from further harm… Nick Black couldn’t resist looking at Karen Daly with a renewed sense of respect. In the past, he looked down on her and thought she was a weak woman who hid under their master’s wings and could do nothing Who knew that when their master got into trouble, she could stand out and work effectively to control the entire situation. On the other hand, looking at Amelia Gray’s attitude, it was as if she had known that Director Kevin would collapse one day. Despite knowing that Director Kevin and Old Master Kyle were at odds with each other, especially since Director Kevin had been monitoring Old Master Kyle’s actions, she still proposed to ask Old Master Kyle to step out and take control of Rovio several times. Rovio had its achievements today all because of Kevin Kyle. Kevin had always been exceptionally professional, and he planned his businesses well. Even in his absence, the employees were definitely able to continue with their daily operations. They did not need Old Master Kyle. The news of Kevin Kyle’s medical condition got leaked out and the public were painting the news much worse than the actual situation was. While that move was already suspicious, Amelia Gray insisting that Old Master Kyle should return and manage Rovio felt even more suspicious. After pondering on these for a while, Nick Black figured out which side he should stand on. He first glanced at Amelia Gray, then turned to look at Karen Daly and said respectfully, “Mrs. Kyle, in light of Director Kevin’s medical condition, if you have any orders, just tell them to me. I’ll have them executed on your behalf!” “Assistant Black, thank you!” Karen Daly did not thank him because he chose to trust her, but because he still stood firmly by Kevin Kyle’s side even though he had been knocked down. Nick did not listen to the instigation of a villain. Amelia Gray screamed, “Nick Black, are you crazy? You know that those two siblings have ill intentions, and you still want to help them. Are you delusional?” Nick Black believed in Karen Daly. In other words, Karen could easily summon the other people under Kevin Kyle in future. Amelia Gray’s plan seemed to be shattering into pieces. “Amelia Gray, that’s enough. You should take care of yourself.” Nick Black responded coldly to Amelia Gray. She probably didn’t know, but since she implicated Nick Black earlier, Nick Black found it hard to trust her. For a long time, he had been loyal to Kevin Kyle. He thought that Amelia Gray was also loyal to her master, just like he was. On the other hand, Amelia Gray’s words were obviously signs that she was a traitor, she was blatantly trying to put herself in a good light. Nick Black chose to believe in Karen Daly, which meant that Amelia Gray had failed at the task given to her by Old Master Kyle Amelia Gray had been hiding by Kevin Kyle’s side for so many years. The Old Master had never asked her to do anything for him before. This was the first and only time. Old Master Kyle left such an important mission to her, but she failed. She could not face the Old Master. This was all because of Karen Daly. If she hadn’t appeared, there wouldn’t have been such a problem today. The more Amelia Gray thought about it, the angrier she became. The idea of wanting to rip apart Karen Daly became more and more intense in her mind. As she thought about it, her anger superseded her rationality. She rushed over to Karen Daly like a madman… Amelia was moving so fast that George Ken and Nick Black, who were on the other side of the room, didn’t have time to react. Before they knew what was going on, she had already rushed over to Karen Daly. Karen Daly had expected that Amelia Gray would turn against her immediately after being exposed, but she did not expect her to behave so irrationally. Karen Daly took two steps backward and hit the wall, then Amelia Gray pounced on her… “Karen..” George Ken shouted her name, and quickly reached out his to grab Amelia Gray. Just before he caught Amelia Gray, Karen had already punched Amelia in the face. Kevin Kyle had been worried that Karen Daly would be in harm’s way again. After they returned from Beaford City, he arranged for Karen Daly and Little Karen to learn Taekwondo together. Karen Daly had practised this diligently for about 2 months. Although she was not yet that powerful, her physical ability had improved by bounds and leaps. It was a no-brainer that she could beat Amelia Gray up, who had no experience in martial arts. “Ah-“Amelia Gray screamed in pain. She touched her beat up face and glared at Karen Daly angrily. “You, you…” Karen Daly clapped her hands and stared coldly at Amelia Gray. “Amelia Gray, if you tell me the name of the poison have administered to Kevin, I can look past what you did earlier “Ah… Miss Daly, you should be very clear about the poison he had taken. Why do you ask me?” Since there was no definite evidence that she was working with Old Master Kyle, as long as she did not give in, they could not do anything to her. Karen Daly approached Amelia Gray and whispered in her ear, “Amelia, it doesn’t matter if you don’t say it now. I have over ten thousand ways to make you tell me later. When that happens, don’t blame me for not giving you a chance earlier.” “Karen Daly, how dare you!” “Well, watch me.” Karen replied. “It seems that have really thought too lowly of you!” Amelia Gray gnashed her teeth and said. Karen Daly looked at Amelia Gray in silence, and her eyes, which had always appeared bright and innocent, were oddly calm today.

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