Karen Daly let out a faint smile, “No, you didn’t think underestimate me. I’m just a person being pushed into desperation and now I have to fend for myself.” Amelia Gray looked into Karen Daly’s eyes and suddenly felt that all was lost. She suddenly realized that they had made a mistake – they had forced Karen Daly, who was usually quiet and very innocent, to become Kevin Kyle’s loyal protector. What Karen Daly said was absolutely right. She could easily find a way to torture Amelia Gray. A kind-hearted soul would only treat another kind soul the right way. If a kind-hearted person were to be pushed into a corner by an evil person, he or she would also react viciously out of self defence Otherwise, they would definitely be taken advantage of… Karen Daly was not surprised that Old Master Kyle wanted to kill her, but she didn’t expect that the old man would try to kill Kevin Kyle. After all, he had been a respected elder of the Kyle family for decades. Although the poison was not deadly, it would definitely cause some degree of muscle paralysis and induce a coma. Karen Daly took in a deep breath and said, “George, please keep an eye on her. If she causes troubles again, it’s on you.” George stepped forward and grabbed Amelia Gray. He looked at Karen Daly and said, “Mrs. Kyle, don’t worry. I won’t let this woman off easily this time.” “Let go of me, George Ken…” Amelia Gray tried to shake his hands off and shouted wildly, but George Ken did not care about her at all. He took off the tie around his neck and tied Amelia Gray’s wrists together with it. Karen Daly still remembered the first impression she had when she saw Amelia Gray. She looked mature and wise, which was the type that many women would look up to. She could have lived a comfortable life for the rest of her life, a life that many people yearned for, but Amelia Gray’s fate turned to this now… Karen Daly looked at Amelia Gray and felt pity, that she was being used by others. Amelia Gray saw Karen Daly’s look of pity. Amelia Gray then glared at Karen Daly and tried to kick her. However, George Ken found a rope to tie her two feet together as well. Amelia Gray couldn’t break free. She was so angry that she shouted, “Karen Daly, you are such a troublemaker and you’re so full of yourself. Let’s see how long you can be this proud and arrogant.” “We’ll see!” Karen Daly snorted in her heart. “Does Amelia Gray really think that she can get away from me?” She would never have mercy for any person that has betrayed Kevin Kyle. After the news that Kevin Kyle was in a coma spread out, the reporters crowded outside Rovio Hospital. This was affecting the hospital operations. The local police came over to help manage the crowd, but they couldn’t control the situation. In the end, the headquarters of the police force of Chatterton Town stepped in and deployed some specially trained officers over. The situation did get better with their assistance. Some reporters got tired of waiting and left the hospital. However, some were still lingering outside the hospital hoping to get some scoop. During this period of chaos, Karen Daly had already ordered Nick Black to contact several well-known and reputable reporters. The press conference was held in a conference room of Rovio Hospital. It was prepared in a hurry, but it didn’t matter. The main point of this press conference was to have Karen Daly speak on behalf of her husband. She needed to suppress the news of Kevin Kyle’s condition, and at the same time, earn the trust and confidence of Rovio’s directors and investors. After living for more than 20 years, Karen Daly had participated in such press conferences before. For example, the day after she got married to Kevin Kyle, she was faced with a large press conference, However, at that time, the main focus was on Kevin Kyle and other directors. She was just an inconspicuous assistant, and reporters did not notice her. Today, she would be the leading role of this press conference. It was the first time that she had seen so many cameras and microphones facing her. It was impossible to say that she was not nervous. She simply turned the nervousness in her heart into strength. Now that Kevin Kyle was unconscious on the hospital bed, she had to stand in front of him to shelter him from the wind and rain. Karen Daly took a deep breath and tried to put on a smile on her face. Then, she calmly answered the reporters questions and concerns. The questions were mostly about Kevin Kyle’s condition, so Karen Daly answered them in accordance with the her scripted answers. Fortunately, these people were familiar with Nick Black, and vice versa. They had professional ethics, and they asked their questions courteously. They did not seem like they would want to ignite hate. The entire press conference took about 30 minutes and it went so smoothly that even Karen Daly and the others were in disbelief. After sending the reporters away, Karen Daly breathed out a sigh of relief. Then, she heard Nick Black say, “Mrs. Kyle, if someone wants to deliberately cause any trouble behind our back, I’m afraid that our efforts may not help much.” Karen Daly thought for a moment and responded, “For the time being, we can only suppress the news like this, even if it helps for a bit. You can check on the reporters later, while 1 need to go check up on Kevin’s situation with the doctor.” Nick Black continued, “I’ll follow up with the reporters and monitor the news. I will report it to you immediately if anything comes up.” Karen Daly nodded. “Okay. Thank you.” With Nick Black’s help, it was easy for her to deal with all these matters, which saved her a lot of trouble. The poison in Kevin Kyle’s body was colorless and tasteless. The doctors had never seen it before. Two or three days had passed, but they still had no clue on what to do. They could not think of a way to wake Kevin Kyle up for the time being. The experts hired from other countries had also arrived and immediately focused on work. They gave the consistent responses with the local doctors too after a thorough check up. They needed to observe Kevin Kyle’s situation for a while. They would need to run all sorts of tests and develop a cure. They needed time, but Karen Daly was in a hurry. She could only temporarily hold off the news of Kevin Kyle’s condition. However, if someone starts fanning the spark into a flame, no one would be willing to believe her anymore. Therefore, she only hoped that Kevin Kyle could wake up quickly, or at least wake up before Old Master Kyle take further actions. A while later, just as Karen Daly was worrying, Nick Black was informed that the directors and investors of Rovio had heard of the news of Kevin’s chronic condition. The board of directors asked to hold an emergency meeting soon. If the entire board of directors collectively stepped out to make a fuss, then it was clear that someone was controlling them from behind. And everyone knew who the person was. Just as Karen Daly was at a loss, another important figure arrived and gave her a glimpse of hope. Neil Brown, was the military Commander of Chatterton Town, and also Kevin Kyle’s uncle. If he was willing to help at least he could ensure Kevin Kyle’s safety. As long as Kevin Kyle was safe, Karen Daly would do whatever she wanted.

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